Saturday Weigh-In And Linkstuff

Weight today was 183 pounds – bad, bad and bad! Although I have been doing some running, my diet has been slipping quite a bit over the last two weeks so I need to buckle down on that. Tonight we are going out for our Valentine’s Day dinner so I’ll ease up for that but otherwise I’m going to really concentrate on the diet.

I did my first guest post ever over at a new blog about blogging called Blogthority. I did a post on how to grow a new blog efficiently. If you are a new blogger or wanna-be blogger (or just can’t believe that I did a guest post) then check it out.

Gather Little By Little did an excellent three part series on buying a new car. This mostly has to do with the negotiation portion which is the key component. I’ve never been much of a negotiator so posts like this will definitely help me out next time I buy a car.

Part I deals with researching a car and test drives.
Part II involves preparing for the negotiation.
Part III details how to conduct the actual negotiation with the car salesman.

Carnival of Personal Finance was held at The Financial Blogger – a good friend of this site so go check it out!

Festival of Frugality was held at The Might Bargain Hunter.

3 replies on “Saturday Weigh-In And Linkstuff”

Oh, no… +2

You can’t even blame me this time. I just lost 1.

Come on Mr. Cheap. First one to 175. You got a head start since I’m at 189.

As for the post on Blothority, just enough important details for the wanna-be blogger. It might just get me starting one soon.


Nicolas – I have blame someone.

By the way – FourPillars = Mike, Mr. Cheap = Mr. Cheap.

There are two of us here…

Starting a blog can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

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