New Jersey Unemployment Benefit Extension Information

The state of New Jersey has been hit quite hard by the current economic downtown and state unemployment levels have been rising.  The unemployment rate in NJ is now 9.7% (up from 9.3% prior to August) which is coincidentally the same as the national average.  New Jersey has lost 155,700 jobs since December 2007, when the jobless rate was 4.5 percent.

As a result of these  high unemployment rates New Jersey state has qualified for unemployment benefit extensions which were introduced as part of the 2009 stimulus package.

Unemployment benefits currently available in New Jersey

At the moment there are a total of 79 weeks of unemployment available:

  • Initial unemployment benefits (UB – 26 weeks) – These are the regular unemployment benefits which are available regardless of the economy.
  • Emergency unemployment benefits Tier I (EUC Tier I – 20 weeks)
  • Emergency unemployment benefits Tier II (EUC Tier II – 13 weeks)
  • Emergency benefits will be paid by the same method as the regular benefits (direct deposit or check).
  • Extended benefits (EB – 20 weeks)
  • 13 weeks from bill H3548 – Note that this has not passed yet.

The past year has not been very good for a lot of American workers.  Because of the 2008 financial crisis and recession – millions of Americans have lost their jobs.  The current national unemployment rate is 9.7% as of Sept 4.  While many workers will find new jobs within the time period of existing employment benefits – many more will run out of benefits before finding a new job.

On September 22, the House passed legislation called Bill H3548 which will allow any states with a total unemployment rate (TUR) of 8.5% or higher to be eligible for federal funding which will allow 13 more weeks of extended unemployment benefits for those people who have exhausted all the current benefits.  If this bill is passed then New Jersey would qualify for another 13 weeks of extended benefits.

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Please, I keep sending a comment and it doenst seem to go through, My initial unemployment ends next month (26 weeks) will I continue to recieve unemployment benefits? someone please advise!
Thank you

Susan….the best thing to do is actually go to your nearest unemployment office. You will get the answers you need alot faster.
Good Luck…

I live in Brooklyn and worked in Jersey – so I would have to go to jersey. I was told not to worry that i would automatically get the tier’s – just need some confirmation – thanks anyway Matt

I spoke to someone at the unemployment office in my New Jersey area and asked about a new Tier V EXTENSION for all long term unemployed in the state. My Tier IV benefits ran out so I was concerned. My person said that over the next several weeks there was a possibilty of a new Tier V EXTENSION for the long term unemployed. Has anyone heard any information on this as a possibility ?

My gut tells me they’ll eventually pass the Tier V, but not after making us all sweat for a month or two. I think it’ll happen mid June.

I went from working as a manager to working as a waitress when my unemployment ran out. I recommend you try to find a job however you can, my work is rough right now but its less stressful to have an employer than depend on a government system that is overworked and unreliable. I also did volunteer work in the interim that was relevant to my field, which helped my resume too.

I haven’t heard anything yet in nj for tier V. I found a part-time job …but only about 15 hours a week. All we can do is try for some kind of income. I am literally at minimum wage but at least it’s something coming in. Good luck to everyone…

Now you know why I have never voted, or will ever vote for any politician…because The United States government don’t give a dam about us.

Ok, I recieved a letter about a week an half ago dated nov, 9, 2009. It said that thier records indicated that i exhausted all state an federally funded bensfits which is true but i just did that on May 5, 2010. It also said i will be recieving a monetary determination letter that will explain my potential additional EUC benefits, followd by a separate certification notice on how to claim continued EUC benefits……ok i was wondering did anyone else recieve this? an why is that date from last year? Im hoping that this isnt something that got stuck in the mail an just getting to me…because that would suck ugh!

I never get invloved in political comments, but I will say, things don’t seem to be getting any better. I still can’t find a job and my husband is no longer allowed to have any overtime. A married couple I know, who work in different fields, both lost their jobs in the last month. My son applied to work in a movie theater, and was told they received hundreds of applications in one week. It’s sad that people who are willing to sweep up popcorn, can’t even get a job. Honestly, despite what the media says, I think we are looking ahead at some worse times than what we are experiencing now.

Ireceived that same letter a week ago too also dated Nov 9, 2009 which should have been followed by the same notices you mentioned. Got nothing yet. Im confused about the date too. Im going down to unemployment tomorrow to show them this notice. I did call in for a claim but I was told I am out of benefits right now.


i tried to claim online just to see if the papaerwork was a delay an they said my balance was zero. So, im still waiting to here something because this is carzy…like why send out that letter with nothing to follow you know. let me know who it goes for you, ill do the same.

plus i heard on the new that unemployment was extended for the rest of the year, weither or not it was for newbies or 99ers

Keep an eye on Bill 4213. It’s being debated today in Congress.
Good Luck to All of Us.

my original claim of 26 weeks will be up in a month,does that mean that with the current law my unemployment will be up or will i qualify for the tiers etc?thank you for ur input and god help us all!!!!!

I received a letter several weeks ago that I was approved for Tier II with a dollar amount that should have carried me through until Sept ( I am a HS teacher & have been out of work for 13 mos now). Last week when claiming my weekly benefits the system said my benefits are exhausted. I called and finally got someone on the phone who said it doesn’t matter what is on the statements or stubs; I am out of benefit because a year has passed?!? I have been given another number but cannot get through so I am hoping to speak to someone in person at the offices today. WTF????

Quick question….My 26-month Unemployment payments ran out and have not received anything in the mail regarding an extension. Its been a week. Do I qualify or do I have to go down to the office and speak with someone? I’m hoping to land a full-time gig very shortly, but just want to cover my bases as well.

Your claim should automatically go to Tier I. Just apply like you always do every two weeks. Just remember that if the government does not offer any extensions past November 30th, then when you exhaust your 20 weeks of Tier I, thats it. Good luck with the job search.

I lost my job a year ago yesterday, finished my original unemployment, my 1st tier, and just started my 2nd tier about 2 weeks ago. I went on line to claim and was told I could do it online, had to call it in. So I did, after going through the whole procedure, at the end it said something to fact that I no longer will be recieving BUT I will be credited for the weeks claimed, in the meantime, I keep getting in the mail my claim statements of when to call, and my next call date is next week on the 11th – No one has mailed me anything saying I was no longer eligible, and why wouldnt I be afer only starting my 2nd tier? Im terrified. Someone please help me!

Hi Susan –

Don’t panic. The same thing happened to me quite awhile ago. The best thing to do is to send a letter (certified, if possible) and ask them what is going on. Within a few days I actually had a real person call me and it was all straightened out that minute on the phone. I forget exactly what it was, but something very silly that the system blocked. I remember trying over and over to get someone on the phone by calling them, but was never successful. The letter to them worked got their attention right away and they actually called me. The other thing you could do, if convenient, is go in person to your local office. Hope this helps. Keep us posted!

< Jim

The best time to call is 6:57 am. You will be placed on hold and then there will be dead silence for a minute and you will think you were disconnected, but do not hang up. Everytime I’ve called at that time, I get right through and my issues were resolved. Good luck.

Thank you Jim so much – so I shouldnt wait for a letter, i should go to the unemployent agency that i had the “one stop career orientation” which was in Elizabeth NJ? – I live in Brooklyn and worked in NJ – Anything I should bring with me? Could it because its now a year of unemployment for me?
Thank you so very much, you made stop crying

Thank you Mary – this is just so frustrating and scary – I cant imagine why I wouldnt be eligble for the 2nd tier, Ive already called twice for November and actually recieved the funds in my account, but then as I went to claim online, i got a message stating I couldnt claim on line and had to do it via phone, so i did this morning and at the end a recording said something like ‘ i no longer will be recieving but i will get credit for the money i claimed – so weird and confusing

Since your at the one year point, you have to re-certify. It is very simple. They just review if you have had any earnings outside of unemployment and if not, you receive the same amount. If you have had reported income in the past 12 months, then they re-calculate your unemployment. It took about 5 minutes by phone and the money was in my account in two days. Since you are in Tier 2, if there are no extensions beyond Novemeber 30th, you will not receive anything past your last week of Tier 2. From what I have been reading, it is very unlikely that the House and Senate will approve another extension. Of course, those people have jobs and have no idea what it is like trying to get one.

So Mary, what your saying is if the senate doenst approve another extension I will be ok until December when the 2nd tier is finished? Also why did I get that strange recording saying I was no longer eligible when I havent worked in a year, and why are some people getting 3rd and 4th tiers? I’m so at my wits end! Thank you so much for taking the time and explaining all this to me.

Hi Susan:
From what I understand, if there is no extension, then your unemployment ends when you exhaust your Tier or your initial claim(first 26 weeks). If you are not employed by the time your benefits expire, you can go to the Department of Social Services and apply for welfare and food stamps but, NY has criteria you need to meet. As for all the folks that received benefits for up to 99 weeks, it had to do with the date of their initial claim and the previous government extension of benefits. For those of us in the midst of a Tier, without an extension, forget about getting the 99 week maximum. That means a million people a month, will have no income at all, as their benefits expire. Also, any new unemployment applicants will only get 26 weeks, as unemployment was, prior to the financial crisis. Honestly, the whole situation is downright scary.

WOW – God help us all – Ive been an independant woman since divorcing in ’88 and I have to tell you, it didnt pay off for me. I should have been amongst the women who marry and marry with clear heads and have their husbands do all the worrying while they sip cocktails in their backyards. At 56 it litterally sucks!
Thanks again for your input, I truly appreciate it
Hope all works out for everyone on this board – Bless you all!

12/21/10 — Hi All – Has anyone heard anything from NJ regarding the unemployment benefits that were just extended? I tried to claim continued benefits online last week before the extension being signed and the site said my benefits were exhausted. It still says that and there is nothing at all about it on the state’s website. Can someone enlighten me as to what is going on? Thanks!

I worked for a co. For 2 years and recently got laid off because the co was in financial trouble. I got laid off in November of 2009, put claim in and was only able to collect for 13 weeks? Why? I am so confused ? I went down to unemployment and they said that’s it that’s the new law? Can someone explain this to me? Thanks.

Does anyone know if the Tier 1 Extension benefits are the same amount as the original claim, or do they decrease the weekly payment?

Thank you!

All extensions are for the same amount you are currently getting, as the difference is in the number of weeks that you get them, depending on what extension you are on. You will receive a letter saying your benefits are extended and how many weeks the extension is for. You do not need to do anything, it will be done automatically for you.

Can anyone tell me about EB – emergency benefits, how long it last and when thats over am I done? I went through my tiers and now beginning the EB

Hi Susan. In the previous comments I believe you stated that when you first started your second tier you had called in and they told you it wasn’t payable at the time but that you would receive a credit. I was just wondering what happened with that and what you had to do when that happened. I just started tier 2 and they are yelling me the same thing . Thanks so much

I opened my original claim in october of 2010. I am currently on an extension which still has almost $3000 in it. Must I open a new claim in october 2011 before my extension monies are exhausted since it has been one year?

I tried to apply for extended benefits after my continued weekly app online and hit all the right buttons but I was exited out somehow during doing this. ??? I don’t know what happened to cause the exit. Please advise. Thank you.

I’m not sure as to what exended benefits form you were filling out, as my benefits were automatically extended for each Tier. You should receive a notice in the mail, that will indicate that you are getting the extension and the dollar value of that extension. You can go online, one week after your last claim, and you should see the updated information. If it isn’t there, then call Unemployment…….just call 3 minutes before they open and keep dialing, until you get placed on hold. Hope this information helps.

Just coming off my 26 week claims ,will I automatically be put into the next tier for 20 weeks at the same amount I was receiving durring my initial 26 weeks?

Can someone please explain to me whats goin on with my benefits . Tomorrow the 19th it will be one year since I applied for unemployment , I still had 3000 dollards left but I when online today to fill out my weekly claim and it sayed that is expired and i need to reopen the claim one more time , and last week I call the office and someone told me that it was goin to expired but that she will fix it while I was o hold on the phone , she say she did it , I dont understand whats goin on here , can please someone explain to me , I been on unemployment just 1 year and I see people collecting for over 2 years. Why?

You need to be re-certified. Call again, and the person will ask you several questions and check the records to see if you have any reportable income, during the last year. If you have not had any work, the call should only take a few moments. If you have worked, there may be an adjustment made to the amount you are receiving. Once you make the call, you should be able to start collecting again. Good luck.


today is 8/5/12, i was in my 3rd period of my 9 periods of tier 3 EUC, just logged in to NJ unemployment and it says i no longer have benefits, it concides with my 52 weeks since i lost my job

does this make sense?, i thougt Federal EUC is different than state EUB

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