Ohio Unemployment Benefits Extension – 13 More Weeks?

The Ohio unemployment rate has reached a level of 10.8% as of August, 2009.  Legislation recently passed by the house (Sept 22) called Bill H3548 will allow any states with a total unemployment rate (TUR) of 8.5% or higher to be eligible for federal funding which will allow 13 more weeks of extended unemployment benefits for those people who have exhausted all the current benefits.

This move was made as part of the stimulus package for 2009 effort which is designed to help the economy recover as quickly as possible and for unemployed people to be able to keep paying the bills while they look for work.

Is this extension law yet?

Not as of Sept 23.  The senate still has to approve the bill and it is unclear how long it will take.  It is anticipated that the bill will pass Senate but it’s possible that changes will be made first.

Keep in mind that the previous extension (Extended Benefits) required state law changes since EB is a joint federal and state program. EB required a change in federal law and then required state laws to be amended.  The legislation that recently passed the House (H3548) is an extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC). This does not require state law changes so it won’t require the state legislature to change state law.  This means that it should take less time to get this extension than the previous one.

How much unemployment benefits are available now?

Currently somone in Ohio might be eligible for the following:

  • 26 weeks of normal employment benefits
  • 20 weeks of Tier 1 EB
  • 13 weeks of Tier 2 EB
  • 13 weeks because of Bill H3548 (not finalized yet).

How much are the unemployment benefits?

In Ohio the maximum benefits are $503 per week and the minimum is $105 per week.  There is also an additional $25 per week available because of the 2009 stimulus package.

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I agree with Steve. We need to get our stories out into the public eye. How can it be fair or helpful to approve these extensions for families who lost their jobs and can’t find work, and then make us wait until we lose our homes, cars, and piece of mind before they approve our applications. Haven’t we already applied for original benefits? If we already were approved for unemployment, why does it take so long to approve us for extension of those benefits. It isn’t right for the state to recieve stimulus money to help the unemployed, and then withold it from us for as long as possible., causing us to lose everything we have at CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

If they don’t approve me soon, I will lose my car and then the spiral continues. This is NOT right.

I filed over the phone because I could not do it online for the past four weeks, but nothing is showing up on the unemployment website. It still shows a zero balance and I just got a “Notice of Eligibility Issue” correspondence that won’t let me do anything with it. Sound familiar to anyone? I have seven weeks left until I am a 99er. Thanks for any info.

I’m a 99’r so I can’t help you. All i know is you need to keep filing. You will be retroactive. Hope it helps

Hey Tracy, I have the same problem with the “eligibility issue”. I’m assuming it’s the system being updated as they prepare for changing everything when this extension gets signed into law. I’m going to wait until the system is updated (should be shortly after the extension is signed into law) and then if the error doesn’t “correct itself”, I guess we’ll have to call in Monday and see if someone can fix it.

Thanks Irene and Mike. I am in a panic, but my husband is a 99er and we looked at his correspondence from last December and he had the same “Eligibility Issue” then a “Denial” then a payment. I’m pretty sure when that happened we called and they said it was all part of the game and not to worry about it, but I am worried. We are scraping by just barely. Blessings to you all and let’s hope for the best. Please let me know if you figure this out. Thanks!

Completely understandable Tracy. A lot of things that happen with this unemployment system cause so much stress that everyone could do without. I’ll keep you posted if I get any info, please do the same for me if you hear anything. Hopefully everything works out for the best. =)

Does this newest extension include the 99ers, or is it just another band-aid fix to help the people still within the 99 weeks that have run out of filing time?

Hey Tracy, just wanted to update you and let you know what’s going on. I called them today, and the lady said “yeah, the system has been flagging benefit year end incorrectly, but it’s a simple fix” and then she “unflagged” it and said payments should retroactively start flowing within 24 hours. Hopefully if you call, the fix should be just as easy. Good luck! =)

P.S. On a side note, the wait time was nearly 2 hours. They are getting LOTS of calls today from people trying to file now that the extension passed.

Go to this link”
Seems we have a few people that still care about us 99ers”
There are several different articles on this link”
Be sure to check all of them out”

Po Boy,Thank you so much for the info. It at least gives a little hope. Hope all goes well for you too. Irene

You are welcome Irene”
This was quite a surprise to find it even being talked about”.
All we can do is keep our fingers crossed I guess”.
Should I find anything else I will surely pass it along”.
May God Bless all of us 99ers.
As we did not do this to ourselves”.

Mike, now I see “pay held.” I guess it is because I didn’t file and more than 21 days lapsed. I filled out a few questions online and submitted it. Has anyone else made the mistake of not filing their weeks in time? Thanks.


My wife had the same issue as you described. She called in her claim and talked to someone who keyed it in for her. Only in her case they marked Yes to Refused, Quit and Discharged from work. After we got a notice of eligibility notice we immediately called. They admitted it was their mistake, but told us we have to wait for them to review and fix the issue. In the mean time my wife’s retroactive pay is being held and we like many others are waiting on this money to keep from having utilities disconnected. Frustrating that the people at the unemployment office do not pay attention to what they are keying in.

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about the Ohio EB, since I’m not totally sure what is going on. I have another few weeks of Tier 4 left, and also recieved a letter in the mail saying, I may soon be ending my allowable benefits. From what I know, dosen’t the 20 weeks of Ohio EB kick in after the extended benefits? and is this automatic? Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for replying. Okay…I had the regular 26 weeks, 20 of Tier 1, 14of Tier 2, 13 of Tier 3 and I’m on Tier 4 now, BUT I have 7 weeks of the Tier 4 so far, and by the time I’m done I’ll have another 4 weeks or so…I dont know, I’m confused! :/ I need to call them. Cuz I wont have 99 wks by the time I’m done, I dont think anyways….

It is 2:30 and I’m having trouble filing for this week. Anyone else still having trouble?

I was able to file last night. Hopefully all the problems with the website are fixed.

I believe the Dems are going to pass the Tier 5, but not until October so they can be sure to get the 99ers vote in November. This is the absolute worst in politics, gambling with people’s lives and the welfare of children. I am not sure which way I will vote in November, but I am screening each candidate’s record very carefully. The Senate and Congressional record is available online and I would encourage every 99er to do the same.

Anyone still come here for help? I have a question about being recalled, how long do I have to work before I am eligible again. They called me back for 2-3 months.

I think you have to work 6 months. Does anyone know if the 99rs have a chance at an extension. All i know is what i red in the papers. Thanks

Can anyone else help with the recall to work, I am reading six weeks but there is a salary statement I am not 100% clear on. Doesn’t really matter, have to go back or the empoyer will report that I turned down work and then I won’t have unemployment anyway

We need to have a mass target of CALLS to the Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell he must feel the pain and suffering of the 99ers by requesting that an e…xtension of a TIER 5 be added to the tax bill. just 3 hours 99ers ONLY HIM… ONLY HIM for… 3 hours. Office # 202-224-2541 Fax # 202-224-2499 Senate operator # 202-224-3121 The Senate has no 1-800 number….Thank u alll and God Bless u and your family

I would like to know how much unemployment funds I am to receive.
I have not found a position, as yet and need to make some kind of plan to survive until I can find a job.

Thanks Melenie

MEETING FOR 99ERS and HR589…..Barbara Lee’s statement after the meeting: “We had a productive meeting with the Speaker and the Majority Leader to discuss this critical issue of providing aid for long-term unemployed workers. Speaker Boehner encouraged us to work with the House Ways and Means Committee to move this bill forward, and while we will certainly do so, we maintain that these long term unemployed workers deserve a floor vote NOWWWWWWWW

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