Baby Theme Week

Thanks to a comment from Money Gardener who is one of my regular readers and commenters and will also become a dad in January, I decided to do a post on baby related expenses. I’ve had this topic on my list for a while but I’m glad to be doing this now because the older your children get, the more you forget about their younger days. My little guy turned one recently so hopefully I’ve been able to remember most of the pertinent financial information.

See the first post here.

The baby post ended up turning into several posts and I found I was really interested in this series so in the spirit of things I decided to temporarily change the name of the blog along with the header until the series is over. I can’t believe how many baby related expenses there are!

I realize that most of my regular readers probably couldn’t care less about baby expenses but hopefully they can add something in the comments that I’ve left out or correct errors.

On another note – I want to point out that I somehow managed to get a listing in the exclusive Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Frugal Law Student so check it out.

A couple of other blogs I follow also have posting on the Carnival – Brip Brap and The Financial Blogger who ironically became a new dad on the weekend – congrats!.

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