First RESP Book Reviews!

I would like to draw your attention to the very first reviews of my book – The RESP Book.  I’ve been busy sending out review copies to bloggers all across the land, so it’s nice to see that they are starting to be delivered.

Review #1

Larry MacDonald of Canadian Business wrote a review which you can read here.  Larry had this to say about the book:

It would make a useful addition to the book shelf as a reference for RESPs in their current form.

Review #2

Mike Piper from the Oblivious Investor posted his review this morning and had this to say:

If a yank with no prior knowledge of RESP accounts can understand the information in the book, I imagine it’ll be thoroughly understandable for Canadian investors. If RESPs are a topic you’re looking to learn more about, go check out the book.

Thanks a lot for the great reviews!

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I’m mad I’m not the first, I was trying to get the post up yesterday…but after spending 7 hours trying to write my first carnival post, in between taking care of my son and phone calls, I gave it up for a bad job…to be reassigned to a less hectic day 🙁

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