Stimulus Check 2010 – Will There Be One?

A common question for most Americans is “Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?”.  This is a valid question since there was a general stimulus check issued in 2008 for the amount of $600 (maximum) for each person.  There was no general stimulus check in 2009 although there were some $250 stimulus checks for selected groups (Social Security and SSI).

At the moment there has been no proposals for a 2010 stimulus check which means that the odds of a check happening in 2010 are not very good.  However, it really depends on the economy and the willingness of the Obama administration to spend more money to prop up the economy.

Since Obama took office there have been quite a few stimulus efforts and a lot of money spent to help juice the economy.  There are limits to how much money can and should be spent to strengthen an economy and those limits might have already been reached.  Politically it is getting harder for Obama to get approval for more stimulus funding.

[Update – Jan 4 – Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?]

Stimulus Check in 2010?

At this point in time you should assume there will not be a stimulus check for 2010.  That way if there ends up being a stimulus check then it will be a nice bonus.  Sometimes people will go and spend money they don’t have because they think there is some extra money coming to them in the future in the form of a gift, bonus, stimulus check etc.  This is not a good way to manage your finances – never spend money you don’t have.

Will anyone get stimulus checks in 2010?

If you are a recipient of Social Security or SSI then you have a better chance of getting a stimulus check in 2010 since there is already a proposed stimulus check for those groups.  This has not been fully approved so even this check might not happen but at least the process has been started.

What is the point of a stimulus check?

The main reason for issuing stimulus checks is to give people more money to spend which will help stimulate the economy.  The economy has been in a recession and unemployment has hit double digits (10%) so anything the government can do to fix the economy should be attempted.  On the other hand if the government spends too much money stimulating the economy then it will increase the debt load which will have long term effects on the economy.  Another problem which doesn’t look all that likely at the moment is that sometimes governments will stimulate their economy to the point where things get overheated and high inflation can result.

Recap of recent stimulus checks

2008 $600stimulus check for all taxpayers.
2009 $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI plus a few others early in the year.
2010 – Proposed $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI in the first quarter of 2010.

There was no general stimulus check in 2009 despite rumors to the contrary.

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What? nowhere did i say that. Iam saying BABA isnt the answer, HELL
our great great grandkids will be paying, what we now are in dept..for!!
BUT!! BUSH did not have a answer in 8 years…WE need to get rid of everyone thats been office more that 10 years..IN ALL OFFICES!! and let
they try living on our income…As for as illegals we are in very serious trouble in this country, if BABA legalizes they..BUILD THE FENCE SEND THEM BACK!!!

THOMAS, I agree, the only way to get our country back, is in NOVEMBER! ………. I live VERY close to the Border, and know FIRST hand about illegals! I applaud our Gov., Jan Brewer, for having the courage to sign that bill! Our county, YUMA COUNTY has an unemployment of 27%. The Mexican people who work the fields here ARE very hard workers, but, like in all states, there are those who live on welfare, and don’t want to work. I know SEVERAL people in the little farming community I live in, who have been trying for 2 years to find a job! With 27% unemployment, THERE ARE NO JOBS!!…..I would like to tell ALL the people who live 3000 miles from Arizona, “UNTIL” you come and live here for a year, on the Border, keep your mouths shut. You don’t KNOW what you are talking about! I live in a SMALL farming community, east of Yuma, Az. I would say the population here is probably 90% Mexican. They are not harrassed by anyone, and it were known, about half of them are illegal. I don’t think illegals should be able to collect wefare OR Social Security, they don’t pay into it, why she from everyone else who has?

I recieve SSI cuz im disabled so am i gettin this 250 check or what seems really confusing i know its not much but it would help someone like me out alot.

YES, i wish our governor had the balls. I live in southeast iowa(Ottumwa)
17,000 people. the illegals came there App 10,000 in our town.its really bad. i dont care how hard of workers they are,illegal is breaking the law.

this house in this town has 9 familys, they were forced out of house by they burnt it down were caught and because they were illegal
they were sent back so they could come back and do it again. also there having kids like rabbits..i do not like them…BUILD THE FENCE SEND THEM BACK!!!!


This is a real slap in the face to all the people who worked all their life only to end up sick and unable to work. NO cost of living and no stimulus that Obama wanted all due to the fact that our Democratic congree voted it down–but did they vote down their high salaries and paid medical benefits–no way would never happen.

I live on SSDI and an a widow but not old enought to claim widow bebefits on what my spouse made.

I cant qualify for medicaide or food stamps or anything.

and I am really tired of people who put people who are retired or who are on disability as being freeloaders—all I have to say to them is wait–your turn is quickly coming

i live on $697.00 a month it is very tough and i am an american! i worked all of my live and i got cancer can not work any more. i would love to have a 250.00 check. it would help so much.

I agree with Susan about the welfare and social security going to the illegals who have NOT paid into it NOR have they paid taxes. They tax our system so that Americans who REALLY need the help can’t get it. I am sick to death of illegals coming into this country and taking advantage of every American tax paying citizen who has worked all their lives and paid in to a system that is suppose to help support them in retirement. There isn’t enough money for that now because of government and illegals. I am disabled and unable to work. I get a small disability check and Medicare medical, but nothing else. My prescriptions cost me close to $500 a month and that is 3/4s of my income. Thanks to the pharmcutical makers and the pharmacies drug costs are out of reach for most of us so we go without. I could use that $250 check to pay some of my medical bills before they go to collection. One more thing, Obama DID NOT cause this mess. Bush did it. If you remember correctly, Bush set up those payouts to the big insurance companies and big businesses before Obama took office. That was one of the last things he did before he left and because it was already set up poor Obama had to finish what Bush started. I knew that when Obama got voted in that he was going to be blamed for everything that Bush did because he is a Democrat. During the campaigns there was lot of mud slinging going on and it wasn’t by the Dems it was by the Republicians. They cannot not stand it when they are not in power so they dig for dirt and if they can’t find any they make something up. This government is suppose to be by the people and for the people. As I see it, it is a government for the government and all the money that they can get into their pockets for THEM. They retire with full pay and benefits, does anyone else in this country get those types of benefits? NO. When are we Americans going to take back our country and our government? Our freedom of speech was attacked when Bush had an 82 year old women thrown in jail for carrying an anti-Bush poster. Look it up for yourselves on Now we have news blackouts about the oil spill because the government and BP doesn’t want us to know how bad it really is. No more freedom people, it is slowly being taken away from us and Americans don’t even realize it. WAKE up America and see what is going on around you. If you don’t, you will one day wake up to a communistic government. Then what will you think?

I know that my husband and I could use the $250.00 dollars also. We are both disable. We are better off than some of the ones on retirement; but with the price of everything going up food, gas for the car, utilities, insurance , etc. We find it harder and harder to pay everything. You have plan b and d you have to pay for and when you go to get help they don’t take the cost of having medical bills off even so you can at least get help with the utilities. We make to much. I know if my husband and I got a divorce we would both get help but together we don’t. No raise, no $250; social security people got left behind as always. But cost of living keeps going up.

Linda: I know what you are saying. When my husband and I got our yearly SS statement on what we will be getting paid for the year, ours said that because the economy was so bad that we wouldn’t be getting a raise in our Social Security checks for 3 years. THREE YEARS. Now how STUPID is that? With the cost of living going up around us everyday, and they say we don’t need a raise. I think that they are looking for a way to legally put euthanasia into effect for those of us on SS because we CAN’T afford high medical bills or the cost of our prescriptions.

There are so many people out there that take advantage of the wellfare system. People like us who rely on SSDI, it isn’t fair. This is our oportunity to get help. I hope that we will get a stimules check of $250. I sure could use it! Especially for my medical bills!

I Just got off the phone with Social Security. There will Be NO Stimulas Check only to those who fell in the doughnut hole of paying full price for medical coverage and medications. YES!! Bush started this mess giving away money former President Clinton Had in resevere for Socical Security. President Obama is putting the icing on the cake. I have worked and paid in taxes now I’m disabled and widowed. I choose every month what I can or can not pay. President Obama is a BIG dissapointment to all who are on Social Security and disability. Why should we work and pay taxes when illegals are reeping ALL our benifits. WAKE UP AMERICA AND FIGHT FOR OUR AMERICAN RIGHTS!! If we stand back and do nothing we are not only going to loose our rights as American’s also as Christian’s. If you are interested about Obama cancelling our National Day of Prayer but having a National Day of Prayer between the White house and the Capitol Buliding for over 50-thousands Muslam’s go to this web site ( It will SHOCK YOU!! If you would like to e-mail me for more infomation feel free to do so at NATION IS IN DANGER!! Judy Davidson

I’ve been wondering about the Stimulus for awhile now and I’m glad to know whats going on now. I have to admit that I’m a registered democrat but I think I’m going to change my parties. My daughter and I are on SSI disability. I’m on it because I gave up most of life to stay home to take care of my mom. I had to quit school to take care of her and I got my GED over 20 years later after she passed away. I only get $654.00 a month to live on and this state only lets us have $76.00 a month in Food Stamps to eat on but yet others who have double our income are getting $300.00 or more in Food Stamps. I’ve appealed it but they tell me that these people aren’t getting that amount and I’m getting what I’m suppose to. But I’ve seen what they get and they pay out the same as we do for rent and utility’s. So right now that money would have helped buy us some food.
My health is getting worse right now and even my freinds and neighbors have noticed it. I wish there was a Time Machine and we could go back and remember everything that has happened and re-do the election all over again. Because right now when the next term comes around I don’t who to I’ll be able to trust anymore after what has just happened these past couple of years. I totally lost all faith!!!!!

im so confused are they gonna do the stimulus or not i only make 674 and its hard to make it im on ssi and cant work im only 19 i have bad health whats going on?/

Like alot of Americans on S/S, yes we could use a $250.00 Stimulast Check or any kind of check. The way things are going in this country, is kinda like the Roman Empire, do we even have a goverment or is it more like a dictatorship. I used to feel like we were the best but it seems to be changeing, I always looked at this country as the best but something seems wrong with things happening in this country. I hate letting all the trouble makers off the hook, but I always refer to the lord for help, and we all should do the same. Praise the Lord.


You all are all so full of it. It took Bushy 2 years to erase the surplus and 6 more to run up the deficit by billions and billions, running 2 illegal wars (at the estimated cost of $10billion a month… do the math. It will certainly take more than 2 years just to sift through the rubble, nevermind turn things around. By the way, Haliburton (amongst several other Bush friends) made billions too, while you and I got nothing but a major recession and no cost of living increase.
It is my opinion, as an independent voter and disabled Vet, that we should elect the most anti-corporation/rich people candidates as can be found and give them the same opportunity to make a difference as it took the last admin. to f#&>k it up (that’s six more years if you can’t figure it out. You know, ones that are on our side and not the 2% who own most of the wealth.
We also need to find reps. and sens. who are not afraid to stand up and face off with the radical conservatives that will destroy our wonderful land of freedom and choice.
THINK for god’s sake. Don’t just accept the demonizing of people who are doing their best to help the working poor and the middle class and don’t be ignorant and jump on a bandwagon that is headed foe disaster.

First off what religion Obama chooses to follow is of his own business. In case you have forgotten we have the right for freedom of religion in this country. What does his religious beleifs have anything to do with weather we get a stimulus check or not.
Just another religious fanactic trying to blame it on anyone whom does not share the Judeo/Christian belief. Bush and his cronies put us into this position Obama simply was elected into the mess as 8 years of mismanagement hit the fan. The republicans make sure that they are in the lowest or in the exemption of taxes. The wealthest americans need to pick up their fair share of taxes or go to jail. so lay off Obama throw at all career polititions and start over. They either work with us we the people or their asses are out next election!!!

I agree with the one that talk abount the bonuces u are write they are going to get a big fat bounces for christmas and new year why we can’t get even $250.00 and they are going buy big fancy present for there family and friend and they wife going to get fur coast and diamond ring and there children will be eating big red apple and orange and we can’t get nothing we want be able to buy a bag or beans and they never to said that we will spent money will someone please tell me how we are spending money when they don’t want to give us anything please tell me . but congress when u and your family be sittng around your dining room table eating a good christmas diner thank about the poor people that didn’t have money to buy food ok

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