New York State Extends Unemployment Benefits By 13 Weeks

Update – Feb 7, 2011 – Legislation to add extra weeks for 99ers

Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Bobby Scott (Va.) are reintroducing legislation this week to provide additional weeks of unemployment insurance benefits for “99ers,”

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On May 12, the Senate finance committee voted and unanimously approved changes to legislation which will extend benefits to unemployed New Yorkers. There are approximately 120,000 unemployed people in New York currently receiving benefits which will run out before the end of May. These changes will extend the benefits by 13 weeks which result in a total of 72 weeks.

New York was given $645 million in federal stimulus package money to spend on unemployment benefits and administration – so far New York along with several other states has been very slow to institute changes to accomodate the federal aid. The main delay in New York was a desire to change the whole unemployment system to increase the maximum weekly benefit (currently $430) which is the lowest in the area.

These changes have not been finalized yet since the legislation now has to go the Senate floor for a full vote. Once it is passed by the legislature it has to be approved by Governor Paterson. It is expected that this will take place by the end of next week so that there will be no disruption in any unemployment insurance benefits.

Here is a quote from Senator Onorato who sponsored the bill:

“I could not be more pleased that this vital legislation, which will provide an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits for New York’s jobless, is now moving swiftly towards becoming law,” said Senator Onorato. “Unemployment benefits for some 56,000 jobless New York residents are slated to begin running out next week, with at least 5,000 more a week after that. Passage of this legislation will provide unemployed New Yorkers with critically needed financial assistance during very difficult economic times. This is a win-win for unemployed workers in need of aid, as well as for local economies that will benefit from the money these New Yorkers will spend on food, rent and other basic needs in their communities.”

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wow,, i havent been on here in a longtime, i cant believe you guys are still her , Sherri ,Issa , 🙁 .. Two Four pillars OG’Z .. I remember sherri would always have good news for all of us and encouraging words((knowledge is power ))))lol thanks sherri.. Good luck guys hope you guys find a job soon or get some more benefits SOON… Ill keep you two in my prayers again guys good luck..,,Keep up the good fight..

@Paul Davies: Wishing you well and praying for you. I wish there was someway we could connect, I’m still looking for cheaper housing as well but maybe I can send you a few dollars. ( I don’t like to reveal too much on the www because of those that are not nice people). Haven’t heard from NEW YORKER so I hope he’s ok.

@tony c in il> Yes I remember you too, and the fight for HR 3548. Its good that you’re ok and we are ALL hanging in there with fight still coming, energized by the Occupy Wallstreet 99% Protesters. Blessings to everyone!!

Who are the 99 percent?/by Ezra Klein, Washington Post

These are not rants against the system. They’re not anarchist manifestos. They’re not calls for a revolution. They’re small stories of people who played by the rules, did what they were told, and now have nothing to show for it. Or, worse, they have tens of thousands in debt to show for it..

BREAKING NEWS: The New York Times reports that Mayor Michael Bloomberg may force protesters from Zuccotti Park — effectively evicting Occupy Wall Street.

We have less than 24 hours to stop it — please sign this emergency petition.

“Mayor Bloomberg: Respect First Amendment rights. Don’t try to evict Occupy Wall Street.” Sign here.

Bloomberg is claiming the eviction is “temporary” for “cleaning” the park — the exact excuse used to permanently end prior protests.

Even if the protesters return, they may have to follow ridiculous new rules like “No sleeping bags” — completely undercutting the permanent occupation that is raising the nation’s awareness of corporate greed.

We need a national groundswell immediately. This petition will be delivered by our friends at MoveOn to Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall tonight.

Over 100,000 people signed this emergency petition in the last couple hours. Please sign here and spread the word.

Hi Pau, how r things? I guess we’ll find out soon enough it’s 8:40pm on Friday! stay well ?

Finally, finally the national energy for fairness is gelling. I don’t think there’s any turning back now. Where would everyone who’s protesting go? what would they do? most don’t have jobs to go to so they might as well haunt their city centers en masse and demand a new national system of fair play.

This could be like the Viet Nam riots that started with college students and grew to include every sector of the nation. I hope so because that’s the only way we’re going to get change. Not by just writing our congressmen, but by taking to the streets. The next step may be to turn ugly enough that the ‘elites’ Sherri refers to can no longer comfortably sip their champagne. Change came in the 70’s because the ruling class got scared. This IS class warfare because they attacked the middle class and we’re finally fighting back!

In normal times we would band together and vote the b__t__ds out. We can’t do that now because they have all the money to keep themselves in by any means. We’re in the same situation as the Egyptians. To the streets!

@Issa: You are soooo right! Americans fell asleep at the wheel and the richest 1% took control of that wheel but WE have woke up and are fighting for control of that wheel once again. Nothing comes easy and we became complacent, I saw a number of older people with signs demanding JOBS and affordable housing and Enough is Enough is Enough! signs in Chicago the other Saturday (too seasoned for me to camp out) but it was truly amazing to see people wake up and get out in the streets getting involved, it took those asses by surprise which is why they came out with the name-calling of Mobs! and Anarchists! to name just a couple that ——- having been calling the 99% who are merely demanding that level playing field we once had as the fading middle-class, lower middle-class, unemployed, underemployed and those not even considered a statistic anymore (99ers). Weather is changing, winter is coming so I hope this continues in every city and state and those human excrements aka our elected officials will do something to fix this recession and get JOBS flowing again by the millions in this country with OUR force behind us it will be done. Greed and Control took over and its up to the people to get the right people in both houses and in the White House as well. America is really in deep soiled #$%#! Last week I received a Summons to appear in Court on my housing situation so I don’t know where I will land in the coming weeks (Hello Paul Davies) I know how you feel but I’m still focused and can only take it one day at a time and hold on to my FAITH. These are the MANY surreal stories they don’t want to hear about with good reason. Stay strong Everyone!!

I read the article below & you can blame both parties but at least the Democrats did add the ARRA in the Stimulus package and the 111th Congress did introduce 3-4 Jobs bills that were blocked or watered down to nothing by the Republicans and Tea Partiers. Recession started under the same Republican party compliments of President Bush in addition to leaving behind $12 Trillion in debt and 2 wars. No longer should we tolerate a 2-party system because we have 2 choices – Either Or! and it shouldn’t be that way as we see now.

Sherri, I’m so sorry to hear your news from Post#2319. I don’t even know what to say to you cause I need someone or something to give me any kind of hope. It’s a blessing that I’ve been able to last as long as I have where I am. My guess is that the equity originally put down on the apartment is being used and once it’s depleted, which will be sooner than later, I have no clue as to what I’ll do or where I’ll go. This forum has served a useful purpose since it was first created. We started here so innocently, and hopeful that people who make and votes on bills would hear us and recognize that it wasn’t our fault, as Herman Cain says. Can’t believe that guy. He said people have only themselves to blame for not having a job – despite there being so few jobs to get, and with all the obstacles that those who’ve been out of work for as long as we have must face – like age discrimination, credit checks, length of unemployment, and all the other intangibles which are considered when employers decide NOT to hire the longest term unemployed. I’m tired, weak, sick, depressed, afraid and feel like it’s close to the end for me. The only bright star is what’s going on down at Wall Street and around the world. It may not help us now or even soon, but perhaps future generations will have a better chance in life. In the meantime, I’m thankful to all who’ve shared their posts, opinions and experiences here on this forum. If we don’t support each other here, then who the hell is going to understand what we have been and are going through? It helps to vent, and I guess that’s what some of us do here on this forum…Here is the best Special Komment from Keith I’ve ever heard. He called for people to stand up and peacefully take to the streets, literally MONTHS prior to what is actually happening right now.

“Our Broken System” Special Comment Replay – Countdown with Keith Olbermann

@Paul Davies: My sentiments exactly! You have been a survalist for SO long and still here in spirit that goes up & down like what I have called a emotional roller coaster and we are ALL riding it and have for 2+ years. I have been somewhat fortunate to be in job-training program subsidized by the govt and the Labor dept cut the hours??? can you believe that #$@$! A program to help the older workers who can’t find employment and they cut it, so that screwed up what little housing I had and I have been looking for cheaper housing which is not a premium but they are popping up because people are desperate and losing just about everything as YOU already know. I believe & have FAITH! I had called my Senator about the cuts to the programs and told him for sure as there is air to breathe you better believe THEIR pet programs and THEIR salaries and hours haven’t been cut. Thats the system we have that needs to be changed and I also too am proud at the occupy wallstreet protests going on all over this country and the world, to the extent that even the Republicans and Tea Party has toned down their rhetoric because they see something happening that will change the lopsided order of things (1% owning/controlling 40% of this country’s wealth). I am praying for YOU – NEW YORKER – and myself along with all of the 99ers suffering the most in this recession. Well I got my court papers online so will off to court tomorrow and probably get totally frustrated and irked because the system is so overloaded and hope I don’t get a rude cust serv rep (smile).

OBTW: Herman Cain is a AZZ! He is a typical politician and I found that out 2 weeks ago when he introduced his 999 plan but when asked by a news reporter who the economists were that designed it, he said he couldn’t answer that question at that time?? Now we know he is funded by the Billionaire conservative Koch brothers so its easy to connect the dots. Politics as usual in this country and it has to stop but when the Supreme Court gave free reign to financial political contributions in 2010 that open the floodgate to you know what including the no jobs bill 112th Congress with majority Tea Party members. Oh yeah the Koch brothers net worth is over $40 Billion from what I have read!

I must admit that living in NYC, I found many of the things that Rev Al did back in his younger days very questionable. However, people do change as they get older and though their message may still stay the same, the way it’s delivered has become sensitive and downright sweet IMHO. Here is Rev Al with a raucus speech from Washington, D.C. this past Saturday directly about the unemployed and JOBS!!!! The video may not be perfect but the entire audio is there to hear. Classic!!

@Paul Davies: Thanks for the videos, AWESOME!!! Stay strong Paul, NEW YORKER and the occupytogether protesters! A movement has been started just like that, but thats usual how movements and revolutions begin! We woke up and MORE focus hopefully will be on JOBS and training programs for the LONG-TERM 99ers who we know are pushed back further than before because this recession. Hard to believe we’re ALL Americans but we have certain politic entities hell bent on bringing this President down and willing to let 16+ MILLION jobless people suffer and suffer BUT its changing because of the OWS and OT. And you’re right that Sargent Shamar Thomas shamed the NYPD but thank God they didn’t mess with him but I did think he was going to lose it, it looked like his thoughts were going back to Iraq when he got more angry but saying he served over there for over a year probably saved his ass, the carnage and horror he probably experienced being over there we can only imagine. All I can say is God bless them ALL. Godspeed!

Sherri, thanks for looking at my posts……Are you okay with the court situation? Thanks SO much for the Loretta Sanchez vid and other posts!!! I wish this board had a way to PM people, but I’m tired of being paranoid… here goes….If Sherri, Pauline, Issa, Mark from FL, NEW YORKER(wherever you are – I pray), CatD, and any other peep on here who aren’t teabaggers who I’ve left out want – here is one of my alternate e-mail address to contact me – time is running out, so I have nothing more to lose and only possibly something to gain by getting to know some of you who I’ve been corresponding with for three damn years!!! If Otto emails me, he will be electrocuted by a device that I got from the Ron Paul 2012 website!! (just kidding) I will provide info on the great sites for cable I’ve found and would love to correspond with anybody directly, except of course for the trolls(it knows who it is) – 🙂 In the meantime, here’s a good episode of Jon Stewart from the other nite in case anyone missed it – peace!

@Paul Davies: Damn that was funny about the troll and you know who! KUDOS to you Paul. I’m getting sick and tired of all the B.S. myself. Feel let walking away and taking Amtrak to a city called Anywhere, USA! lol lol. I will communicate with you ASAP! There are a couple of ppl who have my personal information from the fight with HR 3548, and my good friend Walt is one of them. GODSPEED!!!

As Chris Matthews would say “Tell us something we don’t know” maybe these awful stats will shut up the arrogant conservatives who insist everything is just find and there is gap persay???. “WASHINGTON (AP) — Fifty percent of U.S. workers earned less than $26,364 last year, reflecting a growing income gap between the nation’s rich and poor, the government reported Thursday.

There were fewer jobs, and overall pay was trending down – except for the nation’s wealthiest. The number of people making $1 million or more soared by over 18 percent from 2009, the Social Security Administration said, citing payroll data based on W-2 forms submitted by employers to the Internal Revenue Service.

Meanwhile Sherri and all, yet another STAND-ALONE Jobs Bill bites the dust (as if we ever thought it would pass). More obstructionism brought to you by the Party Of No(ALL Repugs voting NO), and the usual Blue Dog Dems like Bill Nelson(D-Nebraka) and of course the now Independent(traitor) Joe Lieberman joining in! Amazing how the GOP hasn’t passed ANYTHING and will not under President Obama at the expense of millions of Americans, including their own constituents! And, another Dicktator is gone, though John McCain, who some would have preferred to have won the last election and others now blame Obama for not getting involved SOONER!! Amazing.

@Paul Davies: Amazing and at the same time it bares repeating ARE WE REALLY IN AMERICA! When I saw that video I posted of the Representative Sanchez repeating what her colleagues said about wanting Obama to fail even if it means continuing this RECESSION??? Well that says it all, how anyone can vote Republican must be on sheer hate! I couldn’t for the life of me do that to people in such dire straits and asking OR better yet now are DEMANDING something be done and stop the partisan B.S. but as you said thats not going to happen unless the people make it happen NOW! So many people hurting and are just a statistic, hidden away from the politicians who don’t want it out and onto CNN/MSMBC/etc. They are more concerned about the embarrassment then fixing the damn problem! So now comes HR 4213 still in the Jobs Bill but likely sliced out seperately like what was done to Pelosi’s Jobs for Americans Jobs bill that was introduced in the 111th Democratic Congress that was then Blocked by the Republicans and sliced up into mince meat that had no affect on the economy what so ever, and thats just what the Republicans and Tea Party wanted. Fellow Americans hating fellow Americans! sounds like the Civil War all over again. That article about the gap widening between RICH and POOR is proof enough we have to stop this RTP train for continuing its out of control run through everything that we have worked for and done to keep this country viable. Can’t say anything stronger or it will be bleeped!!

I don’t get it, he’s the President… just vito or approve any and everything he doesn’t like; Bush never had a problem doing whatever he wanted! This should be so simple.

Paul, made a note of ur email 🙂

Pauline, if there are no bills that are passed by the House and Senate, then he can’t approve or veto. So far, there have been NO job bills or basically ANYTHING for him to sign or veto. He has proposed a Jobs Bill of his own, and they have voted it down as a whole, and now, as it is presented piece by piece, they are also voting all the pieces down. So there is nothing to sign or veto here. It’s not like he or I expects that the GOP will sign anything that he proposes, even when they agreed with it before, but now they are further being exposed as a Party who doesn’t have the people’s interest in mind.

Paul Davies: You are absolutely right! It has been said that none of us are crazy about President Obama but the efforts has been made by him for bi-partisanship and he also did include the ARRA in the Stimulus package for addl 53+ weeks of UI benefits that we NEVER would have received under a Republican administration! Even President Bush said NO to adding a amendment into the $700 Billion Wallstreet Bailout and he said NO he would not sign it if that was included. 2 Party system, you pick your poison until a 3rd Party can be created with the right candidate. IMO When you have a party to say they want this President to be a ONE term President regardless, and we’re in a Recession with at Congress that hasn’t introduced ONE Jobs bills?? Unbelieveable they can sleep at night but when you have no conscience I guess its easy.

Paul- Thank you for including me in your circle of trust. I’ve made note of your email address if we do lose contact with you on this site.

“Where Do We Go Now?”

Powerful VIDEO! What a smorgasbord of people this movement is. Its spreading and will continue because the people have woke up. I’m excited and lets see Mr.Camera opportunity Rev.Jackson with his connections, get some facilities available to organize in IL. This has to be done thru out this country or the Washington elite (part of the 1%) will put the OWS on the back burner just as they did with the 99ers!

Thanks for the posts and links, Sherri. Issa – of course I’ve trusted you since Day 1(and if you don’t already have the info on various places to watch Current and more, please email) – Pauline(U2, as far as the websites) – Amazing how long it takes for people to see the light regarding Republican obstructionism – and many still don’t – but better late than never, huh? 🙂 And, if anybody knows anyone else who asks you why do you like that “Big Loudmouth” Ed Schultz, just remember this one, and send to them – This is why I love Ed Schultz:

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