New York Unemployment Extensions – 13 More Weeks Of Extended Benefits?

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[update on May 12  New York extends unemployment by 13 weeks]
[update on May 19 – Unemployment bill to extend EB by 13 weeks has been passed by legislature].

The state of New York has been hit pretty hard by the current economic climate and unemployment levels have been rising.  As a result of these  high unemployment rates New York state has qualified for unemployment benefit extensions which were introduced as part of the 2009 stimulus package.

Unemployment benefits currently available in New York

At the moment there are a total of 59 weeks of unemployment available to New Yorkers:

  • 26 weeks – These are the regular unemployment benefits which are available regardless of the economy.
  • 33 weeks – This is Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) which is made up of a 20 week segment followed by a 13 week segment.  Emergency benefits will be paid by the same method as the regular benefits (direct deposit or check).

Will there be another 13 weeks of extended benefits?

The state government including Gov. David A. Paterson, is currently working on this extension which would involve about $645 million of federal money along with state money for funding.  The reason for the delay is that New York, along with several other states have laws which need changing in order to accept the federal funding.  If the legislation is passed it will provide an additional 13 weeks of benefits to approximately 120,000 New Yorkers for a total of 72 weeks of unemployment benefits.

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just confirmed the senate schedule (no votes on monday ) senate not in session –i have not been able to confirm friday but i see no bills on the table for votes …..

Good Morning All,
Mike has once again cleaned up this page. The person that was posting all the negative remarks, posting using everyone’s names, and causing disturbance is now not allowed to post. If you see anything posted that is not you, please let us know, that way we can stop all the negativity that takes us away from our primary focus…unemployment.

June please stop and smoke the peace pipe, you have voiced your opinion, its time to stop judging others. And by the way volunteering is a great way to stay busy and positive. Enjoy your day everyone and don’t give up hope. We have the Senate results to look forward to: )


I appreciate you sharing with me. I will try to apply but that last thing I need is to create more trouble for myself in the future. I will try to apply but will let them know I am receiving uE because I get PA’s max and probably won’t qualify. I do thank you for sharing with me though because it is a risk that you take and you didn’t have to share. I wish you and your baby the best. I do understand why you do what you do because we are all in over our heads.

I agree. Only some people are “allowed” to voice their opinions here, even if they are admitting to illegal activities and encouraging others to do the same. Others are told to “stop and smoke the peace pipe”, or else their posts get deleted. Big Brother is watching.

This is a forum about Unemployment Extensions – We have a National 9.7% UE rate. Most of us have been out of work for nearly two years or we wouldn’t be part of this forum, hoping that S 1699 is passed by the Senate as soon as possible. I have called and written our Senators and my Congressman. People must make ends meet. Preferably by getting a job. We all agree that currently, decent jobs are next to impossible to find, which is why another extension will probably be passed – The question is when – As far as how a person chooses to do their job search, such as changing a date or two on a resume so it doesn’t look like they’ve been out of work for two years. or using a reference who can confirm that one was or is a good worker, or even one who will confirm that one is presntly working, is a strategy used by more people than all those who always play by the rules might think, and one which many choose to resort to if they need to get a job when unemployed for a very substantial amount of time. You don’t want gaps between extensions of UI benefits. I don’t want gaps between jobs on my resume. You can all choose to handle that question on an interview any way you wish, but there is just as good a chance, if not more, of NOT getting the job by telling the truth, and how you’ve been out of work for two years, than saying you’ve been working on a contractual basis. Either way, it is a choice, and it does not break any laws. One will either get the job or not, and move on. It’s no worse than some of the things the employer will ask you to do when/if you actually have the job – which is lie to clients & customers, not volunteer to a customer that they have credits on their account, etc…in order to “represent the best interests” of the company one is working for. Back to the main topic please?

Several weeks ago, many were talking about diets here which caused some good people to leave and now when it’s convenient, its “back to the main topic”? The moderator said we could talk about whatever we want to, which will include differences of opinions. If you are going to do things that are illegal or unethical, don’t brag about it here unless you are prepared to defend it. Stop the bullying.

Jean, we’ve been down that road before with you. You’re still unemployed, and the gap is getting bigger, so how has that lying part helped you, exactly?

I don’t see how pointing out that apparently the state worker encouraged a poster to do something patently illegal to get more benefits is being judgmental. Or noting that following this shady advice could get someone in trouble – – or at least have to pay back benefits. These are facts, as is the FACT that biological fathers need to step up to the plate and not expect the state to pay for their illegitimate children. I am NOT struggling to pay my 2008 taxes to fund cheats and liars!

That having been said, push for the Senate to get that bill on the floor, passed, and signed by the Prez. Our work isn’t over yet!

Anonymous 1, 2,3, Tony, June, Whatever:

You’ve been down that road before with your imaginary delusions, and at least I have actually taken a couple of short-term temp jobs during the last two years, so where has telling the truth gotten you in what is one of the worst job markets since the Great Depression? Regardless of who you are, and how you choose to search, you will always be just as if not more unemployed than me.

S 1699!

Folks, it’s HR3548, the streamlined bill, that we want passed, because it can get passed NOW.

Push for the Senate vote!

Senator Schumer?s office numbers:

Washington, D.C.: 202-224-6542
New York City: 212-486-4430
Albany: 518-431-4070
Binghamton: 607-772-6792
Buffalo: 716-846-4111
Hudson Valley: 914-734-1532
Long Island: 631-753-0978
Rochester: 585-263-5866
Syracuse: 315-423-5471

Send him an email via this form:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ? press him to get this on the floor, and he should care, because Nevada?s unemployment rate is high, over 13%, I believe . . .

Email him HERE:

Phone number contacts HERE:

Read about it in the comments at, and please do your part. I know we all wrote and called a short while ago to get the ball rolling, but a push is needed NOW, so that there is a vote in the Senate ASAP, before the October break. Please write and call again; it doesn’t matter if you wrote and called before! HR3548 will benefit New Yorkers and benefit them NOW, that’s the point.

To everyone that keeps talking about the same thing, let it go. Like just me said.. you said what you had to say. I will not continue feeding into it because it wont get me anywhere. Miss K, if you think that a woman should allow a man to beat her just so he can bring food to the table than I feel sorry for you and your daughters. That it’s not OK. I made a decision to make that unhealthy enviorment stop for my safety and overall my childs safety. Everyone here PAID and PAYS taxes. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE.

Good day to the ignorant induviduals that say woo hoo to domestic violence and feel that what I do to support my child is a crime. Oh wait but, im sure I would still be wrong in these peoples eyes if i did report what I get and still get food stamps and got public assistance. Then they would say I was selfish for asking for the help. I see there is no winning. So i say enough. It’s a new day. Wake up and smell the coffee. Things are bad out there. You have to do what you have to do to survive.

Just Me:

Thank you for taking the responsibility…It’s unfortunate that there is more hope of getting another extension than an actual decent job in this market, no matter how one goes about it. Your comments have always been on topic and I’ve gotten very excellent info from all the boards. I have read all the comments from those who respect your postings, and wish you luck keeping us on topic – Nobody on here is doing much better than anybody else. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be discussing the matter on this mostly great and informative forum –

S 1699 must pass, everybody needs to get involved, and if you find out when the hearing will be, I look forward to your post or anybody else’s, as it affects us all.


A gap now or a gap in January? The lesser of the two evils.

If they fast track this an extension bill before October recess we will probably have a continuous flow of benefits until Jan. 3, 2010 at which time Congress will most likely still be on holiday recess resulting in a gap. If they drag their feet a little bit now we may have a slight gap but we will get further through January before it expires. If they fast track it, I think there is chance for a bigger gap in January 2010. We are all in need of another extension, that’s what brings us together. I just wonder what makes more sense in the long run. No gaps now or a longer gap in January.

Contact Info. For NYS Senator Eric Schneiderman:

Northern Manhattan District Office
5030 Broadway (Between 213th Street and 214th Street)
New York, NY 10034
Tel. (212) 544-0173
Fax (212) 544-0256

Upper West Side Community Office
563 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024
Tel. (212) 873-0282 ext. 13
Fax (212) 873-0279

Albany Office
New York State Senate
Legislative Office Building #708
Albany, NY 12247
Tel. (518) 455-2041
Fax. (518) 426-6847

I’ve never posted before, but I used to work for Social Services. All Carmen has to do is call them and they would help arrange a lawyer from the State to get child support and spousal support if married. Domestic abuse is no excuse for not getting your child taken care of by their own father. Wouldn’t you like to see him held responsible? You seem to have an excuse for everything and a sense of entitlement for cheating the government because you pay taxes. There is nothing wrong with pubic assistance, as long as it is obtained legally.

Daisy, I called the worker that helped me and told her what you guys said about me stealing. SHE said it’s no big deal becuase I qualify anyway. I told her that one person said I would have to pay benifits back and she said no but, if I felt better by her putting the money I do get from EB than she can do that aswell.. And for the record when I went for foodstamps they did ask if he was involved and I did tell him he wasnt and that i didnt want him involved for what had happened. I showed the order of protection and they were the ones that suggested for me not to get him involved. i personally dont know how the system works when it comes to Domestic Violence but, like myself they felt it was too dangerous to get him involved. I mean the last thing I need is to piss him off more. I moved and did many things so that man wont find me or my son. Thats how bad things were. I didnt think 50. in food stamps would get this much attention.


Welcome to this NYS forum. It’s interesting to see the new user-names all of a sudden showing up. I know Just Me has been on the other boards since the beginning, but has contributed positive comments to this NYS board. Are you friends with June, whose name I’ve never seen on this board until last night? The moderator keeps asking us to get back on topic, yet your “first” comment is off topic and may only illicit a retort and deservedly so – If you don’t like a comment or what somebody does to survive, don’t read it and move on. Very simple – Did Social Services lay off a lot of people too? I know the DOL has. Or was that your job prior to the one that caused you to be currently unemployed. Or, if you’re not unemployed, why then are you posting on the UI Extension forum? Please let’s try to keep the discussion to the coming Senate Bill – S 1699 or any similar bill, which most of us are counting on to pass in order to have breathing room while continuing to search for a full-time job, get further training, or whatever, as I think is the common goal of the majority of us, however one chooses to go about doing so.

Carmen, if you have an order of protection, you can get him arrested if he bothers you. Once the judge orders the support, he will have to pay or be put in jail. Social Services are used to dealing with these situations and if someone told you it was too dangerous (which I highly doubt), I suggest you ask for a supervisor and report that. 50 dollars or 50 cents is wrong either way if you are lying to get it. You need to set an example for your child and get the child support so both of you can have a better life.

Laurie, I will not dignify your paranoid comments with an answer. I am trying to help Carmen, because I used to work with others in the same situation. Abused women need to be empowered.


Maybe you haven’t been following this particular forum from the beginning, but other people who made comments who were “trying to help” have been eliminated – The forum is about Unemployment Extensions – If I am paranoid, than what does that make others who have accused me of not being who I really am?

As far as S 1699, which is the reason this forum is most important at this time, I have read on the other boards, and went to the Senate via the link, indicating the bill has been sent to the Senate Finance Committee – Many of us know what that means, and those who don’t can look it up – Since the Senate is scheduled to recess for October, if this doesn’t happen by the end of September, and from a News story in Chicago that is also posted on the national board, they indicated that the Senate would vote on it by November, which scares the heck out me – I’m only relaying what I read on the other board, and hopefully that new report is wrong, and they will get to it by the end of this month when many people will exhaust all EB – Mine will be over towards the end of October, but I want this bill passed NOW, for my own mental well-being, and for those who have already exhausted all of their EB, or will by the end of this month which is only days away –


I am also concerned about a gap in benefits. Does anyone know if this new bill will include an extra 7 week trigger? That last one saved many of us, or we would have had to wait a long time with a gap until they got back from vacation, plus the waiting now. Thanks for all the helpful info.



I’m thinking the same, but from the other forum, courtesy of a helpful comment from Gary-IL, the link below which was actually from a NC news broadcast, not Chicago, indicates November, at the end of the report – I sincerely hope they’re wrong – After you click on the link and get to the page, click on where it says video to see the news report – At the very end, the anchorman or reporter says “it will probably get to the Senate in November…” or something like that – When I heard that last line, I almost had an anxiety attack – I had to listen to it a couple of times, and each time a did, I heard November….I really hope this report is wrong – if anybody has any differing info, please post – Thanks – If the bill is in Committee, which it is according the prior link I left, then it says we might not be able to find out info from our Reps – IMHO, I don’t doubt that a bill will pass, but too many people need it now and by the end of this month!


as i sited earlier ..the senate is out on friday and monday and they have an october break so that leaves a few days until the end of september.
i also am very annoyed that the senate as basically ignored the bills . all went quiet .. it seems that a bill will not be passed soon.. i hope this is not the case

This was posted today on the NYS Dept. Of Labor website:

Unemployment Benefit Extensions
Federal legislation is pending for an additional 13 weeks of emergency benefits. Please continue to claim weekly benefits in the usual manner. It is not necessary to file a new claim, unless you are advised to do so. For updates, continue checking this website or click here for more details regarding benefit extensions.

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