The RESP Book Q&A With Kevin Press Published Today

I wanted to draw your attention to an interview I did with Kevin Press of the Today’s Economy Blog about my recently released book The RESP Book.

I had the pleasure of a phone interview with Kevin a couple of weeks ago – we talked about quite a few things so go on over and check out the interview for yourself!

We talked a bit about RESPs, but mostly about the self-publishing business.

In other news – on the weekend, I participated in my first book signing. It wasn’t a real “meet the author in a bookstore” signing, but instead was just me trying to sign a copy of my book for some friends while my kids were trying to maul me. 🙂

4 replies on “The RESP Book Q&A With Kevin Press Published Today”

Nice interview Mike, it’s amazing that there isn’t another book like this out there for Canadians. Like you said, there are a lot of confused Canadians out there (including me) wondering about the contribution rules, withdrawals, and penalties.

Glad you were able to use your vast knowledge of the subject to fill a void in the marketplace, hopefully all of your hard work pays off 🙂

Good interview !! I work in the industry (for the trustee of registered plans) and I know RESP is one area lot of the people are not clear about the rules. Even staff processing the RESP trades. Love to read a your book

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