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The Seven Links Of MSB Project

Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter challenged me to do the seven links project thing.  Basically I have to pick the seven best posts on this blog in various categories.  This is surprisingly hard, especially when you can’t remember half the posts you have written.

Most beautiful post

  • Dream Wedding – There aren’t many things of beauty on this blog, but Mr. Cheap’s extremely frugal wedding is one of my favourites. In an unrelated note, ladies – Mr. Cheap is still available!

Most popular post

  • RESP Contribution Rules – I was surprised at this one, but it has been around for about four years, so that helps the total numbers.

Most controversial post

Most helpful post

  • RESP Withdrawal Rules – RESP withdrawals have some expensive pitfalls, but not much has been written about them. I think this post helped a lot of people save money with their RESP withdrawals.  Incidentally, I noticed a major site published an RESP withdrawal article lately which was clearly a rewrite of my post without any kind of credit to me.  I’m debating whether to post a comparison so you can judge if I’m paranoid or not.

Post whose success surprised you

A post that didn’t get the attention it deserved

Post that I am most proud of

  • Will there be a second stimulus check in 2009? – This may seem like an odd post for this blog, but it’s the reason I’m still blogging today.  I like to try to make money from the site and I’ve found that American topics are far more profitable. This post was my first big money maker. I still do American topics, but they are not visible to regular readers.

Part of this project is to nominate other bloggers which I’m too lazy to do.  If you are a blogger and you want to write about this – go ahead.

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