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Some time ago, while writing a reassurance post about the stock market melt-down, Mike pointed out that for most people our career is our biggest asset.   I think Mike made a good point: given the choice between the loss of an investment portfolio or the loss of a career, the career is more valuable.  However, I was visiting my Grandmother in the hospital for the holidays and felt that health is even higher on the priority scale.

It’s a cliché, but you really can’t put a price on your health.  When we were in the sun-room singing carols, I looked around and saw people struggling to move, talk and even breath.  I’m sure any of them would happily be unemployed and in debt if it meant having their youth and health back.

Recently Seth MacFarlane, the creator of “Family Guy” and other shows, got a contract worth $100,000,000 from Fox.  He made the comment that he traded Fox his 20’s for a hundred-million dollars.  He figures they got a good deal, since money is a renewable resource but time isn’t.

When I was a young guy, the tech company I was working at thought I should move all the heavy things in the office in addition to software development.  After throwing out my back for 4 days, I realized what a joy it is to have pain free movement.  Some times if I’m down about money or career issues, I think back to being in pain whether I moved, sat or lay down and am a little less dejected about whatever I’m going through at the moment.

John Reed has commented that real estate and health are the only two areas he can think of where the most expensive advice is the worst.  There are people trying to capitalize on our desire for health, and are willing to sell us snake oil.  Even proper medical research seems to be constantly flip-flopping on some key issues (I’ve lost track of whether I should or shouldn’t eat eggs – now I just eat them because they’re delicious and figure the health consequences will work themselves out).

Random events in life will play a role in your health (even if you take care of yourself, you might get hit by a car), so I’ve embraced the chance element and hope for continued health (and try to appreciate it each day that I have it).

To all our readers in good health, I’m glad you’ve already got the best possible gift for the holidays.  For those who are struggling, I hope the new year brings you improved health and comfort!

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Cheap you’re still “a young guy” 🙂

Your health is your greatest asset because without it most of your other assets aren’t going provide you much value or comfort.

Good analogy about the back – I’ve had back issues a couple of times and they can really knock you out.

I don’t really get how some bloggers (and others) talk about how they have a full time job, run a business (blog and other sites) and don’t have time to exercise or eat properly. Dumb.

I’m going to agree with Hunter on this. Plus, McFarlane produced a lot of awesomeness with his 20s, so it wasn’t just traded to Fox…he’s build a real name for himself!

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