Stimulus Check 2010 – Will There Be One?

A common question for most Americans is “Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?”.  This is a valid question since there was a general stimulus check issued in 2008 for the amount of $600 (maximum) for each person.  There was no general stimulus check in 2009 although there were some $250 stimulus checks for selected groups (Social Security and SSI).

At the moment there has been no proposals for a 2010 stimulus check which means that the odds of a check happening in 2010 are not very good.  However, it really depends on the economy and the willingness of the Obama administration to spend more money to prop up the economy.

Since Obama took office there have been quite a few stimulus efforts and a lot of money spent to help juice the economy.  There are limits to how much money can and should be spent to strengthen an economy and those limits might have already been reached.  Politically it is getting harder for Obama to get approval for more stimulus funding.

[Update – Jan 4 – Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?]

Stimulus Check in 2010?

At this point in time you should assume there will not be a stimulus check for 2010.  That way if there ends up being a stimulus check then it will be a nice bonus.  Sometimes people will go and spend money they don’t have because they think there is some extra money coming to them in the future in the form of a gift, bonus, stimulus check etc.  This is not a good way to manage your finances – never spend money you don’t have.

Will anyone get stimulus checks in 2010?

If you are a recipient of Social Security or SSI then you have a better chance of getting a stimulus check in 2010 since there is already a proposed stimulus check for those groups.  This has not been fully approved so even this check might not happen but at least the process has been started.

What is the point of a stimulus check?

The main reason for issuing stimulus checks is to give people more money to spend which will help stimulate the economy.  The economy has been in a recession and unemployment has hit double digits (10%) so anything the government can do to fix the economy should be attempted.  On the other hand if the government spends too much money stimulating the economy then it will increase the debt load which will have long term effects on the economy.  Another problem which doesn’t look all that likely at the moment is that sometimes governments will stimulate their economy to the point where things get overheated and high inflation can result.

Recap of recent stimulus checks

2008 $600stimulus check for all taxpayers.
2009 $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI plus a few others early in the year.
2010 – Proposed $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI in the first quarter of 2010.

There was no general stimulus check in 2009 despite rumors to the contrary.

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Thomas in case you didn’t understand or read this article, it states that so far, there hasn’t been a payment approved. Also, if we do get one, it may not be until the end of the first quarter which is March.

Dear Mr President & Congress… I have so many life threatening Disabilities
& really needs the normal Cost of Living increase EVERY year.. Do you
people understand that if we DONT get something, that many of us Disabled
Americans will lose their lives ??? , How can there be NO increase, when
just about EVERYTHING in America has gone SKY HIGH ?? Medical
costs, Medication costs, Food Costs all over the world.. Some of us CANT
afford Health Care plans I have Medicare already… Mr President & Congress,
You people just DONT get it… We DONT make the Money you all do &
You just really cant CARE about us, if you DONT send us disabled Americans
some form of Money that is OWED to us… Some of us dont eat, cant live in
our homes & will go homeless or Die, if Mr President, you DONT care enough
for the American People that when before you took office, you made so MANY
promises to us… May the Lord God Almighty have mercy on You & the Congress
of the USA… This is a VERY serious Matter… We NEED this Bill passed &
Passed NOW !! Please help us !

Thank You
Harold Knapp

I wish Everyone Who is Involved in Passing the extra $250 for us who are on SSI,Would live on $674.00 Per Month. Not for many years, or the rest of their lives ,”as some have no choice to”.Yet I believe they should try. I stress “Try”,To live on $674.00 Per month for at least 6 months!
Think about it.Their car payments are probably ,more than that!.
I’ll bet then they would get the Point!.
It’s Not fun.

How can this be happening to the people that live in “the greatest country in the world”? If approved, the $250 stimulus will only help me pay the INCREASE in my Medicare Insurance for two and 1/2 months. It is doubling exactly to the penny. And let’s not even begin talking about how I fall into “the gap” by Sept./Oct. each year and still have to pay my prescription dues to Medicare Part D even though the plan is not paying for any of my medication. Doesn’t this fall under the catagory of “cost of living increase”? Oh, to be able to work again…………..

Thanks for Listening

Guess what there will be no cola in 2011 neither. Yet they gave themselves a raise. Congress does not care about us seniors their biggest supporters are the lobbyists.

Hello Debbie Hamilton, I agree with your whole comment, I myself
are a Born Again Baptist & I say AMEN to what you said about the
Lord etc… I just pray that this Goverment wakes up before its too late
& God Almighty has His wrath upon The Democrats & the Republicans
sitting by & doing absolutely NOTHING to stand up for us Disabled
Americans who are so poor we dont know what we are going to do
without the Cost of Living Increases every year.. we NEED this money
for our “NEEDS” like you said, NOT our wants… & as This Country
is supposed to be Honoring GOD.. “In GOD we Trust”, we have to
be under the hand of the Crooked non caring Government… As long as
they get their raises & allow Bankers to make Billions in profits & dont care
to give us even the $250.00 they OWE US, God WILL have His wrath
on America VERY VERY Soon.. So MR Wonderful President & Rich
Congressman.. LOOK OUT !!!!!!! Its about time that Americans looked
& Obeyed our Lord & Heavenly Father & the Lord Jesus, because we
believers believe He is coming again soon… PLEASE help us NOW !!!
Disabled Benefits Deductables went from 134.00 to 155.00 this year
& most of our Dr’s wont take it anymore.. & You all say that the COST
of LIVING hasnt gone up & your NOT going to even give us the raise
next year??? HOW can you predict such a long away thing ??? Its
all a HUGE Lie & we the People, Disabled People want JUSTICE !!

Thank You

The stimulus hasn’t been passed yet. As of now there is no promise of a check. But, the articles I’ve read are saying that if it did get passed we would get one by the end of March. Note: It hasn’t been passed yet so as of now there is no check coming unless it passes.

Dear President Obama I’m a 57 year old woman who has worked since she was 17 years old. Becaame disable at the age of 41. I barley can make it on my income from social secuirty and the state will only give me 14.00 dollars worth of food stamps. Monthly after month I have to go without if my family don’t provide for me. I look forward to that interest each year it not much but every little thing help. I can’t pay my bills because my income is so much less than when I worked. Please help me and give out more food stamps to people who are disable. The stimlius payment would help but hear and gonna the same day. I feel we should receive an increase on our check in the amount of $250.00 to really help us out. Something needs too be done because we are not able to make ends meet. The rent, food and etc going up everyday but we not getting an increase in our monthly benefit. I don’t know how we will make it two years without a cost of living increase and the cost of living continue to go up every day, Thank you for listing to me and I pray you will do something about the situation that we are in.

Dear Mr President & Congress,
I have heard & saw that the Vice President has a statement out on the
Internet, telling all the $250.00 Stimulus Qualified People, will get their
checks in Early May? Why the long wait, when we need the Money now?
I have many life threatening Disabilities & the cost of everything has gone
up sky high ! , How can you all say that there is NO cost of Living increase
this year? We cant even pay our bills on what the Government gives us now,
We need that cost of Living Increase EVERY year… Millions of us Disabled
people just wont survive.. I am a Christian Man & care for others around
the world.. But it seems that you send out Millions & Billions of Dollars to
Haiti causes & others at the spur of the moment & dont help the American
People who need it even before the Tragedies have happened to others.
This makes NO sense at all… Please MR President, we NEED our Money
Now, we cant wait til may… Please help us !!

Thank You

i have been told we would receive a one time economic recovery payment of 250.00 in January of 2010. Because we did not get an increase in va or ss. we need the increase just like the active military and anyone else to be able to make ends meat. Please let me know want is going on. These men served our country and they should get the increases just like anyone else. Please comment on this comment. Because I would like some honest answers to this comment please. We strive to live honestly and need the increase to live to. things and food and living prices are going up every day and income goes down and income needs to go up to meet the prices like everything else is. Disabled people need an increase to just like active people do. We are no different. Thanks, Please be trueful to us.

Dear Mr. President ; i am 57 years old and i am on disabitly and i live on 465.00 a month. by the time i pay my bills there is nothing left. i dont even have money to get food. i thank my God that he looks after me . i hope that when judgement day comes that our leaders of america will be able to look in my Gods face and tell him that you all done the right thing for his peoples. please Mr President do the right thing and help the peoplesof God and theLord will truly bless in ways you didnt know was possible. praying for you.

I am praying that God will bless us with the stimulus money God bless the people heart that has to deciede if we get the money. I live on SS my Duke Energy bill this month is $259.68 for the month of Janruary. Where as last Month it was $102.95. I can not understand how it can go from 102.95 to 259.68 in one month. I believe they are charging what they want just because they can get away with charging people any amount they feel like charging you. Thank You

TO MR. PRESIDENT,i for one did my part and voted.Ifelt like the BIBLE is fullfilling it self right now.The bible says before the end of time the last shall be first and the first shall be last. It does not say what color or creed,you figure that out. My heart goes out to those that were affected by the earthquake as well as other desasters,You’ll don’t think that we need a cost of living increase,well thats because you don’t have to walk in our shoes.I have been disabled since 1996 when i got hurt on my job. Iam 53 yrs.old and would love to work,but i can’t. You all say the country is is debt, well I have a solution for all of you, first of all stop spending all that money on those space shuttles,all they do is cause bad weather to happen,and Idon’t know of anyone that has lost anything up there and this is why ther are so many of us young and old having breathing problems they are polluting the air.GOD made the earth for us to live on,but the government is not satisfied with that.If it was meant for man to roam around in space he would have put us there,so take care of home the people who voted for you and even those who didn’t,i don’t know how i’ll sleep,but i bet you’ll sleep better just knowing that you did the right thing.But when it’s all said and done at the end of the day no matter what you deside to do just remember GOD is the one that is in control ,and when he judges us will you be able to say I WAS MY BROTHERS KEEPER, and will GOD say well done. Just follow your heart,i hope you’ll do the right thing for all our sakes. Thank You

Good Lord,
Stop your whining. For those who are REALLY in need due to catastrophic illness, injury, or other seriously debilitating situations, this message is NOT for you. For those “single moms” who made their station by choice-YOU made that decision.. the taxed people of this country should not have to be financially responsible for the poor judgment mistakes that you made. For all able body deadbeats that sit around watching Jerry Springer all day just waiting for the next handout from the government, get off the damned couch and DO SOMETHING for yourself. I’m tired of contributing money to perpetuate your parasitic lifestyle . Your self pity in this land of opportunity is a disgrace. Do not cry out for help from the government as if you could not do something to financially better yourselves.
This nation was not built by whiners but by thinkers and doers who may have failed during the process before succeeding, but continually tried, nevertheless.
I have utmost compassion for the TRULY needy. For slackers, I do not.

i dont understand why they cut off the cost of living raise anyway cause that all the people on social security have to look forward to.its not like we can get any money from taxes.just dont understand.

i am disable on ssi i am 61 years of age and finding it hard to meet with bills and buying food, i was wondering when is the stimulast check being mailed? thank you for all the help we can get.

So just like what happened in Mass. yesterday when we go to the voting polls remember that it is the democrats who gave us no COL raise this yer and most likely will not give us a stimulus check either. Don’t forget that, no matter where you live.

PatDunavan why are you here on this topic? I am not a single mom and yes I worked over 35 years for my pittance of SS income but you assume a lot, don’t ya? you would not want to be living the life of a single mother who has a severely handicapped child and forced to live on SSI. Shame on you for thinking you know so much and willing to pass such judgment on those you have no idea about. if you are talking to welfare single mothers you are not on the right website. This is a post about Social Security!

If large banks are handing out large bonuses, why is it so hard for our government to hand out a measley $250.00 for SSD & SSI and railroad retirement .we’ve paid our dues! My opinion whats wrong with this country is Corperate greed,dishonest people in government positions,from municiple to federal levels. Its all about their parties(rep,demo,ind) , we need this many seats over here ,that many seats over there ,to have a majority,then once we have those then we will worry about the country. These things mentioned do not sound very AMERICAN to me. I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN, I’ll stand by her to my dying day. GOD BLESS THE USA! WE NEED IT!

hi iam a64 yr.old widow all i have to live on is ss i have to borrow any where i can .i have no type insurance and i cant afford to get any. i fell about2 yrs. ago and fracture my back ihurt all the time i would work if icould ilove to clean i tell my self when i get better i want to work i from ahard working family ineed so much help i dont know who to ask to help me .answer me some one. thank you .

The goverment could not care less about the poor , the homeless , the disabled , or enyone else who really need help…. oh and by the way,this is not my computer…i cant afford one.

Hi im 26 years old and im on ssi from a bad car accdent i had when I was 15 I have never worked and always wanted to it would be nice to get the stimlus check but i think it was nice to get them last year and u cant epected it every year Obama isnt the best presdent but some things he saids and does is good Im a American and Im pround to be a American god bless American

I don,t Think there will be a check come on now if we was getting one it would of been passed already do u really think they care yeah right

I recieved my stimulus check of 250.00 today in the mail. I am a disabled Vet. Thank you.

hi ok how did you gey your check disabled vet and why hasent anyone else. i agree with every comment i have read on here today,you all have very good points, we get ss so the gov says we get to much money for foodstamps or anything else its a shame we have to be hungry eat dog food or garbage can scraps .like everybody else no ins , rent is so high we cant have a decent place to live,

Diabled vet…first, I want to sincerely thank you for your service to our country. I come from a family of men who have fought in every war since WWI. I appreciate all military people.

I don’t want to dispute that you got a 250.00 check in your bank account but could it possibly have came from some place else? As far as I know, no one has gotten them nor have they been approved. My husband is a retired vet and he has not received this money or been advised that he would be receiving it. can you give us more information about this? Did you get a letter or something that makes you know this is actually where this money came from?

Thank you

this for Stim Check
why come on the net n put down that u got yours .. when u see ppl asking about not getting 1 that need it to pay for bills.. i think it sad that you have to come n say you got yours .. HOPE YOU ALL GET 1

What i think stinks is that so many ppl who are hardly disabled and very able to work collect SSD benefits.I know of ppl who were once addicted to drugs who are now “disabled” because they ruined themselves with drugs in some way…RUBBISH!!how about one person i know collects disability cuz when he was a child he got bit by a dog!!!serious!! no lie!!and low and behold…he owns a dog. all he does is hang out at coffee shops and all day! and he spends all his SSD money on tattoos while his wife works (my sister btw) 40= hours a week.the government needs to be more saelect as to who can get SSD husband has vaters syndrome(look it up) and he work over 70 hours a week!!!he has an actual physical disability(more than one)and he does not collect SSD because he can work….if he can so can alot of other SSD recipients who claim “im disabled”…its lazt and pathetic…by the way i do not intend this comment for ppl who actually have a disibility and CAN’T work

i know ppl that are disabled they work ,, but what gets to me they give ppl ssi thats does drugs.. n drinks alot then they wounder why is AMERICAN like it is…… i can see some that need it ,, but there work out there… this guy n a weelchair n works ,, GOD LOVE HIM………

What I have a problem with are the ones coming here who have nothing whatsoever in this conversation. They obviously aren’t on SS, SSDI, arent a VET, nor are they getting SSI so why are they here? I’m sure there are some ppl getting SSI and SSD who may not meet some peoples level of disability. But, I am also sure there are some who should be getting it and have been denied time and again. its 6 of one half a dozen of the other but this conversation on this post only relates to stimulus checks and NOTanyones personal belief of the entire system. If Bethany thinks her BIL is a good for nothing lazy asshole she should go tell him that not us.

what is the heck is Obama thinking?!NOT INCREACING OUR S.S.I.OR S.S.D. THE LIVING COST IS GOING UP!!!!!! AND WE R GOING DOWN!!!!! COME ON HAVE A HEART!!what if one of obama’s daughters became disabled or sick or injured? then what would he do? THEN would he increace it?!?!?!? he doesnt know what we are going thru!!!!!!!!!!! victoria @ n.j.

I do get SS. I am a veteran. And I’m certain that there are deserving citizens who need assistance who do not receive any just as I am certain that there are – not some – but many, many, many who receive SS money who do not deserve help, and who consider their handouts their entitlement. It has been reported that last year SS paid out at least $50,000,000,000.00 (that’s 50 BILLION!!!-not million-dollars) under fraudulent conditions. If there are 60 million deserving SS recipients, that amounts to $833.33 per person!!! Get the government to act on this waste, and it’s a start. This bunch of elected officials to act in our best interests? Good Luck! Folks, YOU HAVE THE POWER OF THE VOTE—STAND UP, DAMMIT! I do believe that a cost of living increase is justified even more so when you take into consideration that our snugly secure, polished, purchased, and comfy congressmen and congresswomen voted themselves a nice FAT raise for themselves and for those that work for them. Do they care about the cost of bread, eggs, meat, gas, water, services, etc going up?? Hell no. We need to clean house-big time, folks. Every two years starting this November, we can vote all of these incumbent , arrogant, and self serving career politicians out of office. In 6 years we can have both a new responsive and responsible Congress – newly elected representatives and senators who are not contaminated by lobbyists, and who will truly represent America’s best interests and the people who put them into office! Then WE need to hold them accountable – not allowing ourselves to fall back into the same old irresponsible habits of neglect and irresponsibility that got us in the mess we are in today. Vote ’em out, folks- let’s take back our beloved country from those Washington parasites . I’m tired of walking on eggshells hoping not to offend someone. I feel like I’ve been pushed into a corner, as I’m sure a lot of you have felt. Your frustration is easy to hear and see. Things will get better IF YOU ACT.

if the peresideout his people he sould do something i think we have the worng people in office all they are is greedy idiots that dont deserve a thing all. We need a living increase so we can pay our bills i think the president and congress sould live on what we get and have them try to suport there families on what we get permonth the should only get 663 per month and thats all Mr Persident try to support ur family pay ur bill and rent on 663 per month i bet u can not do it. Not one of u people can do it i do every month as a example and people like me also do that every month so we need a increase. If ur not going increase at lease don’t raise taxes or raise inflasion Drop all the prices on food gas oil ect be a good presiden not a greedy idiot

Iam a 58 year old Mother of a physically and mentally delayed female,and I have not been in the work force since the birth of my daughter. Her dad is now deceased.and we live off his benefits. Now that I am not in the best of health I can not get medical insurance can;t afford to payout of pocket,and can’t get medical from the welfare what’s a person to do.To be perfectly honest i seriously doubt it if we will receive the stimulus rebate this year because President Obama rather upset the Republicans with some of his slur during the state of the union adress. How would the Congress and the Senate and the big banks deal with life if they were denied their bonuses they would freakout, could they deal with it NO WAY, so therefore why should we the little people have to suffer.After all we are the backbone of this nation.The hard working class of people.WE have paid taxes and our blood sweat and tears help to make America what she is today,The White Housr needs to take care of home first before we try and be of service to other countries. We have people right here inAmerica who are homeless,no food,no possible chance of a job paying very costly electric and gas bills and not beig able to afford their medications COME SENATE AND CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT OBAMA,let’s take care of home first.My heart goes ou to the people of Haiti,and their problem.however we are also suffering.America is a very wealthy country,but we can not afford to take care of everyone eles when we can’t and won;t take care of our very own,That’s a promblem.Iworry about what will happen to my daughter how would I pay for her medications she has to take 4 very expensive seizure medications one medication alone cost over $1,350.00 per bottle and some months we go through at least 2-4 bottles.How could I possibly do that and still over our other way no how,I also writing the social secirity administration as well as Medicade and Medicare to please have mercy on us and the other thousands and millions of people who cannot afford to pay for medication. I pray for each and everyone of you who are going through the very same problems my daughter and I are facing. GOD HELP US ALL, and GOD BLESS AMERICA,because we truely need it Hope to hear from you guys out there.

iam a mid 50’s white male thats worked my whole life.
I got hurt afew years ago, and my life is totaly depended
on my disability(fixed income).The one thing i know for sure
is our gov doesnt care about any of us. We need to vote out the
whole bunch of them and start over.

the $250.00 stim. would really help and I hope they pass it. I dont understand why people get mouthy about how disabled people are or even how they became disabled,the fact is in the now. the hateful people that say its their fault for doing drugs or getting bit by a dog, so they deserve to be disabled.Thats not true , accidents happen and people have to go through life with the consequences of their actions. the fact is disabled people are needing the goverment to respect the fact we are “disabled” meaning not-abled. $250.00 is’nt alot but it is better than nothing. And yes I’m disabled with heart problems, and seizure disorders and worked 16 years before I became reliant on my s.s.d.i. Lets just hope it passes and we get the check.

I just want to thank you for having this website and a place to voice our concerns. I found this website after much searching on any news on a 2010 Economic Stimulus payment. There wasn’t any news on the Social Security website. I heard about a possible payment a few months ago and thought I would check on it on the internet. After reading all of these comments I feel sad for all of you good people who aren’t able to work and have to live on very small incomes. It makes me so mad that the US Government bailed out those multimillion dollar corporations and the corporations turned around and gave out million dollar bonuses to their top execs. And, we are all waiting for $250. It’s such a shame. God bless all of you. I hope and pray that things work out for you financially in the future. God bless all of the veterans who served this country for us.


every gov office that is voted in by the people should NOT be in office more than 12 years..We have people there that are NOT in touch with the people of this country, Hell!! the only time they need us is to vote and like cattle in a pin, they push and we give in..NO MORE lets tear down the fences they have built, vote in NEW blood…and start over..there is no other way…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

susan and tomas both made good points. congress nor pres ob cares about our country or us.they got thair raise. every one of them.and also his mother in law lives in our whitehouse,and he is supposed to payfor her being there just like every pres before him bush paid for every one of his family over 18 that lived there,as every guest eas paid for, we are supporting her is it right no it is not we are not supposed to support anyone over 18 except the first family and i resent that,he does not care about us,why care about them,i have sugar, a brain tumor high b p and more and can get no help.

I’m asolutely convince that we are fortunate to receive any benefits at all, we as disable people shouldn’t have to worry about weather we are going to get cut off, businesses & law makers alike don’t seem to understand how one is to live on $160.00 per week, I know it’s free to some but I worked damm hard paying into the system & think a little extra wouldn’t hurt, in fact if I could work I would be the first in line, who wants to sit and wait on a check, goverment should create jobs for us, after all don’t you want to take care of your own?

Re: Howard Hayes,
Unfortunately, those in power in government only remember us as “their own” at election time.
And the government doesn’t need to get more involved in businesses to create jobs, it need to butt out of businesses, allowing the well run companies to grow and prosper and the badly run businesses to fail as they should, and not be considered “to big to fail.” Taxpayers should not be required to pay for failing businesses. Government has shown time and time again that it is totally incompetent in running businesses. The only jobs that government creates are more government jobs that produce nothing but more wasted money for an already overburdened working taxpayer to have to pay for. Allow businesses to flourish or fail on their own and REAL jobs begin to sprout up.
We need to begin the slow process of bringing back industries that produce good paying jobs and producing good products that people in all countries, including our own, will want to buy. MADE IN AMERICA–needs to start again! We need to become a nation of producers again, not just a buying nation whose citizens who are forced to purchase products in Wal-Mart, etc that are created in every other country but our own. High tariffs need to be placed on goods imported into this country whether or not the company manufacturing such goods is American owned company or not. Products WILL cost more at the start, but as new American manufacturers take root, real paying jobs will be produced, and strength will again return to our economy.

my husband is disabled and congress whats to sit on there tails and not help all of you lets get together and show them we fight for are country not them.may god bless all of you too get stimulus check.its real here now people

I believe Obama did a wonderful thing by bringing his mother in-law to the white house to care for his children. Children need a sense of normalcy. They did not sign up for the ridicule and the ugliness that comes along with the job of president. I applaud him for putting the interest of his children first. If you look at it this also saves the tax payers money. We don’t have to pay for a live in nanny. Please stop criticizing every thing the president does. He is much better than George Bush we should be thankful that we actually have a president that can think for himself. He is not the one who put the country into economic turmoil and caused many disabled or retired individuals to not have medicaid or medical assistance. How soon do we forget.

this is too Demetria Farewell, 1st saying obama is better than bush, is not saying much at all, there both liers,and they only have there party in mind(NOTHING ELSE).Dont think one minute he cares about your tax dollar(REMEMBER WALL ST.=THE BANKS)I Could go on, but i HOPE
you understand HE DOESNT CARE!! 2ND if hes so truthful and a true
American why doesnt he show the world his birth certificate???? We as a nation are in very serious trouble, and being better than BUSH doesnt cut it…

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