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In the comments – please answer the following question

“Have you changed (or are you going to change) your asset allocation as a result of the awful equity returns in the past year?Β Β  Please indicate any change ie “used to be 100% equities – now I’m zero percent equities”.

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Contest is open to Canadian residents only.

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69 replies on “Are You Changing Your Asset Allocation? Contest for $$!”

I will increase my CAN equities from 70 to 80%

I’ll also keep a bit more cash for good opportunities.

I was about 75% equities this time last year, and started buying in late January through to the summer when I hit 100% (too early!).

I’m not planning on selling yet, but new savings are going back into the cash pile.

I was 60% equities and 40% bonds, most of the latter in XSB. It was my only holding that did well πŸ™‚

Sticking with the overall allocation but I’m switching a portion of the bonds from XSB to XCB in order to sell something high and buy something low.

I’m sticking to 90% equities. Overall portfolio:

5% cash
5% bonds
30% canadian
25% US
27 % International
8% REIT.

My time horizon is still 30+ years (unfortunately!)

I used to be about 75% equities, over the past little while I have changed all future deposits to only buy equities. So although my actual current allocation remains fairly unchanged, the future purchases should be grabbing good deals . . . or so I hope.

I am currently in a couple mutual funds offered through my company RRSP. We have very little flexibility as the only pure equity funds they have are the ‘Canadian Equity’ and ‘Global Equity’. Since the global equity is US weighted with a peppering of other countries I put my future deposits 29% in to the Canadian fund, and 71% in the Global (to make my US/Canada mix fairly even, and the rest spread around the planet).

I’ll increase equities from 75% to 85% for the next 3-5 years…then start s-l-o-w-l-y rebalancing to bonds so I don’t have to worry about working at Walmart when I retire…

My target was 90% equities, now it’s closer to 80% due to the market but will continue with the same target allocation.

I started off with 40% bonds, 20% canadian, 20% US, 20% International.

I have since re-allocated to 25% bonds, 25% canadian, 25% US, 25% international.

At the beginning of the 2008 my asset allocation was about 75% cash & money market / 25% stocks.

My target allocation is now:

18% Canadian Equity
26% US Equity
24% International Equity
10% Emerging Markets Equity
7% Realestate
15% Bonds & Cash

No change – 90% equity 10% fixed income.

I won’t change this until I get a little older. What other reason is there πŸ˜‰

I try not the let fear or excitement dictate my portfolio.

No change – 100% equity now, with 25/25/25/25 split Canada/US/EAFE/Emerging. About 80-85% indexed.

This is retirement money, about 20-25 years away.

Current asset allocation tells me to buy Emerging in the upcoming RRSP season.

Here’s to hoping for a manageable 2009.

Nope…I’m sticking to my long term strategic asset allocation.

10% fixed income, 90% equities.

equity allocation – 43% US, 43% Intl, 8% Emerg, 6% Canadian.

Changing my asset allocation? No way!
20% Income, 80% Equities… all new cash to Emerging Markets.
Monthly contributions. Never a slave to greed, or fear.

no, i will not be changing anything. I am allocated between US/Foreign equity indexes, and a REIT index, no bonds.

I will simply be rebalancing my portfolio and moving on. I invest in real estate outside of my retirements accounts, so i am not putting all my chances for a stable retirement on this manipulated system.

I was hovering around 60 percent equities.

Now I’m around 20 percent equities because of the ‘correction’ + increasing my cash position.

I do intend on moving back into stocks over the next year or so. My time horizon is 30 years.

Changing no – rebalancing yes. Back to 90% equity and 10% FI/cash. Long time horizon and a large % of my future net worth tied to incoming pay cheques (aka variable and semi-fixed income) my allocation should be higher in equities, and that’s where the moeny will go.

I am increasing exposure to equities. Had approx 45% equities 45% real-estate 10%. Am shifting from real estate to equities so I’ll be about 60% equities, 30% real-estate, 10% cash.

I was 20% FI, 80% equities. Will be shifting to 30% FI only because I’ll be looking to buy a home within the next year or so.

?Have you changed (or are you going to change) your asset allocation as a result of the awful equity returns in the past year? Please indicate any change ie ?used to be 100% equities – now I?m zero percent equities?.

Not really, but I do change my approach to higher yield stable stocks (say income trust or bank stocks), and sell when things are good (not necessarily buy-and-hold/hope)

Still 100% in equities
But RRSP and TFSA will be a mixed variety (RRSP is more balanced profile, TFSA is more leveraged)

Now, send me some gift cards πŸ™‚

Have been a fairly conservative investor so far (though I’ve only been in the market for a few years). Planning on dumping a bunch more into equities over the next year. Hard to say what the percentage split will end up…

Max out my RRSP for 2008 & 2009 in Feb & March respectively. Anything left goes into my emergency fund.

I’ll be sticking with my previous allocation of 50% fixed income and 50% equities… no changes here.

I was 100% in cash and intend to stay that way unless the market drops significantly from here.

No change to my overall asset allocation, but I’m thinking about buying a house, so that could change things…a lot.

Okay, I’m in. My bonus went 100% into equities and my regular contributions are doing the same until further notice. I think I own too many bonds. Also, thanks to my husband I now own Citibank which I didn’t last year. I’m in two minds about my Irish exposure, but still buying for now.

I will continue to buy real estate, in fact I will increase my aquisition frequency this year for the next 3 years.

I’m hoping to be retired in three years and am juggling slightly to go w/ 60% bonds, 40% equities

I’m not changing my allocation… it was a rough year, but I’m working on a long time horizon πŸ˜‰

Still sitting at 100% equities. Ever buying more.
Chapters gift card would make a great valentine’s gift for my wife.

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