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Welcome to relaunch edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. is a blog dedicated to helping you earn more money from your blog without spending any extra time on it. It will also cover various blog maintenance, technical and design issues from time to time.
The site was started by Pinyo from and I took it over last year and just relaunched it last week. Please feel free to check it out and subscribe. Please read the introduction post for more information about the direction of the blog.

One of the key factors when talking about personal finance is income. In my opinion, more income is better. Cutting costs is certainly a valid way to improve your finances but it is limited. Once you pick the “low hanging fruit” then it becomes harder and harder to save the next dollar.
Making more income is also limited because you only have so many hours in a day. However if you can earn more money then it is possible to save more money and pay off debts without cutting your standard of living.
For those of you who are bloggers and want to make a bit more money from your blog then subscribe to My goal is to write about strategies to increase your blog income without you having to spend more time on your blog.

Now, on with the carnival!

Editor’s picks These are the best of the best!

One of the keys to increasing your blog income is knowing where the income comes from. A hint – it comes from your search engine visitors.

There are plenty of ways to make more money by blogging – Here are four different approaches you can try.

Sometimes selling your blog or business is how you make the most money – what is your exit strategy?

Promotion (or advertising) is good or any business. For blogs – writing a great guest post is king.

  • D4L from Dividends Value presents Increasing Dividend Yield Part IV: Bonds, and says, “This is the fourth installment in a multi-part series that looks at various options used by income investors to boost their yield while waiting for dividend growth to lift their portfolio’s overall yield-on-cost. Last week we looked at Preferred Stock. This week we are looking at Bonds.”
  • Bob from Christian Personal Finance presents 7 Tips to Involve Your Spouse in the Finances, and says, “Keeping your spouse involved in the management of finances can be a tough thing to do. In most situations, there is a nerd (as Dave Ramsey often puts it) in the family who likes doing the numbers stuff. But, this is a dangerous approach to family finances…”
  • Tom from MapleMoney presents What is Financial Literacy?, and says, “As a collective whole, we don’t save money because there are too many opportunities to spend it.”
  • FMF from Free Money Finance presents Plan on Budgeting Surprises, and says, “Many budgets are doomed to failure because of the challenge of planning for unplanned spending. Here are some of the items you either did not put in your budget or they shouldn’t be in your spending. “The Wise Squirrel from Squirrelers presents The New Rich – Frugal is Cool.
  • Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Online Bill Pay Account From FNBO Direct: Review, and says, “This is a review of the FNBO Direct Online Bill Pay Account.”
  • Mr. Credit Card from Ask Mr. Credit Card presents Jobs and Credit Ratings.
  • Jason from One Money Design presents Should You Lease or Buy a Car: Which Saves More Money?, and says, “Should you lease or buy a car? In order to make a decision, you need to understand the pros and cons of each option and consider which one saves the most money.”

Time is money – Learn how to grow your blog efficiently.

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Thanks for including 10 Motivational Tips from guest poster The Rat at
You did a great job on a big carnival! We appreciate the hard work.

Also, blogthority looks very interesting, I’ll be sure to check it out further later this week.

Congrats on Blogthority… what you said there is exactly what I’ve experienced (SE traffic = $.) I’m not a full time blogger either, and I like what you say about maximizing the returns on limited time. Traditionally I spent hours and hours and hours on every post, but recently I switched to a time/money ROI approach. When I sit down to write an article, I consider how much I will earn from it, decide the max amount of time I can spend writing it… then produce the article within that time frame. Sometimes I go a little over on the time and sometimes under, but having that mindset has been very helpful so far. 🙂

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Great carnival, Mike! Thanks for all the tips too – I can’t wait to check out more at blogthority so I can be a millionaire blogger like Miranda!

All the best,

Len Penzo dot Com

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Thanks for making me an editor’s pick! I’ve already been reading and enjoying your new posts on Blogthority. Keep up the great work there!

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