Linkstuff – Sick Week Edition

My whole family was sick this week, which is why I didn’t do my normal Wednesday post.  Next week, however will be jam-packed with great posts!

On with the links

Canadian Couch Potato wrote a good piece about risk in RESPs.  He includes a few quotes from your’s truly.

Bob Aaron wrote about a house that was built on the wrong lot.  Quite amusing.

Larry MacDonald reported on Martha Stewart’s investing adventures.  Some pretty funny quotes about Martha.  Here is one:

In another email, he [broker’s assistant] complained that she had hung up on him, adding that at one point she made the “most ridiculous sound I’ve heard coming from an adult in quite some time, kind of like a lion roaring underwater.”

Jim Yih wrote about RRSP and RRIF tax traps.

Ending the Rat Race reviewed Smoke and Mirrors by David Trahair.  He’s hosting a giveaway of the latest version so go on over and enter.  I really enjoyed this book – it was the second personal finance book I ever read.  Can you guess the first?

Studenomics evaluates the best online bank for 20-somethings.

Million Dollar Journey evaluates if a TFSA or RRSP is better if you have a definied benefit pension.

Canadian Capitalist ponders the 2010 Globe & Mail discount brokerage rankings. Don’t forget about my comprehensive discount broker comparison.

Boomer & Echo bought a new car. I agree, I think used cars suck.

MapleMoney explains what is a stock.

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Hey Mike,

Thanks a lot for the mention; greatly appreciated.

I was going to say the Wealthy Barber but echo beat me to it.

JP (The Rat)

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