Florida Unemployment Benefits Extension – 20 More Weeks

Update – Feb 7, 2011 – Legislation to add extra weeks for 99ers

Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Bobby Scott (Va.) are reintroducing legislation this week to provide additional weeks of unemployment insurance benefits for “99ers,”

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In 2009, the 2009 stimulus package was created by President Obama and provided extra funding for states to extend the length of unemployment benefits if necessary.  Most states have a fixed number of weeks available for benefits but can increase the number of weeks if necessary.  The Florida unemployment rate in April was 9.6%.

The state of Florida recently approved an extension of the unemployment benefits by 20 weeks as a result of Senate Bill 810 sponsored by Sen. Rudy Garcia, R-Miami and Rep. Dave Murzin, R-Pensacola.  This applies to unemployed persons who have already used up the previous maximum of 59 weeks of unemployment benefits.  The legislation allowing this EB extension was signed by Governor Charlie Crist and will provide more benefits for up to 250,000 unemployed Floridians.  The payments will be up to $300 per week.

The money to pay for these extended benefits will come from the stimulus package of 2009 – about $415 million in total.

The agency responsible for these benefits is called the Agency for Workforce Innovation – they expect to start sending out the extended benefit checks in July.  According to a spokesman from the agency Robby Cunningham – some people might be able to collect benefits retroactive to February of 2009.

“It’s actually retroactive to February 22nd of this year so some qualifying receiptence could receive initial payments up to 5,100 dollars.”

Please note that any retroactive payments will be from February 22, 2009 or when your last claim ran out – whichever is later.

How to apply for extended benefits

If you qualify for the extended 20 weeks then you still have to apply – go to and click on the big red “Extended Benefits” square near the top of the right side of the screen.  The actual link which will open up the application form is here.  You can also fill in and mail the EB application to the address indicated on the EB notice/application you will be receiving in the mail.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Here are a few guidelines you can use to determine eligibility:

  • You are totally or partially unemployed.
  • You exhaust all entitlement to regular and emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) benefits prior to February 22, 2009 but your benefit year ends after February 22, 2009.
  • You exhaust all entitlement to regular and emergency unemployment compensation benefits after February 22, 2009.
  • You are not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits in any state (including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, The District of Columbia) or Canada.
  • You satisfy all requirements of the Florida UC Law that apply to regular UC and EB, such as being able and available for work, and have not been disqualified from receiving benefits based on your reason for separation.
  • You actively seek work for each EB week claimed and provide the work search record as instructed.
  • You do not refuse an offer of suitable work or fail to apply for suitable work.


698 replies on “Florida Unemployment Benefits Extension – 20 More Weeks”

Filed my initial Florida UC Nov 2011. The current balance will be exhausted end of next month (Apr 2012). Have heard/read about being able (if eligible) to collect UC for up to 99 weeks and beyond. However, am confused and concerned that after my intial 26 weeks, there will be nothing left for me per note as follows:

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to federal funding limitations, Extended Benefits will not be paid after the week ending March 10, 2012, including Extended Benefit accounts that have a balance remaining. This deadline does not impact customers on initial state unemployment claims or the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. EUC program expiration dates will vary depending on your individual claim. ”

So per the notice, since I’m on initial state unemployment, I should be good until the end of next month. If I’m still unemployed then, what happens next? Is it then Federal where you get into tiers, or state extended, or I’ve read something about it depends on the state’s unemployment rate, or what exactly? After my initial 26 week state unemployment claim gets exhausted the to end of next month, can I expect to receive anything after that or not? Please enlighten me.

Well, has anyone here, maybe Nabby or someone, tell us whether they are indeed in their EB extension(s) after they finished their last week of
Tier 4???
I claimed my last week of $21.00 today and have to wait til Thursday to try to claim my one week of EB, hoping that after what I was told and by what I see here that happened to Nabby, I would be able to get those few EB extra weeks that were approved by the President in February. Anyone with an answer, please?

Keep claiming like normal with EB they removed that pay 1 week they most likely will stop in June was told today

NAS, so good to see you around! Thanks for your advice, earlier today I sent an email to Dickey together with an email she sent me 2 weeks back telling me about my 10 weeks. I will probably get an answer tomorrow. Anyway, I have to wait until Thursday that my last payment of 21.00 clears so I can apply for EB as it will not let me apply today at all, they tell me it’s because I claimed today and balance just became 0 this afternoon. Will post again tomorrow with any news that Dickey sends me. ARe you already getting your monies??? I was a bit confused as to the EB deadline of March 10, I still do not understand it, was this the date that changed? I keep seeing that deadline date and scares me as my balance was finalized today.
Thanks to all, and I believe Jobless46 needs someone that knows well about his question to assist him, don’;t worry, Jobless46, there is always someone here that has an answer for a specific question like yours and they will assist, that’s what we are here for, help each other in these crazy times..

I live in FL and I’m on tier 4, which only gave me 3+ weeks of benefits. However, My tier 4 just began and my remaining balance of $480 is not going to be given to me? … as my next date to claim is 3/20/12 – and they are not paying anything past 3/10/12, even if you have a balance? I might possibly (I’ll find out when I claim on the 20th) get my one week of benefits for week ending the 10th (God willing), but I will definitely, per what they are stating on the site, not get the 2nd week owed to me. HOW can our government allow them to NOT, in the very least, allow us to claim our balances? That’s a disgusting thing to do to the unemployed – we’re not surviving as it is, literally. If they were not keeping our balances, at least I would get one more check near $480, but they will not pay me my balance for the week ending after March 10, 2012. What happened to tier 5? And why are they allowed to keep our balances. This entire situation, economy, cost of living verses what floridian company owners believe is a decent wage (seriously insane) and unemployment being treated as a gift rather than a huge necessity has made me sick, absolutely sick.

Does anyone know if what I wrote above stands true? I’ve read everything there is to read on the Net and spoken with Unemployment and as of right now, it seems to stand true. Tier 5 no longer exists in FL and I will not be able to receive my balance from my Tier 4, which was literally only for 3 1/2 weeks. Additionally, my benefit year ended as well. I could really use some positive updates if anyone has any. Thanks so much.

Sorry to post so much, but I’ve just been reading through the prior comments. I’m so confused. My benefit year began in May 2011; however, I did not start claiming my benefits until September 2011, yet – I’m already on tier 4 and about to finish? I’m so confused. None of this makes any sense. Based upon an initial claim supposedly giving 20+ weeks, and then all the weeks each tier was supposed to offer, how did I end up at the end of tier 4 when I first filed for benefits in September 2011, even though my benefit year began in May of 2011 – which is when I was earning income? I’m very, very confused – and have no idea what’s going on. I had rec’d a letter in the mail stating that my benefits were up and if I was approved for tier 4 I would hear from them. I did hear from them and it was approved, but my tier 4 only gave me $710 give or take. I’m at a loss. Updates or information would help me so much and be greatly appreciated.

You guys are going to get so frustrated w/me, please forgive me. One last question, I promise. As you can clearly see from all my posts I am very confused about all of this and a bit stressed (putting it mildly). Is EB something you have to apply for or do you go directly into it once your tier 4 runs out? I hate that I don’t understand any of this almost as much as I hate that I’m not working and/or consistently. I’ve considered leaving Florida several times – there’s simply no work here (central FL) and the work that is here, which is far and few between, is paying an average of $13 an hour? I’m an incredibly skilled, highly experienced Admin Assist/Client Support person, with decades of experience and have done the type of project work that requires extreme knowledge and skill – yet, in the year 2012, with the cost of living in FL being nearly as high as it is up North now, they are offering salaries which should be paid out to high school kids in summer jobs? The problem is, with me leaving FL, is that the salaries are so bad, and the jobs so NOT plentiful – forever on temp assignments if even lucky enough to get those (blue moon) that I can’t even afford to leave if I wanted to. Right now, unemployment is my only hope of even mildly surviving this mess (i.e. my countless posts once stumbling across your board – which btw, is the most informational board I have ever found on this subject and I thank you all so much).

OK. Here is the answer to my email to Dickey yesterday. I went to the EB Claim page now as she suggested in the email and was able to claim 1 week, week ending 3/10, but that’s all it let me claim,,,,,according to her email I “am supposed to claim two weeks, 3/10 and 3/17 on February 22, but, I don’t know why then the sy stem let me claim today for one week??? the more I get into this the more sick I get, I want to trust Dickey but, NAS, did you not say that EB took off that 1 week claim off their system>? and how come it showed that I was to claim one week?> so sorry, pals, I am really down in the dumps, I pray the Lord that I will be able to continue claiming on 3/2 as she says in her email. NAS, hope you can read this post!
March 14, 2012

Dear Ms.
You can file a claim for Extended Benefits today. When you file the claim Extended Benefits in the amount of $2,552 will be added to your claim. On Tuesday, March 22 you will go online and certify for the weeks ending March 10 and March 17, 2012.

On February 22, 2012 the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, Public Law 112-96, was signed into law. The federal law als0 extends the eligibility period for Extended Benefits. Florida will continue to pay Extended Benefits; however, the state will likely trigger off of the Extended Benefits between April and June 2012.

I hope this information is helpful.


Barbara Dickey
Benefits Services Specialist III
Federal Reporting & Support Services

Sorry, I am so crazy that I put the date February 22 to claim in my post above , it’s ac tually 3/22.

NAS, this Ms. Dickey is a pure blessing. She wrote me back already and explained how it will work for me, with details. I wrote her yesterday and this morning I already had a reply. I will try not to bother her again becausse she has been very helpful with all my questions and this last email answered my problem perfectly. Again, she mentioned this will trigger off sometime in June, but my EB claim will be finished before then as I only have 2,552. on the EB starting as of the week of 3/10. Let me know please how you are doing with your claim, and let me tell you, I had an interview for a job 3 days ago and they had 114 resumes from 114 people for just one job. How in the world are we going to find a job this way? and I have seen other jobs that I could apply for but they are much too far and inaccessible from where I live as I don’t have a car no more.
Hope someone can assist JOBLESS46, i wish I had the full knowledge of all this unemployment crazyness to help everybody here, never seen anything like this, Florida is real bad for this type of thing, i know of other far away states like northern Michigan where this problem does not exist.
Hope to hear from you all

Kimberly, after reading your posts I was a bit confused,,,,are you right now on Tier 4? because Tier 5 never existed and as far as we know it will not exist unless Govt decides on taking that road and they have not mentioned anything about it. I believe, and hope i am not wrong, that if you are on Tier 4 already and you finish it, you have to go to the Unemployment website and go to EB Application and apply, that’s what some of us did, in my case just this week, and then, instead of getting one week of EB th ey should allot you more weeks, all depending on how many weeks they decide you should get, in my case I will get 10 weeks and that’s itto. I think I am correct, if someone here thinks differently please post and help Kimberly, I can understand her utmost frustration, just like others that are going nuts with all this mess, …be calm, let’s hope someone here can help you more, and also Jobless46 which has been asking about his/her case and I am sure someone will come in and help him./her also! Good Luck, Kimberly, keep posting let us know how you are doing.

Thank you everyone for the comments and suggestions. At last I think I have a grasp on what is going on with EB benefits and how to proceed!

Hello,. NAS! How is everybody ? NAS, I got paid for one week of EB today in my bank and on the 27th I will continue claiming my two weeks until the balance is finished, they say they might trigger this off between April and June but mine will be finished before that,…and then>>what? no Tier 5 and no more talks, so what’s our future? totally dark and uncertain. I just thank God for at least letting us all have this last assistance, I would have had no monies to pay my rent this April. Nas, keep posting, I will do the same, there are way too many unemployeds still and they cannot abandon us just like that, I wonder if JOBlESS 46 got his answer somewhere else, he has not posted again, and many others are not posting back, we need to stay together, !!!

If I filed for regular unemployment Jan 16 and will get I think 23 weeks. Will I get any tiers? I don’t understand cut off dates. I just want to know if 72 weeks are available if for some reason I would need them.

GN, i imagine y ou would start getting the tiers, as long as they don’t fall in the cut off date, this “cut off” date still is not very well assimilated by me, but I do assume that you will continue your claiming as usual, and when you get to the end of the Tier 4, you will apply for the EB extension that the Senate approved and then you will see how many weeks you will get,
they said they were thinking on cutting off between April and June, but I do not think it will be so early either in April or May, the way things are. Maybe someone else here has more or better knowledge about your question and
correct me! I haven’t seen anybody else here since I last posted which was several days back. Keep coming and checking, !

This is for Kim Roads as far I understand there isn’t anything after Tier 4 and I am about enter Tier 2 in May and OUR wonderful idiot! Governor Scott says we are doing just fine, Sate Unemployment has told me I may not even get Tier 2 which is a lie! Obama signed into law Feb 22nd 2012 too extend benifits till Dec 2012, hopefully you and I will not need them but leave Scott alone! who knows what he’ll do too the state! And I am in central Florida too Kim so I know what you mean Brevard county largest county in state.

Don, so far, when you finish with your Tier 4, you apply right away on their website for the EB Application, this normally gave you one more week of benefits, but now they extended it a bit and you should get a few weeks out of that EB, alwways depending that t hey do not cut off, like the state said they would, between April and June, I was told it would be more towards June, anyways, as you see, I just recently finished Tier 4, applied for EB and am getting about 10 weeks of benefits more, but that’s it, no more extensions after that. If they do not decide on more help, we are finitto and left out in the dumps. Hope this helps. I do not know why in the world they told you that you would not get Tier 2. Incredible.

02 April 12
8:55 pm CST
nothining to report. just hoping things work out for all you unemployed.That you get the monies that you need as time rolls along.
Best wishes!

Hi Walt. Good to see your post. Please say hi to Sherri. Hope she’s doing OK. And a happy Easter to everyone.

Well I got no help here, but I’ll share some important info that I just learned. In an effort to get off welfare, I accepted a job in the next county (about 30 miles away). I only have a scooter that does 50 MPH, so wasn’t sure if the daily commute was feasible. Figured if all went well, after getting a full 80 hour bi-weekly paycheck or 2, I’d just move to a place local to the job, if not get a better vehicle. I really liked the job, and the employer really liked me, but the commute was too much for the scooter. Public transportation wasn’t feasible due to the time and expense. I’d have to walk from home to the nearest bus stop (or take a taxi), then take 2 Broward County buses, then get on the Tri-Rail, take a Palm Beach County Bus (or not take the Tri-Rail and take 2 Palm Beach County Buses), and then walk to the job (or take a taxi) … and that’s all each way. So after 3 days of paid training, I asked to resign until if and when I could perhaps move closer to the job, presuming the’d take me back then. Who knows? Maybe the job is no longer available come that time, so it’s just an open situation. I can always call them when ready and asked to be re-hired, and presume they’ll assess the company’s status at that time. Worst case scenario, is I figured I just recommence unemployment after trying to succeed, as I still have about 6 weeks of monies left over from my initial unemployment claim which doesn’t expire until November. Really was confused on how to file, since I went back to work full-time on Monday, then resigned on Thursday, so I called the UC office. What I was told, is that even if you go back to work for 1 minute (there is no time limit), and get paid one penny, I have to go through the 4-6 week review process all over again as to why I was separated from this job. Makes no sense to me, and that they will contact this employer to see what they say as to why I am no longer employed there. When telling the UC office the story, and that I resigned due to the commuting issue, I asked if that’s going to be a problem. Was told they can’t say, there’s nothing cut and dry, and that it comes down to the person assigned to review the claim (and then a referee on an appeal if need be) as to whether it was “reasonable” for me to resign. Made every effort to get more info, like specifically asking how many miles from my home do they consider to be “reasonable”, but there is no guideline they’d provide. Asked, since there is nothing generally speaking much less specific, can they ballpark it for me, and no they can’t/won’t. So by trying to go back to work, I have only hurt myself, and thus in the future need to be certain the commute and everything else will not be an issue BEFORE earning 1 cent. Of course, this policy is not disclosed anywhere, which is woeful. Now I may not see a check (other than for the 3 days of training) until June, at which time I may be denied benefits, even though I never exhausted my initial unemployment claim monies. If I do get reinstated let’s say 6 weeks from now, I would then get a check for 5 weeks. If I am denied restarting the benefits that I was already approved intially, and am still unemployed, I go from Jobless46 to Homeless46.

Lord everyone, what is a tier?????? now I am very confused, I started unemployment in Feb and have put in applications for everything and anything at the rate of 140 a week so far……… many that when I see a job, it has said I have already applied
Question, what is a tier?????????????

10 Apr 12
0902 am cst

A Tier is “level” at which you are at in the different portions of unemployment benefits. 1.You start out drawing regular unemployment for so many weeks. 2.Then you start EUC which is Extended unemployment compensation which has 4 tiers. Each tier has so many weeks you can draw and a cut off date.
3.after EUC there is a program called “extended benefits. It has a certain number of weeks you can draw on and criteria such as cutoff dates etc. I don’t know the exact info for each program and its tiers so you better check with your unemployment office for explanation. But I am giving you some general info that I hope helps. best wishes!

Maybe you can explain the Tier thing to Trudy? I don’t remember how many tiers are in each of the programs: Regular, EUC and Extended Benefits. I know there are cutoff dates on the elegibility for the Unemployment Programs but I dont know what those dates are– Or the number of weeks you can draw from the programs. Maybe you can explain it more ? thanks. And glad to see you on here again…

April 14, 2012 8:35 am

Hi Walt, No there is not much activity anymore. Hope all is well with you.

Smiles to all 🙂

No need for anyone to come here for help, as none ever gets provided. Or, if someone does respond, it’s just to say they’re just as clueless. Instead of being a money smarts blog, ought to be called money ignorance blog. Really not an appropriate place for frends to chat if you ask me, as there’s a milllion other more suitable places for that.

Wow. no one has been here for quite a while. I have passed by several times but haven’t seen anyone posting lately. Hope all ok, I will finish my last tier extension mid May and that’s itto, after that, we are in the hands of destiny. I have seen ;more office./secretarial ads popping up in Career Builders and Monster lately here in Miami, but haven’t been able to catch any so far, Good Luck to all, we are going to need it bad. Will visit again sometime. 05/03/12

Just found out that they are finally cutting off on May 12…Geez, they could not wait at least until June or July? Idiot Scott says unemployment now is at 9% in Florida which then there is no need for the EB extensions. Well. I must say we are going down the drain, I only have one more half check coming and that’s itto, hope someone drops by and say how they are doing on their part, this place is empty lately.

I guess that is because most people have fallen off the unemployment benefits or do not have the internet anymore. I hope all is well with everyone even though the economy hasn’t gotten back to where it was. I feel sorry for those that have not found a job and have been discriminated against for being out of work for an extended period of time. Lucky for me i found employment. I hope all goes well for the rest of you on here.

Though I found a full-time job, it’s not a good job, but it’s a job. Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. Didn’t want to wait ’til I used up 79, 99 or whatever number of weeks you get, which is why I came here, but never got an answer anyway. So while I was still on initial UC, less than say 25 weeks, I found something even as crappy as it is. Think with some folks, if they get 25 weeks, they want 40. If they get 40, they want 60, and so on. I’d say be grateful if you got 4 weeks of UC, and if you’ve used up 99 weeks, quit moaning. To claim a week of UC, you only have to apply to 5 jobs, which I can do in 10 minutes online. Seems to me you’d have to do that 5x/day, not per wk, or go to at least 5 interviews/wk. So to me that’s ridiculously lenient. Seems to me if you want to work, get off your duff, and 8 hours every day are knocking on doors, you’d find something to do for more than the $275/wk max UC you get. No one is going to come knocking on your door. So, if you’ve used every tier and all that, what do you want, 5 years, 10 years of UC, what? I’m grateful for every week I got, as it’s no life, but it helped me to survive and pay my rent. I applied to every job I could every day. I volunteer too, to network myself, get out there, stay busy, meet people. Really no excuse for anyone to not find something in 25 weeks, much less 79 or 99. And if one was really working hard at least 8 hrs every day looking for work, not just 5 apps/wk, and still found nothing, still don’t think you have any right to moan about not getting any more handouts. If you have to scrub toilets for minimum wage, there’s no shame in that, verse endlessly collecting welfare.

Good luck to all, I am signing off and out, unemployment help has ended, so I gotta move on to another state where I have several good friends. I am leaving very soon and from the bottom of my heart wish all the cool people that come to this forum, that they find a job soon and do not despair, things will turn around for the better, we shared very difficult and hard moments here, all of us, and hope that this has not been in vain, good luck, my friends, if I can I will come visit the forum from where i am going to be,
in the meantime, keep your spirits elevated and if unemployment ends for you like it did for me this past week, do everything in your power to apply for help everywhere, churches, food facilities, etc etc, we have to survive somehow but I know we all, in the end, will make it.

Love to all and again, the BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL, my friends!

16 May 2012 at 0725 AM CST
Annushka M– best wishes to you on moving and finding a job…

Annushka M………..good luck in the adventure of new jobs, if I could efford to leave Florida to get a job I certainly would be right behind you……….Jobless46, I myself have put in over 360 job apps, even the new wawa’s have had over, OVER mind you, 14 thousand applications for 5 stores hirering for 6 stores. I would scrub toliets any day for a job and I my friend am 55!!!!!!! I dont think people like unemployment, I never have been unemployed since I was 23!!!!!!! so plz dont put us all in that boat of yours, that just isnt fair!
The rest of you out there, good luck!!!!!!!!

Annushka … have you ever applied for a cleaning or minimum wage job, since you say you would? As they’re always hiring, so my guess is that out of your 360 job apps you haven’t. In any case, my main point is that everyone should be greatful for every week of UC they get, and to quit moaning about not getting more. Such as, when you wrote, “Geez, they could not wait at least until June or July?” If you have got well over 52 weeks already, that is one full year, and you seem like many others who no matter what you get will never graciously accept what you’re given. Not to mention, folks can still get plenty of food stamps, food pantries, homeless shelters, Medicaid, SSI Disability, WIC programs, etc. so there’s still an abundance of welfare you can live on if need be, right?

I am truly grateful for mine………….. and I have appyed for many housekeeping jobs in orlando!!!!! No one is hireing, in fact check it out another 127 jobs out the door with Merita bread and hostess!!!!!
I am not going to go to welfare, as long as there is breathe in my body, its a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way!

I’ll have to agree with Trudy. No one on here should pass judgement on anyone as we truly do not know their situation. Best to keep a good attitude, keep looking & be creative. There are lots of ways to make money…just keep going & keep you head up 🙂

Good luck, Annushka. Hope all goes well for you. I’ve been hearing on TV that you have to move to the jobs, and that they are mainly in the Northeast, like Washington, DC, Boston. Good luck.

continuation to my question… is further unemployment help available after tier 4 is complete? If so, what steps should be taken?

no Lorrie, I do believe that stops if your in Florida……. if not in Florida, then check with your state unemployment. Good luck, I live in florida and am haveing a hell of a time finding a job. But gracefulist carries us all a long way, so keep your chin up and llets all pray that the ones here, like others, find suitable work!

I find it kind of sad when I sit and read these past posts, how this became a unemployment area, is anyones guess, but if it helped any of us to at least feel a tad bit better, knowing each one is or was in the same boat..I am grateful for it. Jobless, it seems ur a bitter person, for one who went from jobless to almost homeless to the working stiff, you should understand the needs and desparations of people like you.
Mark, good luck to ya, and Lorri, you stop by here once in a while and read up whats going on with the others.
Myself, am hittin the streets again tomorrow, hopefully I will get a job soon, 6 months is just too damm long for me to struggle.

02 aug 12
10:49 am cst
Anyone having any luck finding work? I am hoping that an opening comes up here soon! At least I know the boss man ( he is my wife’s cousin!). He will call me if someone quits.
Things are real tight now. So… Who’s a good choice for our next PODUS (in your opinion?)…
best wishes to you all!

Hey Mark! nope no jobs here for me yet, have been to a few and I do mean a few interviews in the past 7 months……….but then get the infamous letter in email, thankyou but at this time we have concidered another……
Keep ur hopes up there tho, something is sure to break someday!
Rom is ahead, but whats it matter who wins at this point, we are sunk either way

my eff date was on 03/04/12 and i did not get any money until 04/12/12…they gave me until 03/03/13 benefit year ends…and on 09/04/12 they told me i had money had finished but they where goin to give me my remaining blance from 2010 and i went from $186 a week to $84 a week with out any letter from them or call or notice….why didnt they add that balence to my balance a had before? and why didnt i get any letter?and if i still had a blance why not leave it at 186 a week? they rep told me i qualify for an extention but was never given it.I need help and am about to call me an Attorney at law something is wrong . (FL) can anybody help me mean while? ty n I pray for better days for all.

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