VA Stimulus Check On The Way

The 2009 stimulus package signed by president Obama contains quite a few financial stimulus for many different parts of the population.  Infrastructure spending, tax cuts make up most of the bill but one of the key aspects to the package is a special cash payment.  This won’t be like the general stimulus check of last year but will be given to select groups such as retired veterans on disability.

$250 stimulus check in 2009

A one time payment of $250 will be paid out in 2009 for people in the following groups:

  • People currently receiving Social Security.
  • State government retirees not eligible for Social Security.
  • Veterans receiving pensions from the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • People receiving SSI payments. Supplemental Security Income payments are for people who have little to no income and is intended to meet the basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

When will I get my stimulus check?

Treasury is supposed to start sending out these checks as soon as possible.  This site will be updated when more information becomes available.

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wow superstarr that is awful. my husband is 100 percent we pay very little for our tags each yr. like 4 dollars or something. I heard Ca is high cost but didn’t think that much. couldn’t afford to live there

same here , still waitin. last 2 is 81 , born july, 60% now, waiting for increase too (lol). seems to be they are doing this by last 2 of soc number, but seen alot of inconsistencies with some folks with lower #s still not paid. who knows for sure??? remember who were dealin with here!!!

70% fron NJ, last two 57. I called the VA yesterday and they said that they were overwhelmed with people calling for info on the stimulus and wouldn’t tell me anything.

on another site someone wrote this:
Ok, I called the VA and the guy that answered told me the schedule that it is being done.

It goes by the last two…

00-49 were processed between the 15th and 17 of June and deposited/checks cut 22-24th..

50-99 will be processed on the 30th and deposited probably on the 7th of July (of course).

Its coming….

Read more:

First time I saw actual time lines…..makes a little sense…….except for the few exceptions listed above……

I received my check via mailman yesterday. Last two are 03. I want to give a shot out to other veterans, be patient.

I’m 80 p/c and I went to vet clinic last week, vets I spoke with said no one has received central Texas: however many of us are in need of some cash with high gasoline and utility way or another they get our money.

I personally don’t believe they are going by ss# because I got mine yesterday and my last 2 are 40. Who knows how they are disbursing them, who knows why they do and don’t do the things they should be doing. I just wanted to wish everyone good luck and try to be patient, they will get thier money soon.

I think the value of $250.00 is determined by perspective. For someone who may be down to their last dime, $250.00 is a whole lotta money. For others, however, who don’t need the $250.00, well, it may not seem like much.

Hey Superstarr I hear Nevada has no state tax, I knew alot of guys that kept their “home” address in Nevada while they bounced around the U.S. …..Just a thought.
I haven’t recieved mine yet either(Last two SS# are”8x”), but now that I know a general time line I’m not worried. (Past identity theft Problems.)

In reply to: superstarr June 24, 2009 at 9:10 pm

100% last four 53 in califonia??. nothing in my bank account yet, but did get a bill form the DMV for registsration on my truck for $487 bucks for one year, cause california is in debt so the doubled our vehicle registration fees to help off set the debt?. so i am thinking about moving to arizona or oregon?. little to no state taxes there.

50% Washington State last two 51. I recieved a letter from the VA saying some time in June, its almost July and still nothing

My father is a veteran. He applied for the stimulus last March or April 2009. As of this time, he haven’t receive yet the $15,000.00.
He’s a diabetic person and my mother told me that he is sick lately.
And wants to go home here in the Philippines for good if the money receive.
I am afraid for the health of my father, he lost his left eyesight only last year.
Could you please help us. My father is FORTUNATO TERNURA ELMAN. He’s 84 y/o and my mother is FELICISIMA DELORIA ELMAN, 86 y/o.

Please advise when they will get the money (stimulus) so they can go home here in the philippines. Thank you very much and more power


still no check…….however as of this last wednesday – the VA stated it was processed…………I’ll try again tomorrow. 🙁

nada course today is federal payday i dont guess they would want to process something extra for the vets now would they

Good Morning ,
As of 7:50 a.m. in Panama City, Fl. I haven’t received my check
either but I was talking to a friend of mine who’d dad gets check
from VA and she said that they told her dad that another batch
will be sent out today and also on Tue.
I think maybe they are saying what they want know we want to
Have a great day and good luck everyone.
God Bless You.

Just checked my credit union, and i got mine! there coming, guess being patient is all anyone can do

Todav?a no he recibido el pago del est?mulo del VA – pero me est?n consiguiendo bueno en usar mis bancos en l?nea que deposita – yo compruebo mi diario de la cuenta.

Se parece como cada uno debe conseguir pagado pronto. Deja esperanza?

Not all of us speak another language as we were born in the USA so
in order for us to understand what you said please type in English.
Thank you.

Last two 17, in CA, still nothing…. I love the efficiency of the VA…. I don’t how we go from having the world’s most powerful, technologically superior, best trained military to the VA.

I would say that it’s quite possible that the VA people are trying to do their jobs and could just be overwhelmed by millions of phone calls from folks who simply won’t read and heed the instructions stated in the letter, which is, may I remind you, to wait until July 10. Ummm… yeah. Imagine sitting at your desk, trying to process payments and having to stop several times each day to say…”yes, Mr. Veteran, I’m processing your payment and if you don’t have it by July 10, 2009, please call back.”

The VA told my husband today we should get our 250 Monday or Tuesday. They gave us a different bank name then ours so now were not sure what is happening.

My friend recieved his last week,last two ssn 14,Still waiting on mine my last two are 96 could be awhile.

Called bank and still no check. Here in Fl.
When it arrives will let you know.
God bless.
Good Luck to all who are waiting still.

CC…. first of all the VA isn’t issuing the checks, second the people that do work on benefit claims don’t answer the phones to talk to veterans, so “a million people calling” because they’re broke and anxious isn’t holding anything up. If you knew how things worked you’d know that, but since you don’t you’re only adding to the problem by discouraging people to follow up and put pressure on the VA to do what the taxpayers expect them to do.

Still nothing here in Orygon. The letter and va said by the end of june. That is tomorrow, anyone wanna make a bet. The person who said the va is to busy aswering the phone to give out the checks forgot that this a treasury snafu and not the va. The va just gives them the roster to follow.

And I don’t know about you but if the VA were doing the best they could, every regional office in the country wouldn’t have been caught shredding medical evidence, a VBA employee would have to work a full eight hour day instead of completing only six tasks before being able to leave for the day, they wouldn’t have an obsolete records-keeping and data entry system, and they wouldn’t have a backlog of 800,000- 1,000,000 claims monthly….(and those figures are published by the VA)

Stop assuming they’re doing they’re jobs effectively because they aren’t…. The current state of the American Veteran is proof of that….

If they were we wouldn’t account for 25% of the country’s homeless, and we wouldn’t have the current suicide rate we have now.

Matt, unfortunately alot of that is funding and how little money is put to update and modernize as this doesnt show a profit for the politicians who at best promise at election time and then forget what was said. The people who work for the va i believe are trying there best but you get what you pay for.

Matt, It certainly wasn’t my intention to discourage people from following up, but only to remind them of the follow-up date stated in the letter that was mailed out… the July 10 date. Hope you have a better day. ~CC

I have an account at a credit union that allows me to see my pending deposits. The payment showed up pending yesterday to be available tomorrow. Thank GOD!
I spoke to VA and apparently most of us will receive the deposit tomorrow. So if you cannot see it pending in your account now try giving your bank a call.
Best wishes!

Cant see anything till midnight but i guess the government wants to get the most it can from interest before releasing the rest of the funds

Thanks douchebag…. I love how you turn it around like I’m having a bad day because I disagree with what you’re saying and call you out on it, then list how you’re wrong…. – oh and sarcasm denotes discouragement, following is a portion of your post:

“Ummm? yeah. Imagine sitting at your desk, trying to process payments and having to stop several times each day to say??yes, Mr. Veteran, I?m processing your payment and if you don?t have it by July 10, 2009, please call back.”

If you don’t find that starting a debate point with Ummm yeah, sarcastic maybe you should look up the definition sarcasm.

Matt, It’s okay to disagree. I’m not here to argue with you and I forgive you for the name-calling, which is usually a sign of the inability to communicate as an adult.

Matt, please accept my apology for assuming you were having a bad day based on your posts. I admit I was wrong in doing so. I think if there needs to be further discussion between the two of us, we should do so in a separate venue and away from this site. I do hope you will accept my apology. Ms. CC.

I admire your desire to take the higher road so to speak and appreciate your forgiveness and apology, however I believe an argument or debate on the topic is quite healthy and needed.

I also agree with Chuck Nelson as there are employees within the VA that do care and work hard to provide care to veterans. I must also remind you the VA is broken down into two separate entities the VMA and the VBA, the former referring to medical and the latter benefits. I will be the first to admit a high standard of care from the VMA, however in this case I am referring to the VBA and no I disagree with you Chuck, they are NOT doing their best as a whole, budget deficiencies or not.

I can site example after example of how individuals within the VBA are performing their duties negligently, interacting with veterans without compassion, and collectively hindering the transformation of the VA as envisioned by the Secretary of the VA. (for more on that vision refer to his Open Letter released to the press dated Mar13th 2009).

And the last thing I will say on the matter is this; at the very least a public debate was held in which an unknown number of veterans and the general public alike was a part of by reading it. Opinions were formed or changed and in the end one can hope that a small change will be made. Small changes lead to big changes.

mine in account today also both co-workers, one posted other shows pending..WA State.

What were ss for people who got theres todayor pending. any high numbers close to my 95

I posted earlier that my payment shows pending and will be available tomorrow. I?m in AL and my last two are 77. I hope this helps.
And when I spoke with the VA they said they were not the ones issuing the checks. The Department of Treasury accessed their system and was issuing checks for the VA and it was in no particular order. I desperately needed the money this month so I know how everyone feels and I hope that most people do get theirs tomorrow also.

63, florida, direct deposit. nothing yet.

any of you who are getting them now owe fed or state gov, e.g., student loans or anything?

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