New iPhone LinkStuff Edition

I got an iPhone this week – finally joining the mobile wireless internet crowd.  I have to say that it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be and the surfing is pretty good.  Full review coming up soon!

On with the links

Michael James had a great post on fine print in advertising – particularly car ads.   Some of the crap they say is so stupid it’s no wonder they all went bankrupt.
Mike Piper wrote a great piece on Insufficient Sample Size and how it could affect your investment decisions.
Book Review: Rob Carrick’s Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today | Canadian Capitalist
Mega List of 2009 Tax Deductions and Credits
Review: Unconventional Success by David Swenson
What are Money Market Mutual Funds?
10 Ways to Cut Your Fitness Membership Costs | Squawkfox
Introducing Bundle – The Number One Source for How People Spend and Save Money : Generation X Finance
Lost and Found: Is the 2000’s the lost decade of investing?
How To Get Your Credit Card Interest Rate Reduced – Amateur Asset Allocator
The Financial Blogger » Blog Archive » A look into options strategies: Covered call
Tax Attorney Or CPA?
Roth IRA Contribution Limits For 2010
Real Rate Of Investment Return


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Thanks for including my posts.

I have yet to join the mobile internet crowd. I fear I’d become borderline OCD with checking, well, everything–email, twitter, blog states, etc. Also, I like my tiny little phone. 🙂

Jailbreak that thing! it’s free and takes all of 2 minutes. There are quick tutorials on youtube, search for “iphone blackra1n tutorial”

There are so many AMAZING addons that apple will never allow on the phone. One of the best is being able to run multiple apps at once and swipe between them like the Palm Pre! And run VOIP apps on your 3G connection (ie. free Skype calls)

I’m an iPhone junky so I have so many apps I have an addon that lets me put them into categories instead of swiping between a dozen pages of apps, plus I have a hack so I can display 5 columns of icons for greater density. My lock screen also shows me my todo list, latest emails, weather, calendar, push notifications, sms msgs, voice mails all without having to unlock the phone.

Good luck, have fun!

Also a tip if you want accessories never buy them in local retail stores, they are an absolute rip off. Shop amazon, ebay and (direct from china). Case in point I bought extra wall plug chargers & usb cable… on dealextreme I think it cost $3 + 2… at futureshop I’ve seen it advertised “ON SALE” for $25 + 15 + tax. A clear stick on screen protectors is absolutely necessary and cost $1-2 online, or $15-30 at local stores, it’s an insanely stupid rip off.

If you get hooked like me you’ll find yourself with a computer dock + speakers, bedroom alarm clock/stereo dock, car stereo hookup (and car charger since we’re a 2 iPhone + iPod touch family), extra wall chargers, carrying cases, soft silicone ear buds, etc.

Let me know if you want some good iphone app/game recommendations.

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