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Dream Wedding

Weddings can be pricey. They’re also all so generic! Years ago I came up with my dream wedding.

For starters, the invitation will specify a strict dress code: BLUE jeans and a t-shirt. The groom (Mr. Cheap himself) will be in BLACK jeans, and wearing a tuxedo t-shirt. The bride will be in white jeans and a white blouse (so she’ll look all frilly and nice compared to everyone else – who says Mr. Cheap doesn’t understand a woman’s needs!?!?).

On the invitation RSVP guests will check off which McDonald’s extra value meal they want (and we’ll super size the wedding party’s and close family’s meals). For drinks I’ll get a vat of that McDonald’s orange drink and we’ll spike it with Al-cool.

I’m hopeful that McDonald’s might throw in a Grimace costume for the person officiating the ceremony to wear (since I’m buying so much from them already)…

We’ll hold the ceremony and reception in someone’s back yard probably. I’m figuring a budget of $300-$400 should cover it the whole thing.

I know this is a great idea, so I’ll answer your first question right now: no, I won’t be offended if you steal my idea and get married in a similar fashion (I’ll be flattered!). And I’ve anticipated your first comment too: yes, the woman who gets a lasso around Mr. Cheap will be a very lucky lady indeed!

Wooly Woman inspired me to write this up. She had a taco bar at her wedding, which is uber-cool (I might blow the budget and add one of those to mine!).

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Can you even get white jeans any more? I think their relative scarcity round these parts may drive up your budget. But hey, I think we spent about $400 and even got a meal at a nicer – yes nicer! – place than McDonalds 🙂

We did ours on the (relative) cheap and somehow avoided jeans and tees, although if that is your thing then more power to you! People tend to not think out of the box and just pay through the nose for everything, which leads to ridiculous amounts of money. The only thing you need for a lovely wedding, that fits your style, is the insurance of an active imagination and creativity.

Haha. Sounds like fun.

Maybe you could be a little more health concious and get one of those huge Subway sandwiches.

Ha! My brother just got engaged and oh my goodness is he SO NOT going to have a cheap wedding. So far the ring will be over $1k, as will be the dress, so within days of getting engaged they have already spent more than HALF of what we spent on our entire wedding.

My daughter is planning to get married next month and, just because of the kind of people she and her fiance are, they’re doing on the REALLY cheap. They’ve told friends about it, posted the time and place of the ceremony on her facebook site, etc., but they haven’t invited anyone. Or, to put it another way, anybody who wants to is welcome to come. After the church, they’re heading back to our farm, where they plan to have a potluck reception. People are asked not to bring any presents, and not to expect any “wedding favours”. Weather permitting, they plan to have a bonfire that evening. And since we have lots of room, people are welcome to bring tents and stay overnight. A big party, but not formal at all. No speeches. Specifically no speeches. Just getting together with friends who love them.

She’s bought a wedding dress already. It’s a nice dress, but it’s one she could wear on other occasions, i.e. not an obvious wedding dress.

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