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183.0 – I gained 3 pounds over the holidays which is unfortunate but to be expected.  I went to visit my parents and although I like to blame them for making it easy to overeat, the reality is that I use those visits as an excuse to eat and drink as much as I possibly can! 🙂

The links

A worthwhile read about money on Money Grubbing Lawyer – written by an ex-con which is something you don’t see everyday!

Dividend Growth Investor talks about when to sell dividend stocks.

The Oblivious Investor says that imperfect information is the reason why high-cost mutual funds still exist.

Brip Blap had a great post on time management.  He’s not working 9-5 anymore and it finding it hard to be productive.

Million Dollar Journey has a post on real estate – 7 real estate myths busted wide open.

Thicken My Wallet had a good post on preferred stocks – are they right for me?

Preet is back from holidays and has some conspiracy theories about investment managers on tv.

Financial Blogger has some thoughts (regrets?) on home renovation.

Money Ning says you should toilet train yourself.

A guest post I did a while ago called Know the history of the stock markets.  I wrote this when the market was still crashing but it still applies!

Clever Dude hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and did a rather clever fairy tale theme.

Blunt Money says that percentage-based budgets don’t work.

Moolanomy presents an introduction to peer-to-peer lending.

Squawkfox celebrated her 1 year blogiversary – she has listed some of her best posts from the past year so go check it out.

Canadian Capitalist reports on asset class returns for 2008 – most of them weren’t good!

The Intelligent Speculator says that leveraged ETFs are a scam.

Investing School lists 5 legendary investors.

ABCs of Investing wrote about asset allocation and the reasons for owning different asset classesDollar cost averaging was the subject of another ABC post.


Carnival of Personal Finance was held at the Fraud Files.

Carnival of Financial Planning was held at the Skilled Investor.

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Thank you for the mention. 🙂

Also, I hadn’t seen that guest post you wrote for FrugalDad. Excellent stuff! Without a doubt, a greater knowledge of history can help us to keep our heads with everything going on.

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