$250 stimulus check for SSI Recipients In 2010

In 2010, President Obama will be paying out a $250 stimulus check to all eligible recipients of SSI which is stands for “Supplemental Security Income”.  This $250 payment is part of his ongoing efforts to stimulate the poor economy out of recession.

Who is eligible for the $250 stimulus?

Anyone who is currently receiving SSI payments will be eligible for the $250 check.  There are also some other groups who will receive this check including Social Security recipients and disabled veterans.

[Update – Jan 4 – Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?]

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for Social Security recipients]

Update –Will there be a stimulus check in 2010?]

When will the $250 checks be paid out?

It is not known at this time when the payments will be made but it is likely that they will be paid in the first quarter of 2010 (ie before the end of March).

Is there any income limit for the $250 payment?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have other income or if you are working or not.  It doesn’t matter how much income you make – you will still get the check.

How much will this cost the government?

According to White house officials, the cost of all the stimulus checks will be $13 billion.  A large amount of money but don’t forget that the stimulus package for 2009 was almost $800 billion.

Why is the government doing this?

The government is giving out this money in order to try to stimulate the economy.  Because of problems in the financial markets and housing markets over the last 2 years, there has been a slowdown in economic activity in America and many job losses.  By putting extra money into the economy it is hoped that the decline of the economy can be slowed down or even reversed.

Will it be a check or electronic payment?

The $250 should be given to you in the same format you currently receive your regular Social Security payment.  If you get your SS payment by check then the $250 will also be by check.  If you get your SS payment deposited in to your bank account then the $250 will also be deposited into your bank account.

Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

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Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for SSI Recipients?

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Anyone heard yet which way the vote went on the $250 stimulus about a week or so ago? I know thay were suppose to vote the following Monday after Nov 2, elections

Just wishing ya all a nice thanksgiving God Blless all of us on SSI/SSID No COLA raise no stimulis check Hope we all live to see better times God Bless

HAS ANYONE HEARD IF THERE WILL BE $250. oo stimulas check sent to ss/ssi recipients since the election?

will there be another stimulus check coming out in december 2010 for people on ssi and social security?

i need when be check gone people get ssi 250 when will get them check that my question is are threre gone mail out soon or when is gone the check thank you pamela locke send e-mail tal or when we go get the check

They announced on the news that “Social Security Cuts Part of Deficit Plan”. If they do cuts on our checks, I hope its not alot cause I know we all are barely making it as it is. Theyre also planning to double tax on gasoline. This realy sucks bigtime.

I think its just plain old sad they say they are looking out for the low incomed people but yet they take away from us when we are the ones who need it the most they take our raises away and they still get theres its not a win win situation they win no matter what we lose , i say some one some where has to see this site and see how many people are dependant on the cola and see what good it would do to make cuts some where else and leave us be . Just because we dont work now dosent mean we didnt at a point and we shouldnt be treated like nobodys!! and where is olly????

why hasn’t nancy pelosi brought upthe 250.00 for seniors as she promised she would do after the elections, oh i forgot politicians don’t keep thier promises , I guess since the majority of democratics lost , she doesn’t think it is important any more

where have you been fluffy ?, nancy did bring it up to vote on november second , and as usual the republicans mosty and some dems voted it down again , thats 3 times this year it was rejected

thats 4 times it has been rejected this year not 3 , when i find link on most recent votes for the $250 , ill link it and you will see who voted yes and who voted no on it , ive been looking for the link havent found it yet ,but i will ,and once again republicans and democrats that we voted for…. you will see how much they care for us in our hard times , only upside is that we are still getting our monthly checks for now… but the future for those are even up in debate , some day mabe soon we are not gonna get a monthly check period , these major cuts the republicans are talking about directly is aimed towards cutting us , watch the news im telling the truth , ya dont got to beleave me but if ya watch closly you will see for yer self what is gonna happen in near future concerning us , god bless us and hope for the best

Scares me to think they may take away our tiny checks and have us out in the streets with no money ,no place to go. Worked hard all my life I am now in my later 60s cant walk ,sight is almost gone and where wil I find a job? Damn powers that be should live the lives we lived and see how they like it Makes me so mad I cry. All they do is lie to us and make idle promises I pray one day they will feel the fear we feel God Bless all Seniors



Once again, Congress and the White House denied the $250 stimulus to seniors and the disabled. The Republicans consider it “too generous” and they can’t afford it. But yet, they’re extending “huge tax cuts” to the wealthy. It just proves that all they care about are the rich. Even the working poor are going to have to pay more in taxes. Don’t you just love this country. And get this, they’re going to finance the war in Afghanistan for another year. I hate the government. I just hope they’re next move isn’t going to “cut ssi checks”. Thats all we need. God Bless all of you.

im so sick and tired of the $250 stimulus for social security recieptients being denied but yet they are giving tax breaks to the middle class WE ARE THE POOR we need the help the most not the middle class come on there are many days we go with out just our basic needs to come up with the extra dollar just for a roll of toilet paper can be a struggle , everything is going up except our cola’s and its not right to take away from the ones who need it most and we do please help us middle class will be fine us poor most of us live on the ssi only which is only $7,000 a year and its very tough who ever voted us down they should try and take a pay increase to see what its like we are nobodys but you can help us be somebody for once!

HR 5987 is the Senior Protection Act of 2010 it was inacted in July of 2010 that has nothing to do with SSi Personnel. Unless you are a Senior this Act would be good. In The Grand Rapids Press In Oct. 2010 I live in Mich. by the way in the city of Grand Rapids a Article was published that The President wanted to give 250.00 dollars to Social Security People because of not getting a Raise in Jan. They called it a last ditch effort for votes for the Democrats. They were supposed to vote in November on that Hr 5987 is not the same thing. Raises are about the cola and this has nothing to do with that.

Well the year is almost over ,and no stimulis checks for us . No increase in our 2011 checks ,but wow heve prices gone up . Right now I struggle just to keep a roof over my head . Now they say we may being paying more for our medicade I quit! Why dont they just take us seniors and shoot us like animals Sad to work all your life to end up like this. God Bless all of us and I pray we have a pleasnt Holiday Pray for peace in 2011

I saw the news last week on my local t.v. station here in Ohio, and the $250.00 stimulus rebate for s.s.i receipents was voted down and we will not be receiving nothing this year except your monthly check. The report that I read say that the economy is better how is that when most of us can hardly pay our rent and pay electric,gas, food,and God help if we have to pay for medicines. I sincerly pray that the God that I serve will soon step in and clear this matter up. With God all things are possible.We must pray and believe God for a miracle He may not come when you want him but he’s always right on time. I know that for a fact. For everyone who reads this blog please have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

Now that this tax cut plan was passed by the House, is it going to affect people on social security and ssi? I’m thinking they might cut our checks by a certain percent. Does anybody know?

Hi everyone Try free phone and 250 minutes. This might help alittle if you r paying a phone.

yess it will affect us ,it willl be tooken out of our benefits ,where else are they talking about tough spending cuts ,they cant afford our checks in the future when they making deals that big with the top 2% tax cuts , they pass for the rich take from the poorest , period end of story… we will be looking at cuts without a doubt here soon

sorry abut last post guys for sounding so negative, but i was just stating facts of what is going on and what has been going on and what likely is going to go on …in near future , im not a smart person or a person with a degree but what i see in front me and i here about everyone else in same boat as me …. i usally tend to beleave that im not completly nutz any how, just crippled ,mentaly challenged and frustrated

you know its pretty sad that people cant even afford to have a telephone or we have to have two or three family house living as one to survive..whats gonna happen when my kids get older .the richer get richer and the poorer get nowhere’ go bless us all i pray that it gets better

Oh yea!! But governor and president need open the heart to support america people!!! So 250 is not enough for that! Geez… So more than 250 would be more helpful!

i find it just insane! We the lower class should be put before the higher classes as we need the most help! take away our COLA and then pull any little hope that we have for a $250 stimulus by voting it down , Tells me they dont give a crap about us! I cant see us getting this unless ofcourse they pass it to try and buy our votes for the next round .. maybe our children are better off with out diapers , or even gloves hats or scarves that are from the DOLLAR stores because we cant afford to even shop there. while they sit snug and well dressed in there pretty little offices

The rich get richer and the poor well you know the rest! I am so tired of struggling trying to make ends meet,you juggle this bill to pay some on that bill then and avoid paying this bill completley then your futher behind. You have to rob Petr to pay Paul.and then pray and trust in the Lordthat you will not receive a eviction notice or your eletric or gas will be shut off for non-payment it is hard out here and they have the nerve to say the the economy is getting better please show me where and how . When gasoline in some places in way over $3.00 a gallon, if you have a car chances are you’re not able to fill the tank up $5.00 here, $10.00 here and pray for the best.I feel that the Congress and Senate really don’t care about what happens to us the poor and the needy people in America, I just wonder if any of them who can afford to $1,500.oo suits and expensive shoes could survive off a mere $675.00 a month and pay the rent,gas ,eletric, and a co-pay for Doctor office visits and their medications, O.M.G. let’s not even bother trying to periodally buy you a pair of shoes aor a cheap pair of gloves. going out for a simple hamburger is out of the question. I have even read that they are going to stop ading minutes to the free government cell phones, for somepeople that is their only means of commincations. My God what is this world coming to. God is truley coming back and it’ s not going to be long for he is not please with this world and all this mess.The United States, is so busy helping other countries.and forgetting about their own It’s alright to help others but firat you should and must take care of your own There are people right here in these United States that are about to lose their homes or have already lost it and sleeping under bridges or on the street with no place to call home and can’t get any kind of assistance because they don’t have a mailing address what is this world coming to . We must pray and sek God’s face.

did you no that they are giving a $400 credit to those who file there taxes this year and yet we get nothing! how is that fair????

i heard recently republicans trying to pass a bill that cuts all our checks 22% this year end , watch the news… it be showing up pretty soon ,this is cuts on all social checks ssi/ssd/and SS , hope & pray it dont pass ill be in the streets at that point

Dear Denny; I saw and read your letter on the possibly of out checks being cut some 22% by the years end exactly when and where did you hear that I have read that Medicade and Medicare will be making some cuts I have already begin to feel the effects my child get home health care aides and I read that they are trying to cut the hours or apply a spindown if you get more hours then they feel you may require.I am 59 years old and I am in need of double knee replacement surgery but I have no medical insurance whatsoever, have applied for and disability and social security several times and have been denied each and everytime I’ve finally got a Lawyer to help me with this problem.I don’t how I suppose to continue to live with two very very badly damaged knees it’s very diffcult for me to get around even with the aid of a cane or a walker,yet in still I’m being denied.Some thing has to be done about this system. Let us ALL PRAY AND BELIEVE GOD FOR A DEVINE MIRACLE soon and very soon.

I didn’t receive a stimulas check in 2010. why didnt i get one? Thats so unfair been receiving SS since 2005 so

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