Globe & Mail Mention and Pensionize Your Nest Egg Book Giveaway

First off – I’m proud to say that Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail mentioned my RESP book in his newsletter today – thanks a lot Rob!

Pensionize Your Next Egg

Earlier today, I reviewed the very good retirement planning book, Pensionize Your Nest Egg.  One of the authors – Alexandra Macqueen was kind enough to offer a copy to give away to a lucky reader.

The contest is now closed!

Rules of the contest

This one is simple – leave a comment explaining why you are interested in the book.  The winner will be chosen randomly from all eligible entries.


Thursday, October 7 at 8 pm.  Winners will be announced Thursday night or on Friday morning (depending on how good the Leafs/Habs game is).

Good luck!

19 replies on “Globe & Mail Mention and Pensionize Your Nest Egg Book Giveaway”

There seems to be a lot of talk about this book lately, I’ll have to check it out. When are you going to have a giveaway for your book Mike? (wink nudge)

While I am more than a few years away from retirement and turning my “nest egg” into a pension, I would like to know more about this stuff. My job (like many others) doesn’t have a pension and I’m accumulating all of my retirement funds in an RRSP account. Instead of just withdrawing the funds slowly over time, I’d like to know how to pensionize it using annuities, etc.

Thanks for the book contest.

I’m interested in this book because it seems to have a slightly different approach/mindset from me, which is intriguing.

Specifically I come from the ‘invest in a portfolio of dividend paying stocks to provide an income stream’ world, roughly speaking. I don’t know much about annuities and am interested in comparing and analyzing risk vs reward profiles for the two approaches.

As a Canadian working as a high school teacher in Japan, I am forced to rely upon myself for personal finances and retirement planning. (ie. no glorious Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan for yours truly and as I am not a Japanese citizen, I am all but excluded from the Japanese Teacher’s Pension Plan. )

As a Canadian living in Japan, I am also unable to watch the Leafs/Habs game. *sigh*

Never too soon to start planning properly about retirement. Oh and I think it would make a wonderful gift for my dad who is now retiring. And congrats and the self-published book and publicity.

Sounds like another great addition to my investment library. Interested in
what the book has to say about annuities in this low interest environment.

I too am interested in seeing another approach to investing my retirement funds. With 2 in university in Ontario and another soon to be, my few $ invested need to be strategically placed while I focus on minimizing the impact of my children’s studies on their and my financial future.

As a former classical ballet dancer, and subsequently mother of two boys, I have been working full-time for the past nine years and pursuing a university education in the evenings/weekends. I am currently working full-time in accounting but enrolled in courses in the financial planning area, leading to a CFP designation. I would really appreciate being able to read a copy of this book to increase my knowledge about what is available to prospective clients (and to myself 🙂 ). And money is very tight, as my older son just started university. Thanks for the opportunity and congrats on your book!

I’m a silent fan of your blog even if I don’t plan to have childrens in the near future, I’m sure that me or someone of my surrondings will make use of that info.


After years of saving and a few years away from retirement, I am getting anxious. I want to find out how I can create my own ‘pension plan’ since I am self-employed and do not have any pension plan other then the CPP of course. I hope that this book can shed some light in helping me to get together a plan so I can ‘RELAX’ !

I would like to win the book for it has the very important information I need in this time in my life (retire next 4 years) It’s only a dream right now. cheers lee

I always like what Rob Carrick has to say so I’d be interested in checking out his new book. My “nest egg” is currently quite small, so anything I can do to help it along is welcomed!

I am interested in the book becuase I want to learn as much as possible and I don’t really know anything right now. Please pick me 🙂 ps the leafs are gonna win woohooo

I’ve got the accumulation strategy hammered out, but could use some guidance on exit strategies for that money when the time comes.

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