2009 Social Security Stimulus Check Will Be Arriving In May Or Early June

As a result of the 2009 federal stimulus package (otherwise known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) there will be a $250 stimulus check paid out to all Social Security recipients in 2009. You might have already received a letter from the Social Security Administration telling you about this one-time payment.

The Social Security Administration is planning to send out these payments during the month of May so if you are eligible for this special payment then expect to get the $250 sometime in May or in the first week of June. Please don’t call the SSA unless you haven’t received your check by June 4.

The maximum amount per individual is $250 even if that person qualifies under different programs (SSI, veterans’ compensation, veterans pension payments or railroad retirement benefits). Couples can qualify to receive up to $500 ($250 each).

You will still get your regular Social Security payment as always.

Who is eligible for the $250 check?

To get the $250 you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently receiving Social Security.
  • Must have been eligible for benefits at any time in November 2008, December 2008 or January 2009.
  • The person receiving the Social Security must have an address of record in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam or the Northern Mariana Islands.

What do I have to do to get my $250 Social Security payment?

Nothing – if you qualify then the check will be mailed or direct deposited to you automatically. If you haven’t received the payment by June 4 then call the SSA.

How will I get my $250 payment?

The extra $250 payment will be paid to you in the same method that is currently used to your Social Security or SSI benefit. If you currently receive your regular benefit by check, your one-time payment will be made by check. If you receive a monthly direct deposit or Direct Express® debit card payment, that is how you will receive your one-time payment.

Social Security information website

If you wish to look at the SSA (Social Security Administration) website then please go to

Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

25 replies on “2009 Social Security Stimulus Check Will Be Arriving In May Or Early June”

Thank God..I really need this. Thank God for Obama. Not sure I would make it the next month or two without him.

Is there a place I can go and put my s.s.# in and know when my social sercurity stimulas payment will be deposited?

If my husband and I owe the IRS money, will we still get the stimulas payment?

I was wondering what social security is going by to determine when the checks are being sent out?

Some people are asking when they will get theirs or how they determine when. Nobody knows except by june 4, sorry. Although it’s my theory they probably go by the last digit(s) of your ss#

I need this stimulus check as I am on Social Security Disability Income. However, I defaulted on student loan some years ago and they sent me a letter telling me that the check would be mailed to student loan. Should they take SSDI reciepient’s $250.00 check?

If you have a defaulted or owed student loan or think you do or owe any back taxes or think you do or have delinquent child support payments owed or think you do, or have an out standing traffic ticket or think you do call 1-800-304-3107 to find out if they have kept your $250.00 SS one time payment to offset the debt.
I am on SS disability (dying of colon cancer metastasized to lungs and liver) and called this number just to see.
Sure enough May 7th the $250.00 was applied to a debt I owe. 1 traffic ticket and 1 student loan ~ Both things I thought I had taken care of. Oh well, my fault and I know now (wry grin).

I’m married, will I receive my stimulus in my own account, or will SS issue one check for both of us? I received my SS Check in a separate account from my husband. I don’t want all of the money going into his account, because I will not get my share.

to everybody who has not gotten 250 stimulus checks, everyone i know both on regular social security or ssi have gotten their checks all social checks went out may 7 and all ssi checks went out one week later

sooooo, what does this mean? Does this mean that people that are not on SS, will not be receiving a stimulus check? Correct me if im wrong, but i remember geting one last year for about $500 around this time.. but if remember it was to everyone i dont recall this Social Security mix up. I do know my mom and aunt are both on disablity and they got their checks mid may. I heard that all that are not on disablity will be geting theirs in early june… can some one tell me if this is true or not because it would really suck to have filed taxes and be expecting a stimulus check and it goes out to only people on SS. Because i can not lie the recession has hit my a** big time and i can REALLY use the money right about now!! thanks..

My husband passed away in March 2009 – he had been receiving social security benefits regularly through March but did not receive the $250 stimulus check which would have been directly deposited to his checking account. However, I (his wife) closed that account following his death. How do I proceed?

my children get social security from there father passing they get survival benifits do they also qualify to get the $250 stimulus check as well? karen

Are You Kidding me!!! I live in a town that 5 businesses shut down do to the economic crap we are in. The nearest place where work is( mostly mcD’s and BK) is 65 miles away. I haven’t got money to afford gas to travel much less move. But when I ask for a little help from our President of so-called HOPE, I get nothing. I’m too young to retire, not disabled and not a veteran. Not eligible for Unemployment. Oh and I’m also out of work!! So I guess I’m getting shafted by our so-called Government again. Guess My wife and i will be living on the streets soon.
Thanks for nothing OBAMA and the LIBERAL idiots in Congress.

I was notified to expect $250 stimulus direct deposit by end of May. It is now July 12 and I have not received the check. What can I do?

bull, it is now october 10 and my son who is on ssi disability still has not received his 250 dollar recovery check and he qualifies, i have called every 2 weeks since the end of june to social security and each agent i speak to tells me he should get it within a mont well, that was 4 months ago, why can this not be sent? i live in springfield missouri

My wife and I are on social security and have not received the $250 check.What happened? Who or where can I contact to find out why ?

No the feeling Kathy, I have called them 4 times and the said it should be arriving within 6 weeks, November 2nd still no check. who knows

I received my stimulus check of 250. 00 in 2009 but my spouse did not receive his. Know I have let it go because he has been ill but I can still find a way to receive it



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