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Support American Cancer Society – The Big Bundle

One of my blogger buddies – Lynnae from highlighted a deal offered in support of the American Cancer Society.  After looking at the bundle I bought one for myself since there are several items in there that I was going to purchase anyway.  The total retail value of the bundle is $800 although it is extremely unlikely that anyone can use all of the items.

You can head over to her page to find out more details and sign up if you want.  Remember that she also has a promo code “BEINGFRUGAL3” which gives you another 30% off so the final package will cost you$20.95 US$.  Patrick from CashMoneyLife has also written about this so you can find his thought on the big bundle.

Some of the items aren’t all the useful to Canadians (ie but check out the list to see what is of interest to you.

These are the items that I’m interested in:

  • Mozy Home Edition – 50% off 1 year.  I’ll be reviewing this service.  It is a computer backup service so that allows you to store your files somewhere other than your house (in case it burns down or computer gets wrecked).  1 year is $60 US$ so this is a $30 saving.  This coupon expires on Oct 28!
  • GoDaddy – 1 free domain –   This won’t be of interest for most readers but if you are a blogger of sorts then this might be worth around $10 or so.
  • Corel Photo Album – I’ve never used this but it is a photo editing program.  I do this sort of thing quite a bit with the blog.  Worth $40.
  • Evernote Premium – I’m planning to try out the free service – not sure if the premium service is worthwhile.  This service allows you to easily scan any documents you have and file them electronically for you.
  • Foxit PDF creator – Ok, this wasn’t exactly on my “need to buy” list but I can probably use this.  $30.

Here is a link to the entire list – feel free to explain to me what some of the other things are and if they might be useful… 🙂  Subscription to Zagat???

Keep in mind that some of the discounts have time limits so check the details to make sure you don’t miss out.  Also some of the discounts like are only eligible on purchases of $100 or more.

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The Mozy coupon is pretty good. I use Mozy and have always been pleased with how easy their backup service is to set up and then just pretty much forget about as it backs my files up consistently in the background when my PC is idle.

The inclusion of roboform pro is huge – the software itself normally costs 29.99 (9.99 for additional liscenses) and it is an invaluable time saver. You can configure it to store your passwords, which is something that many other options exist for (keypass and xmarks come to mind) but is significantly more convienent than other options on windows. The form filling function however is invaluable – being able to fill in your contact information and shopping information in one click is huge for online freebies.

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