TurboTax Canada Giveaway (Formerly QuickTax)

The good people at TurboTax Canada (formerly QuickTax) have offered to give away a copy of their tax software to one lucky reader of this blog.

This contest is closed!

I’ve used TurboTax and it is very good.  You can do the “interview” mode where the software asks you a pile of questions and will remind you of various information you need.  It will also fill in all the correct forms.  You can also go “old school” and just fill out the forms directly.

This particular software is the standard version which retails for $40.  You can complete up to eight returns.

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To enter either:

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The contest will close Thursday, February 17 at 8:00 pm EST.  Good luck!

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41 replies on “TurboTax Canada Giveaway (Formerly QuickTax)”

I’m an email subscriber and would love to win this. I usually use this tax program and it works well.

I’ve used ufile in the past but this sounds like a great alternative. I’ve had a lot of friends who have used this system and they like the interview mode. Thanks for talking about this.

I’ve been buying Quicktax for years (probably sine the late 80’s). Would be nice to win a free copy though!

I usually use the online version, but wouldn’t turn down the prize if I won! Keep up the great posts.

I always enjoy reading your posts — keep up the good work! Would love to win this giveaway — have used TurboTax in the past and it’s great.

Thank you for the detailed discount brokerage reviews. I plan on moving my investments from my financial planner to a couch potato plan. I was feeling quite alone until I discovered your site. The information is easy to understand and has made the process less frightening.
ps. throw my name into the draw too 🙂

I always look forward to reading your insightfull and interesting financial column. Please enter my name in the TurboTax Giveaway. Thank you.

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