Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #247

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Welcome to the July 27, 2012 Edition #247 of the Carnival of Financial Planning.

The Carnival of Financial Planning takes a long-term view of personal financial planning for individuals and families. We focus on efficient and sustainable personal financial planning practices that can lead to lifetime financial security. 

This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse efficiently.


The Skilled Investor, Editor

Budgeting and Economics

Young presents Starting Your Career Rurally posted at Young And Thrifty , saying, “Starting Your Career Rurally can give you an edge over people living in the cities, we’ll show you why. ”

Charles presents The Rise of Digital Currencies posted at Wallet Hub , saying, “Is digital currency where we are heading? Take a tantalizing glimpse at a cashless future! ”

Janet presents Expense budgets posted at Independent Financial Planner , saying, ” Many people do not track their living expenses and do not understand the magnitude of their consumption.”

Suba presents The Hidden Costs of My Husband’s New Job posted at Broke Professionals , saying, “My husband’s new job has come with some major hidden costs. Here’s what we’re doing to attempt to deflect his job’s negative impact on our bottom line. ”

Financial Planning

Hank presents Five Professional Athletes Who Are Struggling Financially posted at Money Q&A , saying, “I always find it so interesting to see some of the inner workings of professional athletes and famous people’s finances. Below are five professional athletes who filed bankruptcy. ”

Aloysa presents My Top 10 Worst Shopping Mistakes posted at My Broken Coin , saying, “Read these top 10 worst shopping mistakes! Do you do the same ones? ”

Jeremy presents Does Everyone Need An Emergency Fund? posted at Modest Money , saying, “I just cannot wrap my head around the concept that apparently everyone should tie up a large sum of money in a low interest savings account. While it does make sense for people with debt problems, it just does not seem logical for anyone with decent credit. In such cases a small emergency fund should be adequate. ”

Marie at Family Money Values presents Considerations When Starting a Family Business posted at Family Money Values , saying, “If you and your spouse are thinking about starting up a website together; or if you and your grown children are wanting to work together to buy and manage real estate; or, in fact, if you want to involve your family or close friends in any business venture; know that family owned businesses can have special problems. If they aren’t addressed, you stand to ruin family relationships in addition to suffering business losses. Here are tips on things to consider when starting a family business. ”

Amanda L Grossman presents My Family’s Circle of Savings posted at Frugal Confessions , saying, “I try to imagine the looks on the faces of Transportation Security Administration Inspectors when they x-ray my bag full of liquids, perishables, drugs ”

Luke presents How to Predict Inflation and Deflation posted at Learn Bonds , saying, “Inflation is something that market participants care a lot about. How exactly do you go about predicting inflation? Learn here. ”

PFP presents Tax Management  posted at Pasadena Financial Advisor , saying, ” You should also consider how to “locate” your investment asset allocation with respect to more optimal taxation.”

Daisy presents Handling Mistakes at Work posted at Add Vodka , saying, “When I first started in internship #1, I was so excited to get a little bit of real world experience in my field. ”

Invest It Wisely presents How Hard is It to Become a Freelancer? posted at Invest It Wisely , saying, “Do you find that the world is becoming a little bit more entrepreneurial, these days? Read my experiences and see if you agree! ”

A Blinkin presents Your Obsession With FREE posted at Funancials , saying, “Are you drawn to things that are BOGO buy one get one free? Im guessing you are. We all are. The sound of FREE is music to our ears. Why? Because its not only free, its RISK FREE. The majority of us are such sissies that we would rather -not lose- than -win- ”


Liana presents Does Unemployment Damage Your Credit? posted at Card Hub , saying, “Does being unemployed damage your credit score? Perhaps not in-and-of itself, but the side effects of unemployment can. It’s important to understand what can hurt your credit while you’re out of work and how to prevent any damage. ”

PITR presents Why Blogging is a Respectable Business posted at Passive Income To Retire , saying, “Find out why blogging is a respectable business model and why it aligns with the future of online usage. ”

Lance presents Passive Income: Not As Passive As You Think posted at Money Life & More , saying, “If there is one topic personal finance bloggers absolutely love it is passive income. According to wikipedia, “Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.” There are two key phrases in this definition that will help you define what passive income is to you. ”

Insurance and Risk

FMF presents Shopping for Insurance posted at Free Money Finance , saying, “Since “regularly shopping for insurance was #31 on my list of the 52 best money saving tips, I thought I’d follow my own advice and compare our current insurance costs to those offered by other companies. ”

Sally presents Risk and returns posted at Do-It-Yourself Finance , saying, ” More conservative portfolio investments have yielded substantially lower investment returns than the returns that riskier investments have delivered. With either lower or higher risk-adjusted market return strategies, you simply cannot have your financial cake and you eat it too.”


Jon the Saver presents Should You Invest with Less the $5,000? posted at Free Money Wisdom , saying, “If you have a small amount of money, should I invest on a regular basis? Let’s answer this question together and start multiplying our money! ”

Kelly presents Investment risk tolerance posted at Investment Risk, saying, ” Individual investors with different levels of investment risk tolerance for financial risks tend to be more satisfied with risk management strategies, which are better aligned with their financial risk and return profile.”

J.P. presents How Often Should You Do An Investment Review? posted at Novel Investor , saying, “Tracking your investments is more than glancing at those monthly statements. A regular investment review needs to be done. ”

Willie presents Superior Fund Performance posted at NoLoad Funds , saying, ” Screen out inferior mutual fund performance — but only after using other ETF and mutual fund selection criteria. Superior or even average mutual fund performance in the past simply does not predict similar fund performance in the future.”

Dividend Growth Investor presents Casey’s (CASY) Dividend Stock Analysis posted at Dividend Growth Investor , saying, “Currently, Casey’s is attractively valued at 18.70 times earnings, and has an adequately covered dividend. I do realize that some of the great growth stories end up yielding little, but could more than compensate for that through strong total returns over time. Companies like Casey’s have the potential to be a multibagger over the next few years. ”

Managing Debt

Joe Morgan presents Is Paying Off Your Mortgage Early A Good Thing Or Bad Thing? posted at Simple Debt-Free Finance, saying, “Paying off your mortgage early is a hotly debated topic in personal finance circles. Proponents of “debt free” living say it’s a no brainer, while financial “experts” often say it’s a bad move and indicates people are thinking about money in the wrong way. So who is right? Read more to see both arguments.” 

Ben Feldman presents Can The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Help You? posted at ReadyForZero Blog , saying, “The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 is a little known law that can save you a lot of money if you’ve been involved in a foreclosure or a short sale recently (or will be soon). This post will help you understand how it works. ”

Teacher Man presents Student Lines of Credit posted at My University Money , saying, “Student lines of credit are great to have because of the insanely low interest rates. We’ll show you why these are superior to most loans. ”

Sustainable PF presents Do Parents Have To Help? posted at Sustainable Personal Finance , saying, “Just how far should parents go to ensure their children have reduced debt burden after they graduate? ”

Real Estate

Crystal presents Life is Too Short to Spend Time Ironing Sheets posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff , saying, “Here is the list of things that I refuse to waste time on since they do not give me enough satisfaction to justify the time spent. Life is too short. ”

Jen presents We’re Buying Our First House! posted at Master the Art of Saving , saying, “Around a month ago, my husband came to me and said that we really need to buy a house right away. Scary! I’m the one who handles the budget and all the money. ”

YFS presents How I Almost Got Cheated out of 650 bucks posted at Your Finances Simplified , saying, “So as you all may know we recently purchased our 3 rental property. I did a lot of talking about in the following posts. ”


David John Marotta presents Fund a Teenager’s Million-Dollar Retirement posted at Marotta On Money , saying, “We teach teenagers a lot more about sexuality than we do about money. This can confuse them about what they should be learning. Give this article to a teenager and encourage him or her to start a Roth IRA. ”

Brock presents Retirement Spreadsheet posted at IRA Account Investment, saying, “Whether or not to make investments into “traditional” tax-advantaged employer accounts and IRAs versus investing in “Roth” tax-advantaged employer accounts and personal IRAs is never a straightforward nor simple financial planning decision.”

Pierre presents What If…We Were Months Away From The Next Depression…. posted at Intelligent Speculator , saying, “Are we on the verge of something worse? ”

Emily presents If I Were My Financial Advisor, What Would I Tell Me? posted at Evolving Personal Finance, saying, “I ask myself: If I were my financial advisor, what would I tell me? I take a look at the uglier aspects of our financial situation to which we have become inured”


SFB presents What is Offshore Savings? posted at Simple Finance Blog , saying, “Offshore savings is an aspect of offshore banking that focuses on just savings accounts. This is a popular option for many people looking to diversify where their cash is held, but don’t necessarily need the full features of an offshore bank. Having an account offshore can offer diversity that being in a single country cannot. ”

Freedom presents Savings Rates posted at Financial Freedom Plan , saying, ” Understand how your current savings rate and retirement withdrawal rate would affect all of  your retirement assets.”


FMF presents Are Investment Management Fees Tax Deductible? posted at Free Money Finance , saying, “I often get asked, “Are investment management fees tax deductible? The answer is not a simple “yes or “no. Like many tax questions, the answer is “It depends.”

Monroe presents Roth Conversions posted at Do-It-Yourself Finance , saying, “Key to you making a better decision about your lifetime Roth account contribution and asset conversion strategy is the need for a sophisticated financial planning software tool.”

Steve presents A Look At Free 2012 Tax Filing Opportunities posted at 2012 Taxes , saying, “There is not much that people can get for free these days. Hardly anyone would think of ‘free’ and ‘taxes’ in the same sentence either. Still, it turns out there are free 2012 tax filing opportunities. ”

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