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Unfortunately not the golf variety! I don’t normally do “link” posts but I’ve gotten a ton of love this week and I just have to shout some of it back from the rooftops…

You might notice a common theme here is complimentary words about me & my site which always makes me feel all warm and tingly inside…

Mike over at The Financial Blogger had these wise words to say about my baby expense series which means a lot considering he has two of his own:

“ created an awesome series about baby expenses. I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did and that you learned something. I would also suggest that you read all comments associated with theses articles. A post is just not as complete without comments!”

Mr. Cheap suggested that I start a cult which I think is not a bad idea…not a bad idea at all!

(it’s weird how I always do what Mike suggests – you should start a cult Mike!)

He also wrote a great article about his dream wedding which is quite funny. Hopefully I’ll be present at the dream wedding and the fact that it could very well end up occurring in my backyard (I live near both Mr. Cheap and a McDonald’s) will help improve the odds of an invite.

My favourite debt reduction blog, “I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…” or as I like to rename it “Paid Twice”, did a guest post on my blog on her views on Emergency Funds. I really enjoyed this post and look forward to learning more from Paid Twice about reducing debt since I have a bit to reduce. I’m hoping to have her back to do another guest post but I’ll have to take some time to think up a new topic.

Kyle over at sent a link of love out this week and I have to admit his description of my blog almost (almost!!) brought a tear to my eye..

Four Pillars – This is a blog written by a Canadian man (not that it really matters!) and I find his posts very educational and insightful. I particularly like his posts on investing and baby expenses. As a father of a 3 month old baby I found the baby expenses stuff really interesting, he really nails this one from all possible angles. Many of which I had yet to even consider.

After much consideration I’ve decided that I’m going to forgive Kyle for putting me below Brip Blap on his list since I have to admit that I’d rather read Brip Blap’s site over my blog any day. This guy is easily one of the best pure writers on the net and on top of that (and possibly more importantly), he has interesting things to write about as well!

Brip Blap had this to say about the baby expense week:

Four Pillars had a baby-themed week that I thought was just excellent, end-to-end.

Canadian Money is a blog that I really enjoy because it’s written by a recently retired 55 year old Canadian who talks about various investment and retirement issues along with a lot of really nice photos he takes on his retirement travels. He referred to my leveraged investment plan this week in glowing terms.

Four Pillars posted an overview of his investment plan. One point I liked is that he has limited his leveraging to a level he is comfortable with, currently about 10% of his investments.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t a glowing endorsement but he did sound positive about it!

Lastly I wanted to mention a new Canadian blog called “Loonies and Sense” which is a pretty clever pun if you think about it. In fact I just got the joke just now as I was writing this post.

Anyways, it looks like a great blog so far, so check it out!

And lastly lastly – I was in the carnival of personal finance edition XXIVQI hosted by Advanced Personal Finance. I have to admit he did a great job with this carnival – very creative and very paranoid!

I also got mentioned by Smart Money Daily which is a rather interesting blog – he seems to have the same issues with real estate agents that I do. He picked me as the favourite post from the investing category from the carnival. Thanks Jason!

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Wow, thanks so much… that’s exceptionally nice of you to say that about my writing! It means a lot to me, most particularly coming from someone whose blog (topics and writing) I thoroughly enjoy, as well! And hey, if you start a cult I’ll join, as long as you’re accepting Americans…! 🙂

Kyle – thanks.

PT – I will.

BB – Americans are always welcome to join!

Tim – you’re right – silly mistake on my part.


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