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I was recently over at Mike’s house for dinner and, after I’d discovered and drank the beer he tried to hide from me, we got talking about the blog. One idea I’d had was a VERY infrequent 4P podcast (once or twice a year). For those of you living in 2007, podcasts are basically just audio files that you play on your computer or you can download to your iPod. You’d play it whenever you want (it wouldn’t be a “live” show) and it’d be like a radio show starring those wacky Four Pillars characters.

In terms of a general show format, Mike and I would convert our advertising revenue into beer, setup a microphone, then talk about finances while we drank. The show would end when we are intoxicated enough that I’m ranting about gender-specific, single-user washrooms (they make NO sense!) and Mike is talking about how much he loves cheese. Maybe we’d throw in a prank phone call to another Canadian PF blog while we’re sober enough to dial.

Mike wasn’t wildly enthusiastic about the idea and was worried that beyond the novelty of what we sound like there wouldn’t be much interest. If this *IS* something you’d be interested in, please leave a comment below to try to convince Mike. Say something about what you’d want to hear in the show (if you just want to hear what we sound like, make something up). Format or topic ideas would both be good or even just a “sounds good, you should do it” comment. Hopefully if there’s enough interest Mike may change his mind (or I’ll just wear a hidden microphone next time we hang out).

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I want to hear about your investment loses after a few beers. That would be funny for a few laughs.

Mr Cheap talking about what is being to cheap after every beer is consumed.

Mike can talk about what is his least favourite baby expense. Maybe rant about the companies.

My goal is for humour with these topics. Really I’m not that messed up. Really …..

I’m starting to believe it now.

First impression would be I’m with Mike on this–sorry Mr. Cheap.

On the other hand, as MunEconomist tantalizingly suggests, you two might have the makings of a blogosphere version of Doug & Bob Mackenzie doing beer and investing.

Which comes back to my first impression–maybe Mike knows his & your limitations? haha!

Very awesome post.

I vote that Mike invite us all over for beer to hear you guys “podcast” live. 🙂

Seriously, I’d say give it a try and see how it goes. My favourite blog (sorry 🙁 ) is and they do a podcast once a week. When I’m really busy, it’s often the only post I’ll check out (listen to).

I seriously think the idea is worth a try.

If ever it doesn’t work out for some reason or another, we still have your posts.

I second Telly’s ( go habs go) proposition about an invitation. I’d even bring numerous beers for Mr. Cheap.


PS: Mr Cheap, can you tell Mike to get back to me with an offer for Graham’s book. Thanks.

Another big Habs fan here. Look out Sens, we’re coming for ya!

On topic, I think you guys should at least do a pilot, and see how it goes. Fun way to spice up the blog a little bit.

Mr. Cheap – Does your frugality extend to your beer selection? I have a buddy who drinks Ironhorse just to save 75 cents on a six pack. Nasty. That 75 cents earning compound interest for 30 years still won’t make me drop my standards that low…

Well I’ll listen, I always need podcasts for flights and trains and general listening-while-cleaning-up-the-house. Worth a try anyway. One of my favourite sites has a podcast where the users can phone up and ask questions or make comments, so there’s an idea for you. It’s fun to hear their voices in real life. Or you could just abuse all the habs fans who apparently read the blog, that works too.

[If I’ve missed a previous discussion on this topic then ‘my bad’]
[Actually, this is completely veering on a tangent from the topic at hand, but I couldn’t resist]

R.e. gender-specific, single-user washrooms:

They don’t make sense?
I’m male, so I think I’m free of bias here.
Mens’ and womens’ washrooms, um, have… a different olfactory experience.
If men make washrooms stink and women don’t, I don’t feel so hard-done-by to let women keep their own.


DM, bless your innocence …. I refuse to believe that men could be as filthy or antisocial as some of the women I have had the bad fortune to share a public washroom with. I could go on endlessly on this topic but will spare you.

The gender-specific washrooms are for the fellas’ own good. Observe the queues outside ours. You men would never get into a washroom in some locations unless one of them was dedicated to you. Also, when impatient women (like, you know, me) take it upon themselves to use the mens’ rooms you lads get awful upset I have noticed.

Yeah I would like to know if Mr Cheap buys cheap beer or whether he just goes over to Mike’s house and steals (oops I mean) FINDS Mike’s beer?

In all seriousness I’d listen to a pilot, could be interesting. Sometimes, although I like your posts, I don’t have time to read them, but maybe I could listen to a podcast while working!

You should also make a one million dollar portfolio at the end of it. When you are almost out of it but can still slur out stock names.

The key is you have to only have a piece of paper and pencil. To make up or picks and the other member gets to trash your selections the whole time. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that?

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