LinkStuff – Book Launch Party Edition

I was reading about the book launch party for a book I’m eagerly waiting for – Pensionize Your Nest Egg by Moshe Milevsky and Alexandra MacQueen over on Jon Chevreau’s blog.  Apparently it was quite the affair with catered food, financial celebrities and whatnot.

It had never occurred to me to have a launch party for my book, but I can assure you that if I did – it would not be any kind of fancy black-tie affair. In fact, it would look a lot like Mr. Cheap’s Dream Wedding (one of my favourite posts).

The rest of the links

Canadian Couch Potato wrote an excellent piece Why every portfolio needs bonds.  Equities are not “all that” all the time.

Jim Yih wrote an excellent article about setting up in-trust accounts for the grandkids. He points out some of the many potential problems with these accounts.

The Oblivious Investor asks Do you have an investment backup plan? Some good ideas about how to deal with a retirement shortfall.

Here is a look at some very old currencies used in the 30’s. Very colourful.

Million Dollar Journey is having a book giveaway for Rob Carrick’s latest book. Contest ends soon!

Canadian Capitalist spent hours looking at two Time magazine covers and concluded that the media doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

Michael James reports that University students pay for meals differently.

Boomer and Echo wrote about how they bought a rental house for their son at University. It sounds like it worked out, but I would think a short-term real estate play is risky.

Congrats to Preet who has a new job writing a column for the Globe and Mail. I hope he still returns my calls.

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Book Launching Party? I’m all there!

By the way, anyone who disses McDonalds has no children. Who cares about the food, I go there on rainy days so my son can run around like a hooligan in their child play area. Marketing genius. Anyone who has ever tried to bring a 2-3 year old to a more formal restaurant will understand that. Ikea also has a decent child play area.

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