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Dealing With Real Estate Agents And Other Real Estate Resources

My parents (Hi Mom and Dad!) are planning to buy a new house in the near future after living in their current house for 40 years.  Right now they are in the process of figuring out how to get a real estate agent.  Unfortunately I can’t be of much help to them since I don’t live in the same city but I did offer to share all my writings on real estate agents.  The following is a list of posts we’ve done on real estate and agents with a brief description of each.

The next series of posts were written by a first-time home buyer who explains all the various steps she went through:

That’s it!  Good luck with the house hunting!

4 replies on “Dealing With Real Estate Agents And Other Real Estate Resources”

I have busted the top 2 and working on the rest of them. Thanks for showing me where the articles are where everyone talks about real estate agents.

I AM dealing with a Shady Realtor ..husband just died all this man does is LIE. H E L P!!!

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