Sunday Roundup

Thought I would highlight a few more articles that I enjoyed this week:

My Dollar Plan wrote a great post about the work/life mix.
Canadian Capitalist did a book review on “Worry Free Investing” which takes a too conservative look at retirement planning.
Million Dollar Journey asks if 40 year mortgages are a good idea.
Cash Money Life posted about a moral choice that he made – great story!
Chance Favors talks about the differences between the regular 401k and the Roth 401k – believe it or not I really like reading about different retirement accounts from other countries.
Moolanomy needs help to determine how he should increase his foreign equity (maybe buy more Canadian?).
Finance Freelance Life had an interesting post about talking/advising relatives on their investments.
The Wisdom Journal lists some retail ripoff tactics (by salespeople – not the shoppers!).
Canadian Dream is skeptical that “debt free” is really “debt free” if there is still mortgage debt.
My Two Dollars writes about duct tape and wallets
Plonkee Money shows how couples can live a lot cheaper than singles.
Rocket Finance thinks the new US stimulus package is a crock.
Dough Roller has posted his virtual library which contains a lot of great links to investment resources.
Millionaire Money Habits says that maybe smoking isn’t so bad after all.
Prime Time Money doesn’t invest in single stocks for a good reason.
Remodeling This Life has an emotional post on her family’s past troubles.

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