TurboTax Winner And Some Links

TurboTax winner

The winner of the big TurboTax draw was none other than the fabulous Amy!  Congrats Amy – May your tax return be very large this year (even if that is an indicator of poor financial management).  😉

On with the links

Canadian Mortgage Trends puts the number of mortgages in arrears into a proper context.

Bob Bly has a complaint about people who want his free time.  I get this all the time – people ask me questions and then don’t even say thanks.

Boomer & Echo determined how much it costs to stage an outdoor hockey game.  Pretty expensive!

Retire Happy had a good article about excessive private banking fees.  I’d argue that business accounts are another cash cow for banks.

Andrew Hallam thinks that we should learn from the Boomers’ mistakes.  Perhaps they just spent too much?

My buddy Kerry let me know about a new Swiss Chalet 24-hour chicken tv channel.  I have to admit – I absolutely love Swiss Chalet and will probably watch it religiously.

Million Dollar Journey wrote about Yield chasing.

Larry MacDonald is thinking of diversifying into the US.

The Oblivious Investor says that Asset Allocation is a sloppy science.

Michael James reviews Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s book – Debt-Free Forever.

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