$250 Stimulus Check In 2009 For Retirees, SSI and Disabled Vets

The 2009 stimulus package signed by president Obama contains quite a few financial stimulus for many different parts of the population.  Infrastructure spending, tax cuts make up most of the bill but one of the key aspects to the package is a special cash payment.  This won’t be like the general stimulus check of last year but will be given to select groups.

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for SSI recipients]

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for Social Security recipients]

[update Dec 16 – $250 stimulus check in 2010 – Is it enough?]

$250 stimulus check in 2009

A one time payment of $250 will be paid out in 2009 for people in the following groups:

  • People currently receiving Social Security.
  • State government retirees not eligible for Social Security.
  • Disabled Veterans receiving pensions from the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • People receiving SSI payments. Supplemental Security Income payments are for people who have little to no income and is intended to meet the basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

When will I get my stimulus check?

Treasury is supposed to start sending out these checks as soon as possible.  This site will be updated when more information becomes available.

EDIT (Mar 11) – Please check out this new post for detailed information on the $250 stimulus check.

More information (update May 2009)

Social Security 2009 stimulus check.

$250 SSI 2009 stimulus check.

Social Security Recipients Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

350 replies on “$250 Stimulus Check In 2009 For Retirees, SSI and Disabled Vets”

Dear Sir/Madam

Name is Terry R. Lee of 445 ocean Blvd. #12, Hampton, NH 03842, last four ssn of 3190. I am a totally, permanent disable vet. (unemployable). I am confused. Do I received any payment at all as in the $250 received to SSN recepients? Thank you so much for your time. 603 601 6842

As I said, don’t understand if I qualify for any one time payment. Terry R. Lee 445 Ocean Blvd #12 Hampton, NH 03842 Last four ssn 3190, 603 601 6842 and when do I expect to receive it? Thanks so much

Terry if you are a permanent disable vet. (unemployable). 100%
you will recive the check for $250.00 ….

it should be here before July 10th…

I know how you feel……. Im in the same Boat as you terry!!!

its my Guess we will get our VA check on the 1st and the 250.00 on the 3rd ….

I know of at least 6 Vets that will be getting the $250 and none have got there Check yet…

I will post, as I guess others will too…. as soon as I get the stimulus check …

My $250 was deposited this morning, 23JUN09. My birthday is in July and my last two are 42, and I have a disability rating of 40%. The money is on it’s way. 🙂

Great Lilly,
I just checked my bank and its still not there…. my last two are 57 -born in Oct. I got some other people checking theres now too. I will reply ASAP with any good news!!

Good News! It FINALLY showed up in my bank account this
morning. I hope the rest of you got yours today. I really needed
it badly at this very time too.

Sorry you didn’t get yours yet Butch. I’ll keep you in my prayers
and hopefully it will be there tomorrow.

Just checked the bank ….nothing….my last two are 67…..born in Sept….and from MA…….Im sure it’s on the way…

anyone in OK gotten theirs yet?
60 T ok 74*** june 1967
anything going by last two last name zip code state birthday?
I think i have seen everything how their going out any confirmation on this?

If they are going by your last two digits of your SSN mine is
28. I live in Memphis, TN.


I am a disable vet not working how can the goverment take my $250.00 for a debt I owe Army and airforce exchange that I am fighting to clear. I cleared the military and PX signed off on my paper years later they say I owe them.

(last 2 are 57) and -(b day is 10-30) -(Live in Florida) still no check yet..

My Brothers last 2 are 01 & he lives in Florida, got his on June 23…

Butch……..did you see the time line on the other site that David posted on the 24th?

Yes Maureen, Im just (Hoping/Thinking) that mine will get here by Friday 26th.. and I know one Post said, all Checks should be Out by June 30th, & someone Posted there was two more batches to be sent out by the 30th… & if you dont get one by July 10th then call the VA…

So Less all Pray they all come by the end on the month!!!

You know what, I am so totally p….. off that 250 means so much to vets that sacrificed their lives for this country…….this money should be pocket change…….instead of a necessity…..its a sad world out there….if it wasn’t for you guys and gals where would we be……so I personally, am sorry, that things have gotten so bad over the years.

yes Most of us Live off of a Wing and a Prayer. day by day…..

Just in the past month, I have had to cut off my Home phone & Cable TV , Just to make ends meet & i pay as you go on my Cell Phone..
Im going to buy the MagicJack Phone thing after the first on July, the cable guy that came out to cut my stuff off says he has been in a lot of homes that has it and it realy works.

My husband was 100% disabled Vietnam Vet…..he has since passed away (at 45)…..In a way, Im glad he didn’t have to see what is happening to you guys…’s a total shame…..sorry about the raving but it just kind of got to me today. Take care and hope all works out.


Hi Mark
Hang in there Bro.. I have not got mine also. But I know of six Vet’s that have got theres. Im thinking the VA is trying to get them all out before the 1st of July…

If you do not receive your payment by July 10, 2009,
please contact us. here is the nubmer 1-800-827-1000
Be sure to refer to your VA file number!

nada today course today is federal payday i dont guess they would want to process something extra for the vets now would they

I must be in the very back of the line. my last two are 96 and born in August and live in florida. Still nothing as of this morning

My Brother was Born in August and lives in florida. his last two are 01 and he got his on the 23th…

My last two are 66 and when I called the 800 # today I was told that mine is scheduled to be released on the 30th. So basically I will get it the same time as my regular direct deposit,I guess. Could have used it anytime in the last two weeks! I think that they have them all in the system so you should be able to call and find out the status of yours. 1-800-827-1000 option 6, option 6, option 1. Good luck!

Thank you for the info Lori. I also called, my last 2 are 62 and they told me it was processed and would be deposited on the 30th.

Same here, I called five min ago and she told me that mine is going to be deposited on the 30 th

Hi From Fl.
Still haven’t gotten my check yet . Hope we get it soon.
I was told they will be all deposited by 30,June.
God Bless.
Good Luck to All.

I guess we will Know at 12:01 tonight.. I been checking my account everyday for weeks now……..

Less Pray it comes on Time.
Butch Jax. Fl.

Sorry to hear that Guys…. Remember if you dont get it by July 10th

the Number to call is 1-800-827-1000..

Happy Fourth Of July!!
Sorry to hear some of you haven’t gotten your check

Will keep you in my prayers ,that you get it soon.
I got mine on Tue. 30th July.
Gone but glad to have had the extra.

God Bless You !

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