Canadian Tax Filing Deadline – April 30 and Plutus Awards

A reminder that the Canadian tax filing deadline is April 30, 2010. You must efile by this date or send your return in the mail on that date. As long as the postmark is April 30 (or sooner) then you won’t be late even though the government won’t get the mailed return for a few days.

I suggest that you get going on your taxes if you haven’t already done so. While the actual return might not take long, gathering all the relevant tax info can take a while. If you have to get any slips reissued then that will delay things as well.

If you are looking for tax software then check out my QuickTax Canadian tax software review. It’s not for everyone but it is pretty good software.

Plutus Awards

We’ve been nominated for a couple of categories of the brand new Plutus Awards.  If you are a blog fanatic then go on over and vote for your favourite blogs.  Four Pillars is in the Best Canadian Blog category and ABCs of Investing is in the Best Investment Blog category.

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7 replies on “Canadian Tax Filing Deadline – April 30 and Plutus Awards”

FP, you would do your readers a service by also letting them know about StudioTax, which is FREE certified tax software available by download from Heck, you could have the biggest giveaway ever by giving away UNLIMITED copies of StudioTax… millions of copies if you wish!

I know you get kickbacks from QuickTax, but surely you wouldn’t lose much by mentioning StudioTax, since it’s a different sort of program. It’s much more basic than QuickTax, in that it doesn’t walk the user through the whole process. So it’s really tailored to the people who are already comfortable preparing paper returns, but need a cheap way to Netfile. Please put in a word!

Marianne – I don’t get sh** from QuickTax. I only did a review because I used it and it’s pretty easy to write a review on something you are familiar with. Plus the interview process is a pretty good learning tool.

I would love to provide reviews on all the various tax software programs but quite frankly I don’t have the time or interest. That includes StudioTax.

However…I would LOVE to publish a reader review on StudioTax or any of the others. If you or any other readers would like to write something up then I would definitely publish it.

Sorry if I offended… when I referred to kickbacks from QuickTax, I was basing that on your statement “Please note that I will receive compensation for any sales resulting from someone buying QuickTax software through the links on this site” (from your Feb 24 post). I was referring to the fact that if you were to promote StudioTax (a free program) you would potentially lose compensation if readers then decided NOT to follow your links to QuickTax.

That said, I see that you’re willing to post reviews of other software, so kudos! I will happily write a review of StudioTax and will send it in ASAP.

Thanks for the reminder…
Big sigh as I hate that time of the year where you have to fill taxes.
I use QuickTax Online version because I like the interview style, at least I’m hoping I won’t make too many mistakes.
Thanks for mentioning the kid deduction, it’ll come as handy this year!
BTW, do you have any comments regarding deductions related to daycare expenses? (first year I have daycare expenses :()

Caroline, I don’t know too much about the deductions related to daycare but I believe that that both parents have to be working and you can deduct up to $7k off the lower income spouse’s income.

But I’m going from a shaky memory so don’t take my word on it.

OK thanks anyway!
That’s too bad it has to be deducted from the lowest income, meaning it is not from mine :(.

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