Are You Changing Your Asset Allocation? Contest for $$!

Glenn Cooke, President of InsureCan, is sponsoring a contest on this blog (and a few others listed below) where you can win one of two $50 Chapters gift cards. Hereโ€™s how to enter the contest:

In the comments – please answer the following question

“Have you changed (or are you going to change) your asset allocation as a result of the awful equity returns in the past year?ย ย  Please indicate any change ie “used to be 100% equities – now I’m zero percent equities”.

Answering this question will give you 1 chance at a gift certificate.ย  Subscribing to the blog if you don’t already do so, might also help your odds (but not likely) ๐Ÿ™‚

Contest will be closed at 8 pm on Thursday, January 22.

Contest is open to Canadian residents only.

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69 replies on “Are You Changing Your Asset Allocation? Contest for $$!”

None yet, but I’m thinking about it, as my new ones are steadily increasing as my old ones just keep sucking.

I am still trying to decide!

Should i keep killing off my (an my wifes) monster student loan debt to buy undervalued stocks ๐Ÿ˜›


Although I do occassionally worry about ‘staying the course’, I’m keeping my allocation the same. I’m going to count on history reverting to the mean over time. Sometimes I think my knowledge is too small and I’m herding with all you sheep out there.

Won’t likely be changing my allocation, although if I did, I would likely increase equities slightly (currently at 90% for all new investments).

I’ve only invested $2250 in an RRSP since October, and it’s currently all in equities. Eventually it will be split 85% equities, 15% fixed income, but for now (while the amount is peanuts and the markets are low) I’m just slowly buying stock index funds.

That would be an interesting topic to discuss — at what point should one commit to an allocation plan? Is it better to go 100% stocks until you build up enough of a fund that you couldn’t afford to sustain a deep loss?

I got lazy last year and put a bunch of RRSP money into a high-interest savings account at the last minute, figuring I’d move it later; I of course never did. My laziness ended up paying off in this case, since my equities are now worth about 50% of what they were. But now is the time I think to rebalance and get a much larger percentage into equities, since they’re pretty darn cheap, and I have a good 25-30 years before I plan to retire.

Even though everyone around me differed in opinion, I decided to keep the course; currently my allocation is 80-20 & don’t think I’ll change anything in the short term.

Currently sticking with 100% equities, although I am in debt reduction mode right now. I won’t be adding any equities for the next year or so, (unless there is tempting deal!)

No change. if i haven’t changed till now, might as well stick with it long term as per the original plan

I’m just getting started in the game, so with our emergency fund, and a short term bond for down payment savings we actually have very little invested in equities. I’m contemplating ‘borrowing’ from our emergency fund to take advantage of the sale.

I basically have a money market account (that accumulates my money until I have enough for a GIC) and a series of GICs, plus my locked in plan from a previous employer and a paid for annuity (ditto). The only change I’ve made recently is to stop my weekly payments into the money market account while I switch to a different financial institution but I’ll restart that soon.

I may not be making double digits but I haven’t lost any of my retirement money yet.

Um, just a comment about the time because you said the cutoff was 8 PM and I see the time on my post above is shown as 9:04 PM. Except that it’s 6:04 Pacific Time (i.e. where I am). Does this mean I missed my chance?

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