Why did I start this blog?

Now that I’ve got the first post out of the way and participated in my first tour, I should probably introduce myself.

Name: Mike

Favourite investment book: Four Pillars of Investing – William Bernstein

I’ve had an interest in finance for at least 15 years, however in the last six months I’ve gained a huge interest in personal finance. I think having a fairly sizable mortgage along with not getting any younger, motivated me to try to take stock (no pun intended) of my financial situation particularly with respect to retirement.

During the process of assessing our rrsp portfolio, rrsp contributions, debt repayments, retirement lifestyle etc, I’ve learned about a lot of new things and the Canadian financial blog community has been one of the best sources of information for me.

In the last several months I have really enjoyed reading other financial blogs and leaving comments (some quite lengthy) on them and having discussions with bloggers and other commenters. I’m hoping that by having a blog of my own, I can provide another source of information and opinions for other people and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot in the process myself.

Soon I’ll be starting a series covering our investment portfolio and financial situation and going through the thought process that has occurred in trying to figure out things like asset allocation, specific investments, risk levels etc. The portfolio is still a work in progress but I’ll be providing updates on that as well. I don’t want this blog to be all about me, me, me so I’d like to mix in posts about items in the markets or news.

See you tomorrow!

p.s. I just put the blog together a few days ago so if you have any suggestions for improvements then feel free to let me know.

p.s.s. I’m not sure if the RSS stuff works so if anyone signs up then please let me know if it’s working or not.

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I just started reading 4 Pillars. I look forward to following it’s investment strategies. I have buying high MER funds for too long now..

Thanks for the comment Ron.

I think it’s a great book. As far as your own investment strategy goes, it’s never to late to become a low cost do-it-yourselfer!


Have a great vacation, I am really enjoying your blog as we have very similar situations, strategies, and goals.

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