$25 SmartyPig Gift Card Giveaway For Two Lucky Winners

I recently posted a comprehensive review of the online savings (piggy) bank called SmartyPig.  Please check out my SmartyPig review for more information.  The good folks at SmartyPig were kind enough to donate 2 $25 gift cards which are redeemable at SmartyPig.

Let’s have a contest!

Please note the contest is closed!

Rules for the gift card giveaway are as follows:

  1. Must be an American resident (only American residents can set up accounts at SmartyPig – sorry Canucks).
  2. You have to either already have an account at SmartyPig or be able to sign up for one if you win (sign up anyway).
  3. Leave a comment explaining how you use SmartyPig or if you aren’t a client yet then indicate how you will use it.  For example someone might use the account to save for a vacation.
  4. Contest ends Thursday, January 28 at 9 pm EST.  Winners will be contacted and will be asked for a US address as well as permission to provide that address to my SmartyPig representative so he can get the gift card to you.

Have fun!!  If you are interested in setting up an account at SmartyPig then please click on one of the links/banners in this post (so I can some cash from the deal) or click on the big pink button below!  You know you want to….

19 replies on “$25 SmartyPig Gift Card Giveaway For Two Lucky Winners”

I’m not a client (yet. still thinking about it). But if I set up an account, I’d probably use it to save up for a Tablet PC. It wouldn’t be right away, though. I need to look into all of my options to figure out which Tablet I’d get, so I can decide my goal amount. Which could be several months in the future, or even later than that. But that’s what I’d use it for.

I am a US citizen, and should be eligible for this, unless they exclude Ohioans.

Thank you for the giveaway!
anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

Not a client yet, but I would save for a family vacation to Hawaii! I’ve been without my kiddos, but I know they would adore it!

I created a SP account, but have yet to use it… maybe winning will motivate me to create some type of a charity account that I can ask others to donate to. Perhaps to Haiti, but more likely to go toward some local need.


I’d definitely consider starting up an account with Smartypig and it would be a vacation fund for my next trip. Every little bit helps, you know!

I use smartypig for my property taxes, homeowners insurance (I am my own escrow company!). I also have savings setup for some new bikes, and a new couch

I love SmartyPig. I’ve used them for the last 2 years to save for a variety of goals. They help me avoid using credit cards and I get a boost if I cash out to a gift card. Thanks for running the contest. Good luck to everyone!

I have multiple savings accounts at SP, one for family vacation expenses, one for tuition fees, and one for emergency fund. What is nice about smartypig saving for vacation is that you could redeem your savings for a Travelocity giftcard and get a maximum of 10% cashback.

I’m not a client yet – today is the first I’ve heard of SmartyPig as a result of your contest! It does sound like something that might interest me – I have a daughter in college and every semester – I have to shell out approx. $700 or so for books – so I could see this as a useful means of stashing back that book money

I currently have a SmartyPig account I am using to save up the amount I need for an initial deposit in an online brokerage. It would help if I got a $25 dollar boost.

I’m using Smartypig to save money towards credit card debt I fell into after temporarily being out of work. I have a year and a half to go to save what I need to pay it all off but just taking the action to start the goal has me feeling good!

I haven’t started using SmartyPig yet because I’m having a hard time keeping up with the accounts I already have! However, I have been thinking of doing it for our December expenses.

Thanks for offering the contest. If I sign up, I will definitely do it through your link.

I’d save it for a nice flat screen tv. I’d like one of those. Actually, my wife said we could get one, but we’re waiting awhile because we may move in the relative near future.

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