Stimulus Check 2010 – Will There Be One?

A common question for most Americans is “Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?”.  This is a valid question since there was a general stimulus check issued in 2008 for the amount of $600 (maximum) for each person.  There was no general stimulus check in 2009 although there were some $250 stimulus checks for selected groups (Social Security and SSI).

At the moment there has been no proposals for a 2010 stimulus check which means that the odds of a check happening in 2010 are not very good.  However, it really depends on the economy and the willingness of the Obama administration to spend more money to prop up the economy.

Since Obama took office there have been quite a few stimulus efforts and a lot of money spent to help juice the economy.  There are limits to how much money can and should be spent to strengthen an economy and those limits might have already been reached.  Politically it is getting harder for Obama to get approval for more stimulus funding.

[Update – Jan 4 – Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?]

Stimulus Check in 2010?

At this point in time you should assume there will not be a stimulus check for 2010.  That way if there ends up being a stimulus check then it will be a nice bonus.  Sometimes people will go and spend money they don’t have because they think there is some extra money coming to them in the future in the form of a gift, bonus, stimulus check etc.  This is not a good way to manage your finances – never spend money you don’t have.

Will anyone get stimulus checks in 2010?

If you are a recipient of Social Security or SSI then you have a better chance of getting a stimulus check in 2010 since there is already a proposed stimulus check for those groups.  This has not been fully approved so even this check might not happen but at least the process has been started.

What is the point of a stimulus check?

The main reason for issuing stimulus checks is to give people more money to spend which will help stimulate the economy.  The economy has been in a recession and unemployment has hit double digits (10%) so anything the government can do to fix the economy should be attempted.  On the other hand if the government spends too much money stimulating the economy then it will increase the debt load which will have long term effects on the economy.  Another problem which doesn’t look all that likely at the moment is that sometimes governments will stimulate their economy to the point where things get overheated and high inflation can result.

Recap of recent stimulus checks

2008 $600stimulus check for all taxpayers.
2009 $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI plus a few others early in the year.
2010 – Proposed $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI in the first quarter of 2010.

There was no general stimulus check in 2009 despite rumors to the contrary.

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First of all Obama is and always was a USA citizen, not getting over the fact that a BLACK MAN won the highest office in America isn’t, shouldn’t be a surprise at all, some of us moved on regarding black vs. white it’s old, very old, as far as the office you would think if we haven’t got so many parties and support our president we wouldn’t complaint as much, if you think you could compare your president to others around the world you would appreciate this time more, wake up and think what you could do with yourself, your neighbor, your children, tomorrow is precious, you have one life you are part of 309 million people in the USA, think how the hell you are going to please everyone. HOW!!!

Most of the people i know (ME) voted for obama, this is not about
black and white, its about lieing and making promises, to the people of this country. its about taking from the disabled and giving to banks and every other business to bail there ass out. i DONT care about these other presidents and there problems, were does this end? ive worked hard my whole life and at 48 i got hurt, never to work again. i dont like being like this, but what is IS..We are not talking about everyone in U.S were talking about the disabled people..

HEY, I forgot to say…PROVE TO ME HES LEGAL!!! i keep asking
but not getting any were but people keep saying OH HES A U.S
IAM proud to show any and everybody iam a u.s citizen

Some of you need to realize, OBAMA ONLY BEEN IN OFFICE FOR 1YR!! GIVE HIM A CHANCE!! He was’nt the one who messed things up, those of you whether republican or democrat or independent who keeps complaining, if you believe in God pray for him AND congress to at least have an open mind, get along, start agreeing more and make the right dec?sions then maybe God will allow things to happen for the good, cockiness and being to proud, is what got us here. As for the stimulus for social security recipients, they deserve that money, its not fair that rent food medical cost utilities etc raised th?s year but their benefits didnt, thats sad and got to be harder on them. My prayers go out to you all.


I have read countless articles both pro and con concerning our Presdient. Come on people let’s just give him a break he has only been in office for one year and it takes some time to strengthen out a mess,especially someone eles’s big old mess.So lets have a little more patience,and remember that Rome, wasn,t built in a day. He;s going to make some mistakes he;s only human,how many of us have lived a perfect life without ever making a mistake I haven’t To be honest I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life so let’s kind of back up on some.Instead of being so critical of him and his decisions pray that God will show him what best for this nation. I know first hand that it is very diffcult to live off a fixed income because I have not been in the work force for over 23 years now because I chose to come home to care for my Mother who was dieing with and my very premature daughter who is now 24 years old and wheel chair bound physically and mentally delayed.The cost of medications is off the chain Paying for her seizure medication is vey expensive and she is on5 different meds. Often times I have to make the decisionto buy an extra gallon of milk, or make a payment on the water bill. It seems so unfair to me that a young man (whom I know) who recently lost his job and has a wife and a young son,applied for benefits and was denied, but the friendly neighborhood crackhead who is homeless can get a check, foodstamps and even a medical card, I don’t understand the logic. This country needs to care of our own first the Seniors, who have given their all to this country worked hard payed their taxes our Vets who have sered this country well,and those poor souls who are not able to hold down a steady job due to illness. I pray for this country and our President we truley need help. I pray that God will continue to bless and keep each and everyone of you, abd all your dreams come to true. Let’s all join forces and make this the land it use to be GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Thank You Patricia I agree 100%. It is ludicrous to continue to down our Commander and Chief. I think and always will believe he truly wants to help ordinary Americans but Republicans “yes I said it” have to make sure that the rich continue to get rich and the poor continue to gets poorer so bless his heart his hands are tied. This country always has and always will progress in the pattern of the have and have nots. No one is willing to compromise and allow disadvantaged Americans a chance to receive some of the bare essentials of life. It is not enough for some of us to live in 8 bedroom, 5 bath homes, we must have all the money, all the benefits and all the everything while the least of ours suffer. We need to remember that we cannot take material things with us.We are so quick to help other countries when right down the street their are homeless individuals and veterans that need monetary and medical attention. We are so selfish. Please don’t blame our ills on the president look at the man in the mirror.

To, D.Farewell You are so quick to say ordinary people,WHO ARE THEY? i dont know about everybody else, but i thought we were Americans, which means we are Equal!!!How can you say IllS? this man bailed out every Big Company in America or taken over control of them.
Were as we the disabled people of American gets a freeze on our income.
Who are we bailing out with the money they have taken from us?And as far as taken things with us, when this gov is done with us we will be living in tents behind a very big fence…I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING..I FELL LIKE THEY HAVE PUT US OUT TO PASTURE

Good Morning,It’s Tuesday February23.2010,8:52A.M. and I haave just finished reading a article on Google dated January 04,2010, in reference to the $250.00 stimulus rebate that a lot of us was expecting. It now looks as if we will NOT be receiving a rebate as earlier thought. according to the article the economy is doing better and the bill had not even been presented.So as of now it apperars there will not be one.When we should be able to get a cost of living raise or something.Most of us are struggling trying to keep a roof over our heads,and to pay for mediciations and the gas and electric bill never mind a new pair of shoes that is completley out of the question.while some of toss and turn at night wondering how we’re going to pay our bills while the big wigs go home to the big fabulous home,the nanny, the cook and the wonderful little woman who goes shopping everyday and we the little people continue to suffer.Although $250.00 is not enough, but it would have helped a lot of us have a little extra, just maybe we could have payed a bill, bought another gallon of milk, or even did something for ourself or our kids.

I think Howard Hayes needs to be slapped into reality. Are you that stupid as to think that President Obama is a US CITIZEN , HELL NO he is NOT or he would be proud to show it. As far as being a US citizen he would place his hand over his heart during the pledged NO he does none of that because we have just been an easy way take from our Veterans and our disabled caused he Presdident 0obama has never walked in any of our shoes


TO, SUSAN…WE as Americans should now if our so called leader
is a citizen or not…HE should show us(hes not why?) YOU watch tv? what renee said is true.

Renee and Thomas:
I don’t trust him, either. However, I do think that if there were some truth to his not being a citizen, Republicans would have slammed on that issue continuously until the truth came out. I’d much rather people look at the real issues involving Obama and his unimpeded attempt to spend our country into financial ruin by growing the federal government larger and larger, increasing the number of federal jobs that we tax payers must pay for, jobs that do not produce anything but draw a bigger paycheck than the private sector counterparts, and bailing out corrupt companies and banks that should have been allowed to go out of business. The idea that we have minimal manufacturing and must buy most of our products from other countries is enough to make me sick. We need to get our industries with decent paying and productive jobs back by whatever means necessary. This problem sure didn’t start with Obama, however. Both parties share equal blame in the sell out of our country. We also share the blame due to our complacency and blind trust in our elected representatives, by not keeping them in check, and in allowing them free reign to become corrupted by lobbyist money, being loyal only to the lobbyists and not to the people who voted them into office.
For those of you who think you’re in good hands now that Obama is in office and that we should give him more time—you’re as blind as can be, and they’ve got you right where they want you—in total ignorant bliss. Vote ALL of these bums out! They do not care, respect, nor fear you. They do not and will not listen to you. They “care” only at election time when they send out their pamphlets and call you on your phone with their recorded message asking you for donations to help keep them in office. AM I THE ONLY DAMNED PERSON WHO IS TIRED OF THIS LIE??? Gracious, folks-get off your duff and take a stand-if even if it’s just in the voting booth! Get rid of these self-serving parasites on election day.

I do believe he has never experienced being broke, disabled unable to feed his family or wondering where the next $ will come from to feed his family. I say this NOT because I believe what I see in pictures or his VACATION HOME in HAWAII which is very secluded, but I say this because I see what he is doing to OUR nation, I am NOT stupid so SUSAN next time to want to speak speak to me only with intellagiance for I do NOT have tine for your ingnorance.

Thank you

This is wed mg, FEB 24th, just called the local S.S office they have heard nothing, and what was really funny they said they ( no nothing) of payment to the disabled.

Thomas are you suprised I am sure he has done given our money and any other money he can to bail out big banks and car companies that have made more money than we have ever seen. I do not understand what HE President OBAMA is doing he is ruining our COUNTRY we may have had some bad presidents before or presidents that did not make right decisions BUT at least they never messed with our cost of living each year. How are we suppose to live when the prices keep going up and our checks do NOT? It is really sad when you drive down streets and see our country with people living under bridges and NO home, No food, No shoes!!! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP

iam not surprised at all, he has shown the country his path he has choosen. My question is WHERE are our state reps,the other bums
we voted into office? the eldly and disabled people need the money, We all have to remember how they have treated us come voting time. I KNOW I WILL….


I do not understand why seniors are left out.No cost of living raise
and maybe no stimulus check for us either.The congress votes raises
for themselves.We have supported our government all these years.
They dont care.We should stand up in 2010 and vote them out.The congress has given us nothing.We need to get to the polls in 2010
and show them they are responceable.We need a change.

Hi All. I hope for those who aren’t aware, this info may be able to assist you. It’s a bit off track. I apologize for this.

A few years back, before I married and very thankful my husband had insurance for medication. Not the greatest, but it was certainly better than nothing.

Prior to marriage, I simply had medicare which, at that time, I don’t believe they had the option of Part D? For medication? Anyway, getting to my point, never once when I was struggling to pay for my IV meds, I was on them for a very long period of times for several years, I was not qualified for medicaid due to excess of income. In any event, thanks to a friend of mine who kindly mentioned, if your medication exceeds a certain percentage of your income, you are entitled/qualified for medicaid. Though, you will probably have to pay a surplus of a certain amount of money every month when you get your meds,certainly better than not getting the meds you need.

My medicaid surplus payments were 200.00 per month. I received a little over, I think at that time I was getting approx 800.00 give or take a few dollars from SSD. I don’t know if they are still doing it. But I honesly can’t see why it would have changed.

No one EVER told me about this at the medicaid office when I went for help, can you believe this? I actually found out from a friend who went through very similar as you and I. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have been able to get my medication. My IVs were approx. anywhere from 500.00-1000.00 (including nurse home visits, iv tubing,flushes,dressings,etc). I was on them for quite a while. And NOT ONE PERSON FROM THE MEDICAID OFFICE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THE SURPLUS PROGRAM (even as I pleaded for their help)! Maybe because I am an American?

I don’t know if this information can help any of you. I read several posts and I am so sorry what everyone is going through. It makes me very mad. I do hope you look into this medicaid surplus, it sure can’t hurt to do some research on it. Maybe it can help you out a bit. There is alot of help out there for people, unfortunately, the Americans are always the last to know. Maybe some of you will get what you ARE entitled to. You will pay out of pocket, but far less than what you are paying now,that I promise, if you are on alot of meds like I was and if the program is still around. Possibly a good social worker will have this information?

I too, have been checking to see if any stimulus arrived, but no luck. My husband and I are both disabled and struggling. We were going to purchase a small filtration system in our home, which is over one hundred years old and we cannot drink our water. It is so very hard and quite expensive purchasing the bottled water and if we go out to buy, it is so very heavy for us to carry. Imagine that, Americans without clean water. Let’s send some more money to the other countries so they will have clean water instead.

I cannot vote, due to religion, but I am honestly going to consider voting, next time around. Something truly has to be done about how this most beautiful country is literally, going to the dogs. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, countries who want to kill us… get rebuilt. Go figure.

Just a few weeks ago, I get a letter from SSD stating I am getting too much money! Imagine that? Too much money. They actually cut my check in half. They wouldn’t reverse it. I wonder whose pocket it went into. Certainly not ours. I had an overpayment I was paying back, over 8 years now, because of workers comp., but still, I was on a steady check for a year now, not much at all, and all of a sudden , when it’s almost paid, they cut my check in half, out of nowhere).

Waiting for gas in the seventies looks like a picnic compared to this.

I don’t believe in hell, but if I did, I would swear we are living it right now.

When I renew my license this year, I AM going to register to vote. I think with all that is going on in this world, God will forgive me this one time. But I will not donate any body parts. They may just wind up sending me overseas to another country to save someone’s life over there! UGH. The things we have to consider. Who would’ve thought?

See you on election day. It will be a first for me at 42 years old. Looking forward to it. Maybe next year I will get that water filtration system for my family, if we’re not dead by then from the toxic water we’re bathing in.

God Bless.

Dee, I read your letter dated February,28,2010 and I agree with you there just should be something that we can do right now to insure that our voices are being heard,Our problems and frustrations should not have to wait until election time to be heard. I can accure you that I will voteing for a change this has got to stop.The government is sending money and water over to Haiti and now sending funds and other suuplies over to Chile now they has experience either a hurrican or some sort of diaster.I myself wholeheartly disagree with what is being done,when there is people right here in the great U.S.A. with no place to lay their head nothing at all to eat and no one intheir corner to even give them a helping hand everynow and then.I really hurts my heart to know that are families sleeping in there cars or even under bridges at night,when our nation capital Senators Congressmen, and even our President go to their Ivory towers at night and sometimes never us (the little people) of the world a second thought. It’s with our blood sweat and tears that we make this country what it is today.There has got to be a solution to these problems. Surely God is not pleased with this world and if don’t get it togather and come togather there is surley distruction ahead.I pray for this nation and the head of our nation. Prayer is really needed God bless you and your husband and I sincerly hope you get better soon keep your head up,Look to the hills where all your help comes from

Thank you Patricia, you’re thoughts and words are beautiful.

The only way we will see any improvement is if all the americans stick together, voices are heard in numbers. Sure, we can all complain how we,the Americans get sloppy seconds, thirds, etc., but unless we show how serious we are, in the voting box, I don’t think we have a leg to stand on.

You are so right about Americans not having the necessary things in life, many of them are the very one’s who put their lives on the line for “Our Freedom”. Everyday, we see these men and woman on the streets living without even the basic needs provided to them.

I’m sure you will always remember how difficult it was when you had to fight for your disability to go through. Something, none of us will ever forget. It took years of fighting. Then people can’t understand why, the americans, get so bitter about helping others. Why shouldn’t we. People come here and get better medical assistance, housing, organizations that provide all of the services to them on a silver platter. Why don’t we, the americans know? Why isn’t there any organizations who cater to the Americans? Many state they do. But when you contact them, they send you in a circle, ending up where you first started. You get absolutely no where. The only thing gained is a hypertensive crisis you just put yourself into because of all the stress and aggravation. You think these services would be available to US citizens first and foremost.

For some time now, I’ve been pleading with numerous government and state agencies, and the list goes on and on. Recently, one may think I am crazy, but I actually wrote the FBI. I ran out of people to contact. No Joke. I cannot, for the life of me, get assistance to help my 88 year old grandmother, who is being severly neglected by her home health care agencies. Do you know that there is no one who oversees what these agencies are doing? I must have written and called well over one hundred people. No one, not one person, not even an attorney,I speak the truth, will help us. My mom, is ready for a mental institution from all of this. These agencies and their girls (the HHA’s) can do whatever they want and don’t have to answer to anyone. They can rob you, negect you, abandon you, eat all your food,not show up, not follow the plan of care, leave you in urine and feces until you get huge ulcers on your backside, just as long as you don’t talk ill of them or to them, or they retaliate by not sending anyone at all to your home to help you. The cops won’t even get involved. My grandmother’s girls rob anything that’s not nailed down. They’ve broken up our walls, etc. Why do they do this? Because they KNOW they will get away with it and there is NO ONE that will stop them. This is what’s going on in NY. I don’t know if it is tolerated anywhere else in the states. They are SO lucky I am not the one in position to make laws and enforce them. The only way someone may step in, is if there was an actual murder. In other words, I would have to await my grandmother’s death and ONLY if they can prove it was murder and not just from natural causes. We are at their mercy, very scary.

Anyway, getting back on track:o)

Not having an increase in our cost of living expenses in our disability checks is probably just the beginning. Where is all this money going, if not in our pockets? (certainly not going into protecting the elderly)

Sure, a stimulus check would be a benefit to us and is desperately needed. But if it will further destroy the economy, I would not object to a rejection of the proposal. One thing I can’t accept is not getting a stimulus check or a living expense increase simply because the money is going to other countries to assist them, instead. This decision should be left up to the American citizens.

I would be lying if I said I knew how this all worked,where the funds are taken from one place to provide the needed funds for assistance to other countries. I don’t even know if cutting our cost of living increase and/or the stimulus checks come from that same funding. I was raised not knowing about politics since our religion prohibited voting,serving in military, etc. The only reason why I have any slight clue about anything of the such, is by reading posts by others, in various websites provided to speak our minds. Much of it I do not understand. Little by little I learn the basics, but would certainly like to learn more. It gets difficult when terminology is used that I don’t completely understand.

I do hope it gets better for all of us. The world is a beautiful place. It’s just unfortunate with all of the “ugly” going on, it is so hard to see past that. I hope one day, we can all look up and thank Him, for getting us all through this “ugly”.

I hope you have a great day, Patricia and thank you for responding.


DearDee. I enjoyed reading you message please allow me clarify something I am not on disability I have a 24 year old daughter who is physically and mentally challenged and been confined to a wheelchair for the past 3 years My daughter is the center of my universe I eat sleep and breath trying to figure out what I can do next to make her life more comfortable and enjoyable. I have applied for disability for myself several times now and have been denied every time and I have been treated for possible lung cancer, and problems with my colon.and chronic C.O.P.D. and problems with my knees and left hip.But I personally know people who go to work daily and get social security checks for themeselves and a couple of their children,there is the justice in that .I live in Ohio and my daughter has home health aides to come into our home daily to care for her and I have not had a problem with the current agency we have now,but in the past I have had aides from hell,go to sleep and leave my daughter unattended,cook food ,eat our food.and even had one to do her wash at our house without my permission.My daughter can not speak and can not walk and she is totally blind and 100% dependant on me and her aides.Here where we live every 6 weeks a Nurse from the agency,comes into our home and oversee the interaction the aides have with my daughter,and they talk to me about how Ifeel about the aide and her contact and her nursing skills with my daughter.and if I am not satisfied they immediatley that particular aide.Our county welfare department also offers a Senior Resource department who oversees the care of senior citizens. At one time we had a problem with aides for my aunt the problem was corrected immediatley through the job and family services department here. In the next election we must get out and vote and try to correct this problem Look foward to hearing from you again soon, How about exchanging e- mail address so that we can stay in contact Once again GOD BLESS Have a good evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all. I am so very sorry for going off topic for a short moment. Please accept my apologies.

Dearest Patricia, upon receipt of your most recent message, I found it in my inbox. I am quite unfamiliar of how to reach you without posting on this site, privately, through email. I tried to reach you by pressing the respond button after reading your message through the email system. If you did receive it, please let me know.

If anyone in this site knows how to send private messages to contact another willing person on this site, how do we go about it? Is there a moderator that you are aware of?

I would like to exchange contact information, but due to the fact that there may be unwanted individuals checking our postings, I would rather not take any chances. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This is a very serious topic for Patricia and I. We are both going through some similar things in life and we may be able to help/ or be of support to eachother, maybe others as well.

Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding. You have no idea how glad I stopped by this site. God does work in mysterious ways. Had I not stopped by, I would have never made a new friend. I just hope we can somehow contact eachother for further conversation.

God Bless.


I think that everyone who is having money problems need to turn to the
House of GOD not the White house, and our money problems will be
solved forever.

Bre, why are you even on here? So happy this works for you but it hasn’t done much to pay my bills.

Bre!!! I believe in god, but in my our way i dont need u to tell me how iam suppose to turn or whatever. Thats a big part whats wrong with this country, people like u telling us what we SHOULD do..just look around!!

I cannot believe that the seniors are not receiving a cost of living raise. Our representatives in the congress and the senate all go their raises, There isn’t any justice. Let our politicans know that we paid our taxes. We are Americans and we deserve a fair shake.

Bre is right by the way when our nation turned to God to pray things were better but now depending on the white house .Thomas do you really beleive in God or do you just accuse us as telling you what to do.Cause we are not.

are we get that check or not . i don’t understand why some people upset with getting that check. back in 2008 soon up the people got $800 to $ 1,000.00 dollar and we just got $300.oo dolar. it don’t make no cent at all. God be with you all.

YES, i do believe in god…But dont need a church,preacher, or u
to comment on how GOOD it was..OH! JUST WHEN WAS IT BETTER!
i must of not been born yet..SO U PRAY YOUR WAY AND ILL PRAY MINE,…

I have a very good question is there anything that ayone could tell me that would tell me why the ones in charge of passing the bill to give the $250.00 stimulus checks to those on monthly checks have not passed the bill they have gotten a raise on their checks and we did not even get the increase in our checks in two years because they say the cost of living did not go up how are we supposed to be able to pay our bills I guess as long as their familys are took care of that is all they care about what about the poor folks on goverment ckecks that strugle to make t from month to month don’t they deserve to get something I guess in your eyes they don’t that is why there are not many people voting for anybody because you will not do what you lie and say you will do and help us .ps how is $674 a month going to get a place to live

I understand 100% how you feel it’s very diffcult for me and my physically and mentally challenged daughter to make ends meet off the income that we receive monthly.I have come to the conclusion that they just don’t care about the poor private citizen who has struggled and given their blood sweat and tears for this country called(America),and now that some of them needs this help they can’t get it. And what about the ones who can’t go out and work because of illness or other matters beyond their controll what on earth are they suppose to do. I can almost bet you that the people who are running this nation they or their children never go to bed hungry never go without the proper medications that they need and probably get new shoes and clothes every week where we have to struggle and rob Peter to pay Paul and hope and pray that our gas or electric won’t get shut off before the firsr rolls around again. This has got to change, and it statrs with us writing and calling our State Senators,and Congressmen and let them know exactly how we feel and on the very next election vote their butts out of office. I myself have even wrote to our President and explained my living situation to him and his wife so no response (of course).We must ban togather and find so ways to resolve these problems.their has got to be a change.I sincerly hope and pray that things will change in your circumstances very soon. Trust me I too feel your pain,for I am in the very same boat as you and so many other of my fellow Americans. May God help us all.

Dear Dee,
Read all of your commebts and thought I’d add this. We are no LONGER the Americans but the MINIORITY who are now looking in on this BIG catastrophe we have put ourseles in to. I am sure we have become the laughing stock of this GREAT nation. If it weren’t for other peoples GREED we would not be in the predictiment we are ALL in.


the people in office dont care about us .they better realize we voted for them i dont think ill vote anymore because they all lie to get our votes they better wake up and smell the coffee get someone in office to help us

ptasy- not voting is not the answer, check out your ballet cards find out
who the hell voted for this and vote the other way..get them out of office

Getting so frustrated that you don’t vote is what they’re counting on to stay in office. Make your voice heard loud and clear by casting your votes at the polls this November, and let’s get some new blood in Congress that will be truly responsible to the citizenry of our great republic. There is a growing resentment among most aware voters today that Congress-both parties-and the administrations-both present and prior-care far more about pleasing special interests represented by big money lobbyists than they do about citizens they are supposed to represent. Let’s get these people out of office starting this November!

I would like to no why did the people that have a job they got creidt on there income tax and the one that is on ss and ssi can’t get a raise on they check. And we can’t get the $250.00 the stimuls check for we can with our bills it will help but i would love to get our raise back that we got every year.

What happened to all our comments? Something is messed up with this site. Why are we not allowed to post links that give the facts about this? Do you not want ppl to be able to find out what has happened about this? Very strange.



The problem with comments on here are that there are 2 posts named exactly the same with the exact same info on this blog.. When one of them are updated we get an email notification and it takes us to which ever one of the two was just updated. Thats why it seems like comments keep vanishing. They are most likely on the other post. I thought mine had all been taken down but I found them on the other post named exactly the same.

I don’t know why he has done this but he should combine them into just one post so that will stop happening.

I can`t believe they are not going to give us poor people struggling by ,trying to raise grand kids on the money we get no stimulus.This is so unfair.I had to take out more medical insurance just to pay my doctor bills or I either don`t go.Who do we contact?

Can anyone help me out with a phone number for the atf? Also,I lost the president’s phone number[ we all know all i would get is an aide or a recording anyway.] thx

Looks like Mr. Obama forgot about the Social Security $250 stimulus check for 2010 as there was Zero % cost of living increase for Social Security recepients the entire 2010 year. VERY UNFAIR UNAMERICAN to cut out the cost of living increase for all the retired workers in America on Social Security retirement. But the bankers & auto corporations GOT THEIR INCREASE ( millions bonus) didn’t they. I thought geez, some of them paid the loaned TARP funds back with millions or billions in interest to the taxpayers. WELL, Mr. Obama (Barry), why not use some of this money (INTEREST EARNED ON LOANED TARP MONIES) to fund the Social Security $250 stimulus for the retired American workers now on Social Security?

The last time I checked on the $250.00 stimulus check, the reply was because the bill to extend unemployment, had not been voted on yet & passed, there would not be a check. ( The s/s checks were included in this bill), BUT, the extention WAS passed, so, WHERE are our checks???????????????

My husband and I live only on s/s. We make TOO MUCH to qualify for medicade! Are you KIDDING? How can $1700.00 a month be too much! I had 6 by-pass surgery in 2004 & aorta replacement surgery in 2005. I CANNOT afford the medication I need EVERY month. We live in YUMA, AZ, so we are close to the border. I go to Mexico to buy my medication because it is about 3/4 cheaper in Mexico than it is in the states!! It is beginning to be more and more dangerous to go to Mexico. If I can’t go there anymore, I don’t know what I will do!!!

We all NEED to exercise our rights, and vote ALL incombents out of office in November!

There should be a time limit on ALL members of Congress & Senate When they retire, they should have to live on Social Security, not on they pay they were receiving before.

QUIT blaming our economic problems on BUSH. Obama needs to take responsibilty for HIS actions! HE is the one to blame for our TRILLIONS of dollars we are in debt, in just ONE YEAR!!!

I wish BUSH could have run again! I voted for him BOTH times and would have voted for him AGAIN!! I did NOT agree with everyting he did, but, he did not go around the world appologizing for America! WHY does Obama keep doing that?? If America is so BAD, why does everyone want to come HERE????

Susan..BUSH IS A JOKE!! HE started this down fall of this country
there is no doubt about this…BUT!! not helping he is making it
hard for people like us to make ends meet…and if he legalises the illegals
there is 20 million more we will pay for…there has to be a time were we
say enough is enough

Thomas, Are you saying Obama has NOT increased our deficit TRILLIONS of dollars? He did his DAMAGE in ONE YEAR, and has 3 more to go!

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