LinkStuff – Extreme Early Retirement Edition

Lots of posts on MSB this week – I thought maybe instead of one good post, I would publish three average ones instead. 🙂

I ordered quite a few review copies of The RESP Book, and after a couple of weeks of deliberations, Amazon has finally shipped them. I’m hoping this means you will see a few reviews of the book around the interwebs in the near future.

Another book announcement

Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme has released his book, Early Retirement Extreme. Jacob is a very intelligent blogger, who saved a very high percentage of his income and retired at 30. His blog is well worth checking out, even if you are not an extreme saver.

On with the links

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Don’t kid yourself Mike, all your posts are average! 🙂 Kidding of course. Keep up the great work and I hope your book sales continue to climb….

Have a great weekend and thanks for the mention!

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