Saturday linkstuff

This week the weight was 181.0 – up two pounds from last week.  The diet wasn’t so great this week, especially Valentine’s day. Went running three times which is quite good.

Woolly Woman is encouraging other bloggers to donate to the SOS Children’s Village charity so Cheap & I took back all our empties and managed a $20 donation on behalf of the blog. I don’t really have any particular charity that I give to on a regular basis so when someone comes along and suggests a charity then I’m usually pretty happy to donate (unless you are at my front door).

Wisdom Journal had a great post about a frugal Valentine which really could describe any day of the week. Dog lovers are required to check it out.

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by My Dollar Plan and she was kind enough to give our post Why ETFs Are Better Than Mutual Funds a special mention.

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I know where those 2 pounds came from. I lost them and gave them to you. I’ve decided to use you as a comparative. I’ve been doing the same on Saturdays for a year now (with little effect I must admit). And am now at 190 and catching up with you haha!


Ron and his dog – no problem.

Nicolas – thanks for the 2 pounds…perhaps I will mail them back to you with the book. I still haven’t gotten to the P.O. – but soon!


you and Mr. Cheap donated $20? Now that completely undoes my whole perception of you. Next thing you guys are gonna start buying your women diamond necklaces on Valentine’s!
(seriously – thanks for jumping in there with the $)

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