New York State Extends Unemployment Benefits By 13 Weeks

Update – Feb 7, 2011 – Legislation to add extra weeks for 99ers

Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Bobby Scott (Va.) are reintroducing legislation this week to provide additional weeks of unemployment insurance benefits for “99ers,”

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On May 12, the Senate finance committee voted and unanimously approved changes to legislation which will extend benefits to unemployed New Yorkers. There are approximately 120,000 unemployed people in New York currently receiving benefits which will run out before the end of May. These changes will extend the benefits by 13 weeks which result in a total of 72 weeks.

New York was given $645 million in federal stimulus package money to spend on unemployment benefits and administration – so far New York along with several other states has been very slow to institute changes to accomodate the federal aid. The main delay in New York was a desire to change the whole unemployment system to increase the maximum weekly benefit (currently $430) which is the lowest in the area.

These changes have not been finalized yet since the legislation now has to go the Senate floor for a full vote. Once it is passed by the legislature it has to be approved by Governor Paterson. It is expected that this will take place by the end of next week so that there will be no disruption in any unemployment insurance benefits.

Here is a quote from Senator Onorato who sponsored the bill:

“I could not be more pleased that this vital legislation, which will provide an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits for New York’s jobless, is now moving swiftly towards becoming law,” said Senator Onorato. “Unemployment benefits for some 56,000 jobless New York residents are slated to begin running out next week, with at least 5,000 more a week after that. Passage of this legislation will provide unemployed New Yorkers with critically needed financial assistance during very difficult economic times. This is a win-win for unemployed workers in need of aid, as well as for local economies that will benefit from the money these New Yorkers will spend on food, rent and other basic needs in their communities.”

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Hi Issa,

My belief is that HR 589 has a better chance than the new one just created (HR 3638) because for one thing it has far more co-sponsors so this is definitely the one that should have the focus… logically! that’s not to say we should exclude the new one but it definitely needs more co-sponsors and we know how long that takes to build up speed.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus introduced the ‘Restore the American Dream Act’ this morning, and it clearly includes the 99ers. The bill says it increases UI from 99 weeks to 114 weeks. I’m not sure about the bill # yet, but we MUST get behind this and fight for it. CALL CONGRESS 1-888-245-3381. Fight for this bill and HR589.,80&itemid=497

I need to know if HR3638 the number of today’s bill.
There are over 47,000 signers on my petition right now. I have the ability to send a message to all of them that still have internet connection. I’d like to forward Pauline’s information about HR589 and HR3638 to them. If I’m wrong about the number, I can’t correct it for a week. (15 – 30 people still find the petition on the internet and sign each week.)

If you haven’t seen the petition, it’s at

I posted the information on the petition site, but sadly, can no longer send emails to the petitioners. I didn’t know that had been changed.

Does anyone know what’s happened to Sherri?

31 Dec 2011 @ 1:23 PM CST
Hello everyone. I usually only go to Fl site. But my good friend Sherri says to say hello to all of you. I done so on FL site. Paul Davies she sends a special wish for you and well wishes for all of you. Sherri is not on the internet just now-has to use a library computer a few blocks away.Sherri and I had a long talk on phone an hour ago. she is doing okay.take care all of you and God bless. Happy New Year!

Hello fellow forgotten 99ers who are still able to read this!! There’s no doubt OUR fight is over – though the currently unemployed who are collecting UI are in danger of losing further extensions, while the GOP/TP continues with their efforts to change the whole Unemployment Insurance system for future unemployed people, which could be some of us yet again! I’m sure some have received the email indicating what those draconian changes would be – What those changes boil down to are that the GOP and some out of touch Americans consider UI the same as Welfare, and want to PUNISH people who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. I wish those who lose their jobs in the coming year(s) well in dealing with whatever new system MAY be implemented. For many of us, including myself, lives have been ruined. Am hoping/praying for Sherri, NEW YORKER and all those who lost everything because of losing their jobs through no fault of their own, and then watching as most of our fellow Americans turned their collective backs on us. Then, the 99 percenters took our “monicker” and many Americans became confused with what a REAL 99er is. A 99er(UI exhaustee) is also a 99 percenter, but a 99 percenter is not necessarily a 99er(UI exhaustee). I think that distinction was never made very clear. And, I wonder where those who gathered for OWS were when WE needed them back in the Spring of 2010 – when S 3607 could have saved lives with 20 additional weeks of UI and provided tax cuts for businesses who would hire the longest term unemployed…To the Libertarian/teabagger whatever who used to post here and questioned why I didn’t go to a rally two years ago, it was because I was caring for my beloved dying mother, who passed away in September, 2010. Anyway, I have been going through eviction hearings for months now, and though have gotten adjournments, it’s still only a matter of time til I end up on Dead End Street. I do believe there are more jobs hiring, but have absolutely no money or resources anymore, and will have no place to live or stay. Have also become sick both mentally and physically. I’ve been living like a secluded prisoner on death row for over a year – always dreading the knock on the door, or the certified letter – can’t believe I’ve lasted so long in my apartment – though all equity has been used up. Have been helped by friends, charities, government programs(which the GOP/TP want to cut), strangers and even Internet buddies with food, supplies and bills other than rent. I haven’t posted here in a long time, cause it’s too depressing and there’s really not much left to say about the plight of the original 99ers who still don’t have jobs. As long as the GOP/TP fights this President and the Dems in Congress on any Jobs Bills, while insisting that spending be cut from programs that might help the already poor and the new generation of poor(99ers), and while they further try to dismantle the REGULAR UI system, in the guise of cutting the deficit, which was created mostly by the two unfunded wars, Bush Tax Cuts and Medicare Part D, then there is no way even the Dems or The President could ever do anything to help the original 99ers. The other long-term unemployed who never reached 99 weeks and/or are still in the middle of extensions will be very fortunate if the extension program is extended again come this month. With every Democatic bill proposed to help people, the GOP/TP always attaches other crap which would hurt other people, or ideological ammendments such as defunding Planned Parenthood, NPR, reversing Roe V Wade, repealing The Affordable Health Care Plan(referred to by THEM as Obamacare), etc… and so on. Yet, when it comes to even suggesting raising taxes on ONLY the wealthiest 1%, the GOP/TP fight til the death until they get their way – usually in exchange for passing a bill which they formerly may have passed without attachments, but now oppose when it’s a Black Democratic President who they want to fail in the White House. I think we are ALL angry about many things. Personally, though I’ve been disappointed with The Pres for compromising, there is no doubt in my mind that the economy would have gotten worse if the country had elected ANY Republican for President. I hope people who didn’t vote this past November, or those who were disappointed with the Pres and went out and cast a “protest vote” for candidates who had no chance of winning may have learned a lesson, after ending up with people like Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, Chris Christie, Alan West, Joe Walsh(deadbeat dad teabagger), Mitch Daniels, and the do nothing GOP controlled House Majority led by Speaker John “Where Are The Jobs” Boehner. If that didn’t teach people a lesson, then I’m afraid the same voting pattern may help elect a Paul Ryan-type to the Presidency. My life is done, but I hope for others who might still have a chance that people will stop voting against their own self interests, based on ignorance, fear, hate and racism. Let the negative GOP ads resume as the clowns they call candidates do the work for the Obama campaign and destroy each other, while The Pres continues to be the only adult in the room as has been the case for the past three years. And still, no Jobs Bills from the GOP. How could a GOP candidate possibly win with people knowing that they’ve voted against everything and obstructed everything else that may have helped the economy, since the worse the economy is by 2012, the better they think their chances are of winning. At the expense of their own constituents. When the UE rate goes up they blame Obama – and when it goes down, oh, then it must be due to those great Republican tax policies. Yes, the UE numbers may be fudged, but today’s number for January is 8.3%!!! Down from 8.5% If the GOP/TP are so concerned about the unemployed, then one must wonder why the hell they haven’t introduced not ONE Jobs Bill and have voted against all others including The President’s own, Amecian Jobs Act!! And by the way, to anyone reading who’s no longer around who wants to say that The President extended the Bush Tax Cuts in December 2010, please remember that it was in exchange for a continuation of the UI extension program for those who had not reached 99 weeks at the time. One can only wonder what the GOP/TP will ask for now when the UI deadline comes up again….Once more, wishing Sherri and NEW YORKER well, and special hellos, and possibly so longs to Pauline, Issa, CatD, ALAN, walt1948 and all the others who are still out there trying to make ends meet!! Groundhog Day was yesterday, but just like in the movie, feels like the same day again…Maybe if we get it right by 2012, the day will change. Peace 🙂

WOO HOO Paul Davies!!! So glad to see your name pop up! I have not throughly read all you posted, but I’m glad you’re still hanging. Best Wishes to all always & do keep smiling….it makes you feel good 🙂

Mark – good to see you still hanging as well. Sorry I left your name out in my previous post. Used to smile alot, but all smiles now are forced…..Things are too painful at this point. But all due respect to those who can still find things to be happy about!! Have major depression and anxiety, caused by real situations, not to mention a do nothing Congress which may have helped if they were not so intent on bringing this President down, which I think they will fail at anyway. “Nobody loves you when you’re down and out…”(John Lennon)

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Paul, it is sooooooooooo good to hear from you. Please don’t stay away so long. We all do worry about you, ask about you all the time. Even if it’s not good news, we want to hear. That’s what friends are for. Please stay in our loop! The same with Sherri, And the New Yorkers, and others.

I’m in chemo fog right now so not remembering everyone’s names, but you’re all in my heart. Now I’m trying to remember if I told you all about the cancer? Meant to. I’m doing fine. Love and care about you all.

Thanks everyone who’s been ‘checking in.’ Even if you don’t have a lot to say at the moment, a “hi” sounds real good.

Good Morning All!

Issa – Sorry to hear you’re going through treatments. Stay strong & fight as you’ve always done! I’ll be sending strength & smiles your way! 🙂

Amazingly hanging on for dear life here….So many miracles in the past two years – along with a couple of deep losses (both parents). Have been in nearly a year and ongoing battle in Housing Court to try and keep my same apartment. There are many technicalities which have delayed the process. So, for every day with the same roof, or ANY roof at all, I feel blessed. I have also been blessed by the understanding, kindness and generosity of so many who are responsible for my still being alive…(That would NOT include The GOP or Tea Party). Issa, I’m so sorry to read about your story – I never knew you were in such a battle on top of being one of us who have been displaced from our former working lives. I wish for you better HEALTH, which is more important than WEALTH, though it doesn’t hurt to have both, of course! 🙂 Thanks Pauline, CatD, Mark and ALAN for your kind greetings, and I wish you all better things as well. 🙂 I sincerely believe there are more jobs hiring now and especially since the time before this President took office when there were next to NONE. Unfortunately, that was the time when I had lots of money, confidence and health to actually work. There are more available jobs, despite ANY help from the do-nothing, let the economy tank GOP-controlled House which would do anything to see President Obama fail, which he hasn’t IMHO, and won’t in 2012 IMHO. I now have medical issues of my own which are preventing me from working, but I know there are jobs available and will be more and more as 2012 nears. Despite the GOP’s wish for a higher UE rate!! I wish I could take advantage of the calls and emails I’ve received for interviews, but I can’t medically work at this time. I do think there is hope for those who actually CAN work as long as you have resources to continue looking. Of course this is just my opinion based on the calls and emails I’ve received, and the growing number of posted jobs I’ve seen. Sure, some may have to take less money, but it’s always better to look for a job while working ANYWHERE, as opposed to looking after over three years of not, while also not getting any younger. Not that it’s impossible, but I think most would agree that as crazy as it seems to be, a candidate needs to already act like they are, and appear successful at an interview in order to impress the hiring person. Not so easy to pull off when nearly homeless and starving. It’s not so impressive when employers hear stories, however true, about being out of work due to the economy…..they realistically don’t give a sh***t. There are millions of others who are looking who either have jobs that they want to leave for a better one, or unemployed who have not been out as long, people with updated technical skills, and of course YOUNGER job seekers. So all I and many may hope for is survival at this point until a comeback might be possible. I hope Sherry and NEW YORKER are okay…and I think about them often. Having the Internet has been so important in order to just be able to advocate for myself as far as legal, medical & social service matters. Thanks to help from friends, and living one day at a time, one month at a time, I’m still online and trying to hang on to my apartment. I haven’t been very religious, but I might start going to church or temple based on the miracles I’ve seen during the past three years. One of those miracles is to still be alive. Peace to all!

CatD – WOO HOO!!!! Congrats…that is awesome! Persistence & a good attitude pay off. Big smile to you 🙂

CatD!!!!!!! Am SO happy for you!! I know there are more jobs out there hiring now. Now that many of us, including myself no longer have a pot to piss in and are sick from these three years of poverty. But, it’s great to see a great American get back on track. Good luck and wish you all the best! You’re an inspiration to all, and yet another statistic proving that there have been more hires while Pres Obama has been in office after three years, than in all eight years of GW Bush! Hi again to all and wish the same good turn for the better for all of you out there… 🙂

CatD, congratulations! I’m so happy for you. It gives hope to each of us when one of us finds a job. It does feel like the economy is slowly changing. Actually, it seems to be picking up a little steam.
We’ve all done well to hang in there together and give each other support over the years.

Good Morning All!

Hey Alan – can we stop with all the negativity? What’s up with you? There is good & bad all over the world…


Issa- Been thinking about you….please check in when you can as we all care about you 🙂

Thanks, Mark. I’m about halfway through chemo. I’ll be doing fine. Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks for the kind words. I do check in, and it really does help my morale to know that my ‘old’ friends remember and care. I’m very tired, but I’m blessed with good medical care and have a good prognosis.

It’s hard to believe that some of us started out together 4 years ago on 4 pillars! and, even though some things are getting a little better by degrees, we are still fighting the same fight. We’re going to have to muster up energy to help get rid of the current House Republicans who are still holding us down. I hope to join that fight in the fall.

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