Fun And Frugal Activities With Your Kids – Riverdale Farm

Every parent of young children is continually looking for new activities to do with their kids.  Preferably activities that are inexpensive or even free.

One option I have is to take my kids to Riverdale Farm which is located near the downtown core here in Toronto.  Of course this particular activity isn’t available to everyone reading this but perhaps there is something similar near where you live.  If you do live within a reasonable drive of Riverdale Farm (it is near the Don Valley and Gerrard) then I strongly suggest you check it out if you have little ones you need to entertain.  The farm is free, has free parking, open all year and even has special activities once in a while.

There are quite a few different animals there – cows, sheep, goats, horses, pigs to name a few.  Recently there were a number of baby animals – the piglets were the cutest by far.  The setting is quite scenic – it is fairly hilly and there is a path down to the Don Valley as well as a pedestrian walkway which spans the Don Valley river and parkway and ends up in Riverdale park.

My kids like the animals but their favourite activities are running around and rolling down the grass hills.

Most of these photos are from last November and a couple are from late February – you don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy the farm.

All pictures taken with my Canon 200sx.

Does your area have any free farms or petting zoos available?

Mmmmm....future bacon.
Feeding the goats (which is not allowed by the way!).
Unfriendly stare
Rasta Sheep.

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Going to Riverdal Farm on farmers market day (tuesday?) makes for a good afternoon. Or playing tennis in Riverdale park then walking over. I really like the place even though I’m just a little bit older than your kids, although I guess I haven’t been in a while as they had no pigs last time (much to my disappointment). Great photos!

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