LinkStuff – Winter Is Coming Edition

It’s getting a lot colder these days – I know because I’m still riding my bike to work and I can feel it!

As much as I like commuting on the bike, by this time of year I’m not too disappointed when I have to stop because of snow or ice.

Anyone out there into winter riding?

On with the links

Michael Lesauvage took a close look at his Canadian Tire Options MasterCard and found that the rewards rate is significantly less than 1%. Read the post to find out why – unbelievable.  I’ll be talking about this card next week.

Fabrice Taylor of the G&M explains why he likes Home Capital as an investment. This article explains why investing for dividends isn’t always a good move.

George Athanassakos of the G&M says that economically, there is a fine line between Greece and Canada. Very interesting.

Financial Uproar brought up some good points in maybe you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Phil Taylor talks about the benefits of public education vs private education, using himself as a pretty good example in should I stop retirement contributions to pay for private school?  Couldn’t agree more.

The Oblivious Investor answers what to do with a windfall.

Michael James explains why calculating investment returns can be tricky.

Boomer & Echo finishes off their excellent financial planning series with Create your final financial plan. Well worth reading the whole series.

Canadian Capitalist wonders why Ally bank isn’t more popular?  Why indeed?

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By the way – Home Capital Group has an average dividend growth rate of 23.75% over the past 5 years. They are obviously committed to at least returning a portion of earnings back to shareholders, even if the yield remains relatively low.

I rode all through the winter for the first time last year, and it was great. Totally doing it again this year. I think there were under ten days where it was so bad that it wasn’t advisable to be out on the roads. Plus this year I bought hard core MEC water pants and they are awesome.

Mind you I only cover about 4 km each way, so it’s not an onerous ride to begin with.

Definitely better than the TTC.

I try and ride year round to work and if I can’t ride, say a foot of snow, well then I run for my 5 km. I finally went with studded tires last year, unbelievable, no longer am I on a razors edge going over the ice. Now I look for the ice!

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