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Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t be doing any link posts for a while but I just can’t help myself. Some great posts this week – all these blogs are quite excellent so if you are looking for more reading material then check their other posts as well.

Big congrats to Million Dollar Journey who was mentioned in the latest Money Sense magazine (my favourite). I already recycled it, but if I can paraphrase from memory “A super informational blog, we love him, great guy, read his blog!”.

Jeff from My Super Charged Life wrote a fantastic post about surviving a class-5 tornado which wrecked his house. Read the post and check out the photos – we’re not talking about a Toronto-style storm where you might get a couple of lawn chairs tipped over.

Brip Blap is going back to work after a brief pro-blogging career. This post really resonated with me since I have the exact same frustrations of not working (for a while) but not being able to write anything because of the kids. I think I wrote two posts in May. I definitely wouldn’t trade places with anyone since I rather like the kids, but this post might be a good lesson for someone who is planning to work at home with the kid(s). Not possible!

Lynnae from Being Frugal wrote a great post about health care in America. She wants coverage for low income Americans but no government involvement. As I pointed out in the comments – that ain’t never going to happen. Lots of great comments too, although for some reason most of them seem to be from non-Americans.

The Canadian Financial DIY wrote about the Canadian Pension Plan investment strategy in a very well researched post. A must read for any Canadians.

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Thanks for the mention FP! With regards to working from home problogging, I had the same discussion with my wife yesterday. It would be virtually impossible with a young child at home. I can’t even imagine it if I had 2 young kids like yourself.

MDJ – 2 kids is harder than 1, but any kids will make it hard. You would have to put the kid in daycare or something a few days a week.


Thanks, Mike. Yeah, I don’t know how people do it. Keeping both kids in day care, as some probloggers do, probably helps a lot. Having lots of relatives nearby would help, too. But I’m guessing that in the end the biggest thing would HAVE to be a drive to spend time that you COULD spend with your kids writing because you loved writing so much.

In other words, being driven to write or having a lot of help. If it’s just two people at home and they EQUALLY share the duties of childraising, I don’t think it’s possible to get much done. Something has to give – either one parent has to do a disproportionate amount of the work, or the kids have to be cared for by someone else – or you do all of your blogging from 11 pm to 4 am.

Dunno, but it’s a trick I never figured out while “problogging.”

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