$250 Social Security And SSI 2009 Stimulus Check Information

One of the highlights of President Obama’s recently signed American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act was the announcement of a $250 stimulus payment to individuals who currently receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security benefits, Veterans benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits.

Will Social Security Payments Be Paid If United States Defaults On Debt?

Update –Will there be a stimulus check in 2010?]

[Update – Jan 4 – Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?]

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for Social Security recipients]

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for SSI recipients]

Who is eligible for the $250 check?

To get the $250 you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently receiving Social Security, SSI payments, Veterans benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits.
  • Must have been eligible for benefits at any time in November 2008, December 2008 or January 2009.
  • The person receiving the SS or SSI must have an address of record in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam or the Northern Mariana Islands.


When will I get my $250 stimulus money?

The SSA (US Social Security Administration) is going to pay all eligible Social Security and SSI beneficiaries by late May 2009, so you should get your payment by no later than the first week of June 2009. The one-time payment will be a separate payment, which will not be included in your regular monthly benefit payment.  You will still get your regular monthly payment amount.

How will I get my $250 payment?

The extra $250 payment will be paid to you in the same method that is currently used to your Social Security or SSI benefit.  If you currently receive your regular benefit by check, your one-time payment will be made by check. If you receive a monthly direct deposit or Direct Express® debit card payment, that is how you will receive your one-time payment.

What do I need to do in order to receive the $250.

You don’t have to do anything – if you are eligible then the payment will be made to you automatically.

How do Veterans get their payment?

Veterans who don’t get SS or SSI will get their $250 payment from the Department of Veterans affairs (VA).  You don’t need to do anything to get the money.

How do Railroad Retirement beneficiaries get their payment?

Your payment will come from the RRB (Railroad Retirement Board).  You don’t have to do anything to get your payment.  It will be delivered to you automatically.  You can call 1-877-772-5772 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-877-772-5772      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (1-877-RRB-5RRB) (TTY 1-312-751-4701) for more information.

If both spouses are on Social Security or SSI – will we both get $250 checks?

Yes, you will.  This program is designed to give $250 to each qualified individual.  If both partners in a household qualify for the payments then they will each get the $250 payment for a total of $500.

Can I get more than $250 or more than 1 payment?

You can’t get more than $250 even if you receive benefits from more than one plan.  Ie if you receive Social Security and Railroad benefits then you won’t be eligible for $500 or 2 payments – just 1 payment of $250.

Some other facts:

The one-time $250 payment will not count as gross income on your federal income tax return.

Disabled children receiving SSI are eligible for the one-time $250 payment.

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250 replies on “$250 Social Security And SSI 2009 Stimulus Check Information”

I recieve a disability check every month, but I haven’t recieved my stimulus check yet can you tell me when I will get it.

I recieve a disabilitly check every month but I haven’t got my stimulus check yet, can you tell me when I will get it.

I don’t know why just those that are on SSI are getting a check. What ahppened to the rest of us. Alest George W Bush sent us all a check. How did Obraka decide to leave the majority of the nation out of the $250.00 checks???? They are receiveing a check each month and we are out of work and not getting anything.

To Dan: People who work get a $300.00 tax credit on their tax returns. So if you’re working, and filing taxes, you’re get MORE than us Veterans are getting.

To Maurice: Only if you get Social Security, or SSI, or Railroad retirement benefits, or are a Veteran who has received V.A. Compensation or Pension since November of last year, those are the only ones getting the $250.00 checks. If you still work and file taxes, see note to Dan.

To Trevor: You don’t say where your disability check comes from, if it’s Social Security or SSI call their toll free number and check with them. If it’s from the V.A. you have to wait until July 10th before you can get any info.

As for those of you who owe student loans, I called the VA and (if you can believe them) they said that this time you would get the checks, and they wouldn’t be held for past student loans, and if you don’t receive your check by July 10, call the V.A. at 1-800-827-1000.

I’m service connected veteran, too. I’m still waiting for my “stimulus” check as of today (June 6) still haven’t received it. I get my usual VA payment direct deposit but nothing in my account so far. I received the letter from the VA stating if I don’t the money by June 10, give them a call. Like anything with the federal govt. they will probably wait until the night before June 10 to deposit any money. Remember fellow vets, “hurry up and wait” doesn’t end when you leave the service.

I’m getting a disability check from the v.a. starting in 2006 with a 40 % disability. Will I be getting a check?

i received the $300 last year. I of coarse receive ssi i live in Canada does this mean i wont receive the $250?

ok, i receive ssi and va 100% unemployabity. will i receive a ckeck from both or just one.

I get SSI. I got my first SSI direct deposit April 01, 2009.
I am still waiting on my ‘back pay’ from SSI that was to cover the time periods of about 10 or 11 months prior the the time that I got my first SSI check. That means that I became eligable to get SSI in March or April of 2008.
I still have not got my $250.00 as a direct deposit or check in the mail
yet, and today is June 15, 2009. I also have not got a letter of explanation as to why I have not got it or as to what it was put towards.
How do I find out about it, and why I haven’t got it yet?
Thank you
Frank E. May

I am 100% disabled Vet and as of today June 17,2009 have received
no $250.00 yet. I got the letter saying i’d be receiving it that came in May and said they would start in June sending it.
No money deposited yet into account.

Hope it comes soon sure could use it.

Good Luck to all.


Count yourself lucky if your a Vet with a $250 check I’ve not even seen a letter saying I’ll be getting it yet it’s June 18th and I’ve been on VA Comp since 2004 and they have my current address however according to the treasury which cuts the checks for the VA if you have outstanding federal debts you won’t see a check

I called the local VA Admin. office in my state: Arizona this morning and this is what I was told about the VA 2009 Stimulas check. They started sending out the checks this week (June 15, 2009) and will continue until July 10, 2009. They checked the status of my check and it has yet to be sent. So if you want to know if your check has been sent yet or not, call the VA Amin. office in your state (it should be listed in your phone book) and ask them about your situation. Until the check arrives, just hurry up and wait.

Hey Ladies and gents as of this morning my check has been deposited in my bank! (6/19/09)

VA Georgia this morning said the money would be started to be released 06-22 and run through 06-30. If you havent received it by 07-10 then the VA must be contacted. Pretty much word for word as the VA spokesperson said this this morning.

So those of you who have received your stimulus check today, what states do you live in? I am in Oregon and still have not received mine yet.

VA disability…The $250 was direct deposited into my account this morning (effective date Monday 6/22/09).

I was told be the VA they checks are going to strat to be sent out on the 22 Of June. So I hope i get it tommorrow

I’ve been following this message board for about three or four days now. I figured when it comes it comes – nothing I’m going to do to speed it up! Anyway, mine was deposited this morning, 6/21/2009. I suppose that’s my Father’s Day gift from the government. Eh, a little beer money.

I just called the VA ( I am in WA) and was told that the money was going to start going out today through June 30, and of course if you dont receive it by July 10 etc etc….. I tried to find out if they had any idea about what order it was going out but they didn’t now. Mine wasnt in the system yet though 🙁 I asked if that meant I wasnt getting one and the lady said if I hadn’t g0tten a second letter by now I should be ok. So here’s hoping!

I receive a disability check from the VA, as of yet have not received the stimulus check. Is there some place I could call to check on this?

Disabled vet. No deposit yet as of 6/22/09. I know I don’t owe the government, schools etc. Hoping that I get it soon to keep the power on until I get paid in the beginning of July.

My $250 was deposited this morning, 23JUN09. My birthday is in July and my last two are 42, and I have a disability rating of 40%. The money is on it’s way. 🙂

i work with two DV that got theirs on the 19th i am also a DV still waiting my last 2 are 50

last 4 are 40 10% service connected bday is1/30 and i live oregon. I called va yesterday and they said a check was processed for me on friday 6/18. Hope that helps!

Mine is direct deposit, so, they wouldn’t apply a check for me. What number did you call?

the number is 1-800-827-1000, just ask them if anything has been processed under your social, and you really know that they are checking it for you when they ask what branch you served.

I called the number and asked, they said for veterans it would be between 6/22 and the 30th. I am a 60% disabled navy vet with the last two 95, haven’t got mine yet. I bet it will be issued in the next few days, just like the last stimulus payment. (seems to be just like the last one) I am struggling as well, this money will buy gas to get my boyfriend to his minimum wage job for the rest of the month! We are grateful after 8 mos of no work he was able to find anything! Also we have two kids 7 and 9 years old.

It appears to be the last two when I called. Since I am 99, it shouldn’t be later than the 30th. The person I spoke with was 65 and she hadn’t gotten hers yet. but it’s supposed to happen tomorrow.

My last two digits are 21 and as of today (Wed) no direct deposit. Knowing the govt it is probably the total of the last 4 digits divided by year of the award times the percentage!!

I did not get any letter yet. I got my $300 last year as a veteran. I hope something happens soon. I could sure use the money. We were counting on it sooner and our budget is pretty well shot by now for this month.

Ok, I called the VA and the guy that answered told me the schedule that it is being done.

It goes by the last two…

00-49 were processed between the 15th and 17 of June and deposited/checks cut 22-24th..

50-99 will be processed on the 30th and deposited probably on the 7th of July (of course). Its coming….

Just read this today. Guess I will not get one after all.

To be eligible for the $250 payment, VA beneficiaries must have received compensation, pension, dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC), or spina bifida benefits at any time between November 2008 and January 2009. Also, beneficiaries must reside within the United States or Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. No application is necessary. VA will use its existing payment records to determine eligibility for the $250 payment.

Being a New York State and Local retirement System retiree, Will I be eligible for the 2009 stimulus check?

I see today that both my regular VA Compensation money and my Stimulus money are in the bank, but haven’t been posted to my account, yet. I assume the $250 stimulus portion will go in with the regular amount on 1 July.

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