Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, RESP Book Reviews And Giveaways

I decided to push back my regular Wednesday post to Thursday, because I was too excited about the big media mentions today.  Not to mention two more RESP book reviews! Thanks a lot to the journalists and bloggers who made all this happen today.

Toronto Star – Ellen Roseman

Ellen Roseman wrote a piece today about the discount brokerage price war.  She linked to my little blog and mentioned the recent Canadian discount brokerage comparison that I published recently.  She also included some quotes from me.

The Globe and Mail – Dakshana Bascaramurty

This article is about door-to-door energy resellers and some of the dirty tricks they play.  I spoke to Dakshana a couple of weeks ago, and she included some of my quotes about energy resellers in the article.  I’m on page 2.

I did a post a couple of years ago about my own experience with almost getting sucked into an energy reseller scam.

The RESP Book review – Before You Invest

Natalie from Before You Invest did a wonderful review of the RESP book.  She is also hosting a giveaway, so go and win!

[Mike] has written an easy to read, easy to follow guide to Registered Education Savings Plans.

Here, finally, is a comprehensive resource written in plain-language, full of easy to understand examples, to help parents and family members feel confident they are investing their education savings safely, and building a nest egg for their child.

The RESP Book review – Thicken My Wallet

TMW wrote a very good review of the RESP book.  Another review, another giveaway – go and enter!

This is where the book thrives. It hits all the relevant points quickly and without much wasted build-up.

The value add of the book is derived from Holman’s background as a long-time financial blogger who understands the “why” questions is as important as the “what” question.

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