LinkStuff – New Business Idea Edition

I’ve been working on a new business idea which has kept me very busy lately.  New businesses are always an exciting thing because it’s fun to fantasize about vast riches from the future success of your new baby.

The fact that most new businesses usually end up with fairly pedestrian compensation, doesn’t reduce the excitement of the latest one.

On with the links

Rob Carrick put together and excellent (and short) slideshow of taboo topics in financial literacy month. This “event” has been mostly driven by the financial industry. Hello fox? Meet henhouse…

A book excerpt by Doug Stewart contains some very good time management tips. I think I will be checking this book out.

The Finance Buff did a pretty good article on a financial advisor who lost his home.  He points out that the advisor might have been smarter than we think.

Boomer & Echo creates an investment policy.

Canadian Capitalist analyses if it is worthwhile to switch to Vanguard Canada’s new ETFs.

Michael James says that currency exchange costs are too high. Agreed.

The Oblivious Investor gives some advice on how to become a fee-only financial advisor.

Million Dollar Journey has 5 reasons why it’s better to rent than to buy.

The blogger behind did an investing profile in the Globe & Mail with Larry MacDonald.  He mentioned my blog as an influence which made me feel good.

Financial Uproar offers up yet another, always entertaining link dump.

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What is this new business idea? (You don’t have to tell me, I’m just curious lol) Sounds like it is a good one!

I love it when the entrepreneurship side of people comes alive- it’s so exciting.

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