$250 stimulus check for SSI Recipients In 2010

In 2010, President Obama will be paying out a $250 stimulus check to all eligible recipients of SSI which is stands for “Supplemental Security Income”.  This $250 payment is part of his ongoing efforts to stimulate the poor economy out of recession.

Who is eligible for the $250 stimulus?

Anyone who is currently receiving SSI payments will be eligible for the $250 check.  There are also some other groups who will receive this check including Social Security recipients and disabled veterans.

[Update – Jan 4 – Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?]

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for Social Security recipients]

Update –Will there be a stimulus check in 2010?]

When will the $250 checks be paid out?

It is not known at this time when the payments will be made but it is likely that they will be paid in the first quarter of 2010 (ie before the end of March).

Is there any income limit for the $250 payment?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have other income or if you are working or not.  It doesn’t matter how much income you make – you will still get the check.

How much will this cost the government?

According to White house officials, the cost of all the stimulus checks will be $13 billion.  A large amount of money but don’t forget that the stimulus package for 2009 was almost $800 billion.

Why is the government doing this?

The government is giving out this money in order to try to stimulate the economy.  Because of problems in the financial markets and housing markets over the last 2 years, there has been a slowdown in economic activity in America and many job losses.  By putting extra money into the economy it is hoped that the decline of the economy can be slowed down or even reversed.

Will it be a check or electronic payment?

The $250 should be given to you in the same format you currently receive your regular Social Security payment.  If you get your SS payment by check then the $250 will also be by check.  If you get your SS payment deposited in to your bank account then the $250 will also be deposited into your bank account.

Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

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Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for SSI Recipients?

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I have been searching the internet and the library of congress and I haven’t view any positive information that a second stimulus has been approve. My own representative want answer my concern/question.
I just would like to know in the lieu of no COLA, is there going to be a stimulus for SSA, SSI, and Veteran? What is the possible date if the stimulus is grant ?

IMO I would love the raise than the $250 1 time check. Least take the check divide it by 12 and give it to us that way because that $250 will be gone faster least with it coming in more slowly we can budget it in for the yr .

i wish it could be the way it alway’s has been. I don’t understand why we are broke, where is the money really going?

I dont understand, they held the first check because i owe IRS, so you see I am beyond poor. Them I get a check for 250.00 which i now read in the Berkshire Eagle , they may take it back. I am 65 and in poor health, live on 720.00 monthly. What is your defininition of poor? i dont buy birthday or Christmas presents. The rich get richer, they got their bonus again, and the President said he was going to hold them accountable. Perhaps it is time for a third party. I didnt get 400.00 or 800.00 and I know their are millions in my shoes. Go after the ones that were bailed out not the ones that weren’t

I didn’t get the first check, though I am on SSI and SSD, does this mean I wont get the second? I have to get by with $600 a month, I can barely afford food, rent and utilities now, how am I going to cover everything once all my bills raise in the new year?

This is the only place I’ve found that says we will be getting the one time check so who knows if we are really going to get it or not. Karen- you should check with Social Security, if you recieve monthly Social Security you should have gotten a check.
I’m disabled and recieve 858.00 a month, thank goodness for the state of Oregon my income is low enough they pay my Medicare premium. I don’t make much but I figure it’s better than nothing and in truth my own fault when I was busy living my life and having fun I forgot to save for retirement, in truth I never made enough to save for retirement-I was going to have to work till I passed on. Now I just thank the Gods that when I get up in the morning I can still feel my legs to me that’s worth it’s weight in gold.
So for all us poor folk- keep your head up, your heart open, be happy your alive and pray that better days will come soon to us all.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Why ate the checks going to be mailed until the month of March, how
come the goverment start mailing them at the end of December, the
other way some seniors will get them allmost by the middle of the year.
I think if we won’t get the raise on the social security we should get the
$250 the date we were suppose to get the social security raise.

I,think the stimulus check is good for those,seniors and mother’s on fixed income’s, kid’s and people that are in poor health those that have disability’s. I would like to know when the check’s will come out? Will it be 12 time’s the $250? or just the one time payment of $250?

I have a fixed income very fixed trying to take care of my daughter and me and my husband it is a very hard struggle when monthly there is only800 to work with. Times are harder than they ever have been we as a society have to be able to put our pride on hold and ask for help until we get it no crying about how we cant make it but strive to get through what with the stimuluos I am not sure why we have to wait until march when there is actors and actresses that are bringing in way more then even the president can rack in it is not our fault that the states are corrupt it is the doing of the goverment that has the economy in shambles.

We need the $250 in January because there is no COLA this year so many can’t wait. In 2009 most got a$250 check and a cola. I say we should get a $250 check in January and then another one mid year. We really need 2 checks to make up for the loss of the COLA. I have no idea what I am going to do when I need an inspection and to get new tags at the end of January? I was depending upon a raise in the cola. I also need to get an oil change in my car.
If they are going to make it hard for SS and disbality recipents why can’t they force those businesses that the government bailed out to provide part time jobs for those on ss and disablity.
I work part time from home making $50/month only because no one is willing to accomendate my disbablity. I have a Bachelor’s degree and working on a master’s. I am getting a master’s so I can teach online courses this will be my only way out of poverty.
I don’t like living on disablity because ifyour income goes up they take away so many benefits that it does not make a difference. If I were to make the extra $950 they allow. I would lose $600 -$700 worth of benefits. I wish I could just work from home because I would have more control over how much I make.

By the way I live on $700-$800 per month. My rent is $579/month. Once I am out of college my loan repayments will be $600/month! Something has to give because if my rent goes up next year I will have to move again. I nearly faced homelessness and will again. I really want to work more and try so hard but no one has any sympathy for disbalities.
If the economy is so bad why take it from the extreme poor? Congress voted themsleves a raise. They make at least $200,000 per year! Why do people on SS and disablity have to live so poor we paid into the system. It is not our fault that we became elderly or disabled.

Thank you Preident Obama for making up the short fall of no raise this year thanks again for the $250

This makes no sense to me at all. They say no cost of living increase on our ssi checks for 2010 but yet they are going to give us a one time payment of $250?! If they can do that then they should instead give us all a $20 per month increase on our checks and that way they would still be giving us a greatly needed cost of living increase as well as saving the governments money by $10 per person which would add up to a great savings for them.

Get a job unless you are retired. I have no legs and only 4 fingers I work and I do not collect SSi. I went under 10 surgeries in 5 months and stil work. GET a JOB

our cola was due january 1,2010 why are they saying it our stimulus could be as late as the end of marchwhen are bills are due and notpaid we have to pay a penalty why not the us a penalty 3 months past due how much is that worth

i dont understand why we cant get a COLA and the $250.00 also? we are the ones who are suffering here,i am a mother of a special needs child and am having a hard time making ends meet. i was hopeing that we would get a raise cause we really need one. i think we should get two (2) $250.00 checks next year that would surely be a helping hand. as it is there is no Christmas at our house this year cause mamma is B R O K E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our government uses the money they take from us to give themselves raises that is misapropriation of funds. a federal crime they only enforce on the poor

My husband receives SSI and our medical bills increase annually. I’m 63 now and will probably have to work until I’m at least 70, since my 401K has tanked twice but I just wanted to say that it really has been great that the monthly allotment has increased annually (until now, that is).

The reason I say that? Well, we had a really “fun” surprise last year: my husband’s pension suddenly dropped by $200.00 a month–turns out there was a loophole in his pension that called for the amount to decrease when he turned “62”–and a Happy Birthday to You too!! This was a month AFTER I was told I’m at the top of my pay scale and won’t be getting an increase for a few years–it’s been three years now and I’m still living on the same wage I was three years ago! Hm-m-m-m, didn’t medical, groceries, gas and utilities all increase since then? Absolutely! So I’m going DOWN in value by the minute!!

So you see, at this point, everyone, I’ll be glad to get a check from our government for ANY amount at ANY time!! 🙂

I just want to know if the second stimulant for social security recipients was approve? I have search the web/congress/ask my Representative with no reply. I cannot find any Legislation language that a second stimulant was pass..

i havent seen or heard ANYTHING about it. i wish they would approve it and give it to us ASAP!!!!!!!!

I agree with everyone else on the splitting up the $ 250.00…it does make since, but i also agree with the ones who said the cola has increased…I’m still waiting for the jobs to start coming in like Obama promised they would…Jobs are so hard to find right now and they want everyone off welfare and things, but yet they wanna make jobs scarece and so hard to get…then they wanna not give us the increase for next year…They really trying to make it hard for some of us to live and make it…


i havent heard anything abiout the checks being mailed out,i have made several calls and no one knows anything about the checks. so i dont have a clue…. how would your mother know that the checks were mailed out? does she know something we dont????????

i called social security today and was told that CONGRESS HASNT PASSED IT YET!!!!! they are anticiapting it to be passed somewhere after the new year.

Hey Jennifer,
If you know of a job available let me know – I really wish I had a job. Find an employer who is willing to hire me – I have a cerebral aneurysm that can rupture at any time; I have Crohn’s Disease, I am diabetic and have huigh blood pressure; I am a 2 time cancer survivor, and have had two strokes; I have had 2 bowel resections, and I suffer from incontinence.
Help me find a job in Michigan where the unemployment rate is 15.4%! It is easy for those with a job to tell others to get s job – but before saying it, think of reasons people amy have for not having a job.
I personally need the $250.00 and hope it comes soon!

this comment is for the woman who made the rude comment about people with disabilties getting a job….if you don’t have legs and are missing fingers, what do you do by way of a job? You obviously sit on your butt in a wheel chair all day, so if you feel like you can work with your disability, more power to you. You have to consider all types of disabilites and the limitations that people may have with these disabilties. I have a mental disability, and it is hard enough to function in everday life, let alone working. I do not appreciate you implying that social security recipients are lazy, do not want to work, and are content with sitting at home collecting a check! I can admit that the money I receive monthly is better than nothing, but people like myself and other social security recipients are suffering to the fullest, and it’s not fair! We are not getting our COLA for 2010 because “there is no inflation”, yet everything is increasing in price. $250 is not gonna make up for all of the extra money that is coming out of our checks each month to pay for the rising costs, but once again, it is better than nothing.

I live on SSD and I resent the post telling us to get a job. I had a very good paying job but Have MS, HB, a enlarged heart and a bum knee. I was forced to retire and get disability due to what all my doctors wrote.
Those on ssd are not free loaders or bums. We have all worked for what we get and trust me, none of us are living the high life on what we get.

I agree we need that COLA, I do not understand how they can say there is no inflation so no raise. We all need to get together and write to the President or our Congressmen to find out what is going on.

This is directed at jennifer, who wrote she has no legs and only four fingers, and is still able to work and make a reasonable living. She suggested other disabled people go out and get a job. Everyone can’t, so what state does she live in? How much rent does she pay?What kind of job is paying her enough that she doesn’t need any government money to live on? I would love to have a job like hers.

If the goverment really believes that the cost of living has not increased..those big shots need to go do their own shopping, pay their own electric, gas and water bills..they increase monthly..they also should try to live on just their SS checks..some of them get it now and still work.. ( if they want to call it that)just try it for a month…

this is to Jennifer, I think you’re comment was very rude. If I might say so I am pretty sure you’re life is mapped out by someone else considering you have no legs. So you rely on that person who takes you from place to place just as the people with disabilities rely on their SSI checks. So next time, you might think before you speak cause you are doing exactly what their doing, relying on someone else.

Thanks obama and government employees for taking the cola from ss recipients and putting twenty times that of an individual in your pockets. I have never imagined with a 12 percent unemployment and 35 percent probably throughout the disability programs of ss and medicaid that also in a recession that any one would get a cola. However for people working for the government making over one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year and how they have even figured out to write their traveling expenses for work completly off not just a third of it. I figured with the economy the best would be to give them a demotion in pay. Who deserves a raise any way with the way the government is going. Social security won’t look into Lying Doctors. Job security is the only thing I see anymore and doctors that say all kinds of things when the patient tells the doctor nothing. Let god bless us that can’t work due to crippling conditions when doctors cause it because they won’t accept medicare and some insurances. Doctors that pretend their is nothing wrong because they don’t want to work for a third of the bill that government insurance but yet we expand those conditions to include all. I expect that with new health care laws everyone will only pay in and no one will get the help they need. People falling twenty stories will be said to have nothing wrong. Just like people having broken foots will be said to have broken toes because they can’t do anything for a broken toe. Why should we even support a government that can’t take care of who lives in there country by upholding constitutional laws and police that have never obeyed the law and have committed to an oath under the name god but are more criminal than some murderers.

Ahh, jeese…what dying animal crawled up jennifers @$$ and made a
casket- Pardon my Laguage- Well I’d love to just to tell me life story…so….here we go- I was diagnosed at 7 months with Cystic Fibrosis (CF)… Its a killer…Lol, ahh if i didnt learn to laugh at myself i would have died a long time ago… Any way its genetic, the life expectancy in 1986 ( When I was born) was 12 years old and was classified as a “childhood disease”- I’ve nearly double that age, but it wasnt easy- Ive been in and out hospitals 4-6 times a years 2-3 weeks at a time…And due to all the medicines I’ taken over the I’ve earned the luxury of contracting diabetes and ostioporosis-
So I mean jobs arn’t my cup of tea-

But about that check, I hope I get some more “Obama Bucks” money is money, and I need it….though COLA -IS- gone, at least it’s somthing…

President Obama,are you aware of how desperate we seniors and disability people financially we are ? Please help us all with the $250 in January,and not until the end of March.We need the help as soon as possible.If you and your people have any compassion at all,you will help us very very soon.God bless you.

all of us who get ssi please read this. We all think that we are getting extra money by getting this $250 stimulus right? well when you break it down from our raise say last year over the year we got $444 split up in the 12 month period …so if that was our raise again deduct the $250 from it and what do you get?? -$194. thats what the government is making from everyone who was to get the raise so we are not getting anything extra we are actually losing out!!!! and why not give it to us in january thats when we can use it the most ..

It is not as simple as get a job. I have tried to get a job and even those who supposedly hire diasbled people won’t hire me. I have 3 mental disorders, ADD, Anxieties and bipolar depression. ( I rarely get manias just depression mainly.) I also have undiagnosised health condition that makes me white out or almost have a stroke like reaction to flurscent lights, flashing animations, moving pictures on tv and being on the computer too long. I have a theory I might have a mild form of eplespy. I tried to get diagnosised once but got my driver’s licence taken away for 8 months. I am too scared to risk injury or possible death for a job. I could pass out, hit my head. I am trying to find a Dr to diagnosis me but I have been to 5 already every single one wanted to pull my drivers license. I never get these eposiodes while driving.
I pretty much have to work from home.
Any ideas of what I can do for a job in my situation?

I agree with you when you say , “It is not as simple as get a job”. It sounds like you have some serious health issues. I’m on ssi and I also have bipolar, panic disorder,schizo-affective disorder, ADD. And now I’m showing signs of ulcerative colitis. I also have a problem like you with flashing lights, moving pictures on tv etc. I noticed a problem several years ago while playing a video game. I became dizzy and disoriented and my eye started twitching. Well anyway, I think if a person is not healthy they should be on ssi. Who wants to employ someone so sickly when they could employ someone healthy? And believe me, they will.

some people think it is so easy to get ssi or ssd. well let me tell you it is not .my husband has been disabled for about thirty years and we were homeless by the time we got anything.i work very hard sometimes 60 hours a week to take care of him and his doctor bills and we have nothing so please don’t say these people don’t deserve this money .they get very little to live on and every little bit helps.government always targets social security for cuts.

this what i found on the gov page i dont know if this will help. Detailed Summary

Seniors and Veterans Economic Stimulus Act of 2009 – Amends the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to extend through the first three months of 2010 the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to make a payment of $250 to each eligible individual age 18 or over who, during the three-month period immediately preceding enactment of such Act (for purposes of payments made for calendar year 2009), or the three-month period beginning with December 2009 (for purposes of payments made for calendar year 2010), was entitled to Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, railroad retirement benefits, or veterans disability compensation or pension benefits.

Repeals the limitation to one payment only to an individual regardless of whether the individual is entitled to, or eligible for, more than one benefit or cash payment. Entitles such individual to a payment in each of calendar years 2009 and 2010.

Rescinds from the unobligated balance of the discretionary appropriations made available by division A of such Act the amount determined by the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to be required to offset the increase in spending resulting from this Act.

So are you saying that my 16 year old son who is disabled will not get the $250 stimulis check…..He recieved the one last year…It did’nt go by age……

I’m just hoping for the check to come before the end of march. we all need what little we get, my reasons is i need extra money to keep my lights on, maybe a little extra food. pllllease don’t say i can get food stamps cause i do and for me and my grandbaby i get 157.00 a month.

by the way if you get $ 250.00 all at once some agency’s can’t take you’re benifits from you, because it is a lump sum…………………..

i think noone should even talk to jennifer who cares what she says she doesn’t know us. so everyone don’t let her remarks bother you. we are disabled and we know what we go through night and day.

any updates?? has it passed yet? i seen there was talk to pass it back in oct – nov whats taking so long its either yes or no ….thanks!!


I am thankful that we that are on s.s.i. and s.s.d. will be getting the $250.00 stimulus check by the end of March 2010. But now, I do not think that it will be enough. Because people like myself that receive a monthly check each month from s.s.i. is enough to do much with, I pray that there will be a raise on our checks in 2011, all we can do is trust in the Lord and let him take control of it. There no use in worrying about it, because it will not help. Read Matthew 6:24-33. God Bless You.

yes when are w going to get our 250.00 check? poples say it is not sent out yet is that truth?

i called the SS office AGAIN and asked them about the $250.00,they told me that the bill HASN’T been passed as of yet,I sure hope it gets passed soon and they send the checks out,my family sure could use that extra money as i’m sure many of you could also. if anyone else KNOWS anything about when or IF the bill has been passed and when the money will be sent out please leave a message thanks

Everything I’ve read on the Internet says IF we get the additional funds, it won’t be until March of this year. I guess we just have to have patience until then and hope they decide in our favor.

Right now there is so much going on (in government), I’m sure this is one of the last things our politicians are thinking about…

Well i hope an pray we get the stimulus checks cause what we get in ssi every month just isnt enough for some of us to live on with the way things have gone up we could use the money everyone pray we do an that they have a good heart an god to guide them in they right direction god bless us all

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