LinkStuff for Dec 22 week


180.0 – holding steady.  Ran 3 times last week which I was pretty pleased with.

Rest of the links

Mr. Cheap’s excellent post called “Christian Owner” got an editor’s pick over at the latest carnival of personal finance which was held at Saving to Invest.  The carnival has an Australian theme which I rather liked having spent a bit of time in Oz.

Million Dollar Journey has 150 ways to save money over the holidays.  (The best suggestion was mine)  🙂

Preet gives an example of how chasing returns damages wealth.

Financial Blogger actually found something positive about Manulife Income Plus.

Cash Money Life wrote about the SEP IRA – Simplified employee pension plan.  This is sort of the American equivalent to the Canadian RPP.

Money Ning wants you to read this before buying yourself a Christmas gift.

Squawkfox explains how to write a killer resume.

Blunt Money has a quiz to find out how frugal you are.

Canadian Capitalist reports on the smartest guys in the room.

The Intelligent Speculator gives a hedge fund report.

Clever Dude says you should get renter’s insurance.

Investing School has 9 terrific investing websites that are sure to suck up your time.

ABCs of Investing wrote about MERs and Index funds vs ETFs.


The Frugal Duchess hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Carnival of Financial Planning was held at the Skilled Investor.

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MDJ – I’ll be taking some time off from work. As for the site – we won’t be posting much after the 23rd. Jan 5 we’ll start up the regular posting again.

Last year we posted all the way through the holidays and I found that not many people were reading.

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