$250 SSI 2009 Stimulus Check Will Be Arriving In May Or Early June

As a result of the 2009 federal stimulus package (otherwise known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) there will be a $250 stimulus check paid out to all recipients of SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

The Social Security Administration is planning to send out these payments during the month of May so if you are eligible for this payment then expect to get the $250 sometime in May or in the first week of June. Please don’t call the SSA unless you haven’t received your check by June 4.

The maximum amount per individual is $250 even if that person qualifies under different programs (Social Security, veterans’ compensation, veterans pension payments or railroad retirement benefits). Couples can qualify to receive up to $500 ($250 each).

To qualify for the SSI one time payment of $250 you must have been receiving SSI payments during the period of November, 2008 and January, 2009.

You will still get your regular SSI payment as always.

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Info on Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ


$250 Stimulus Check In 2009 For Retirees, SSI and Disabled Vets

The 2009 stimulus package signed by president Obama contains quite a few financial stimulus for many different parts of the population.  Infrastructure spending, tax cuts make up most of the bill but one of the key aspects to the package is a special cash payment.  This won’t be like the general stimulus check of last year but will be given to select groups.

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for SSI recipients]

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for Social Security recipients]

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$250 stimulus check in 2009

A one time payment of $250 will be paid out in 2009 for people in the following groups:

  • People currently receiving Social Security.
  • State government retirees not eligible for Social Security.
  • Disabled Veterans receiving pensions from the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • People receiving SSI payments. Supplemental Security Income payments are for people who have little to no income and is intended to meet the basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

When will I get my stimulus check?

Treasury is supposed to start sending out these checks as soon as possible.  This site will be updated when more information becomes available.

EDIT (Mar 11) – Please check out this new post for detailed information on the $250 stimulus check.

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